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Digital Forensics, Penetration Test, Vulnerability Test, Incident Response, Source Code Review, Email Forensics, Smartphone iPhone Galaxy Android, Cellphone Forensics, Computer Forensics Email Webmail, Source Code Forensics Analysis, Patent Infringement Hardware Software, Operating Systems Computers Devices, Handheld Digital Devices Phones Tablets, Networks Network Security, Technology Hardware Defects, Technology Intellectual Property Infringement, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems ERP, SAS PeopleSoft Databases All Types, Workflow Process Automation Systems, Insurance Systems Healthcare Systems, Computer Internet Usage, Complex Databases Mainframe Databases, Financial Systems Credit Card Processing, Accounting And HR Platforms, Airline Reservation Systems Event Data Recorders, Geo Location Tracking, Chip-Off Forensics, Regulatory Compliance, SEC, FTC, FCC, HIPPA, Electronically Stored Information – ESI, Electronic Discovery E-Discovery,

Computer Forensic

Expert 1514 is experienced in identifying, recovering, and analysis of Digital Data Evidence to prove what happened, when it happened, how it happened and who was involved.

Expert 1514’s area of expertise is in Digital Data Recovery, Electronic Discovery, include investigations in Employee Sabotage, Intellectual Property Theft (plans, patients, formulas, trade Secrets, trade information), Intrusion Detection, Falsification of Company records, Asset Tracking, Violations or Breech of Company Policy, Vendor Information (Key contacts, contract rates, Expiration Dates) Employee Lists (names, addresses, SS #) Embezzlement ($$$ or plans) Credit Card (cloning or theft) Identity Theft, Software Piracy

Electronic Discovery

Lead expert and consultant for consumer class action law suit against a major credit card company. Fields of expertise for this action include analysis of airline reservation systems architecture, real-time transactions and mainframe database systems.

Co-consultant in the fields of complex credit card transactions systems and drop box deposit systems analysis for shareholders class action against major bank corporation.

Database systems analyst for complex class action suit against multiple oil and gas company defendants. Lead data custodian for massive amounts of anticipated discovery related information.

Accounting systems specialist and technical consultant for franchisee class action law suit against major real estate corporation.

Lead expert for magnetic tape media and legacy mail system analysis.
Multiple plaintiff attorneys, each with separate actions against major technology firm, Lernout and Hauspie and its bankers and underwriters for securities fraud claims.

Digital Forensic Examinations

Co-lead examiner for major pharmaceutical diversion and counterfeit Investigation, in cooperation with a California County Sheriffs Office and the Federal Food and Drug Administration. The investigation included hundreds of gigabytes of digital evidence and thousands of pages of paper evidence requiring manual inspection of data at hex levels using forensic techniques and deep knowledge of file systems.

Co-lead examiner for the Department of Securities and Insurance Regulation for investigation regarding large insurance company which included onsite inspection of distributed data systems, workflow process and electronic accounting control systems.

Lead examiner for investigation of officers and staff of medium sized public financial company for fraudulent activities involving expense accounts and corporate issued credit cards.

Lead examiner on investigation, in cooperation with Federal Marshals regarding a ring of counterfeit products in the commercial and retail brand name clothing markets. Acted as custodian of all seized systems and head investigations coordinator for digital investigations in multiple U.S. geographic locations.

Case History

Expert 1514 has consulted on a number of cases, full case list available upon request

Expert 1514 assists attorneys with major class action suits and in complex litigation and as the leading forensic responder to several Fortune 100 companies.

Technical & Commercial Background

At Bell labs, performed file system design for embedded systems and Unix engineering duties in the Research and Development Facility and acted as a corporate liaison in Germany troubleshooting for clients worldwide. Specialized in government contracts and technology transfers of high end communications and military systems with a specialty in real time systems, including design and development of Terrain Tracking Radar Systems for the Joint Navy Air force Tomahawk Missile Project with E-Systems. Also responsible for security analysis of systems involved in the storage of classified information.  During that time, held TS – SA Clearance.

Founded Consolidated Software Products.  That company developed software libraries that allowed applications to manage and co-ordinate massive amounts of data in real-time for analysis and visualization. The technology is still in use in the SAABER System developed for American Airlines, at the time the largest real time system in the world. Also developed the first PC Based Data Recovery Utility with RAID Capability for the National Geological Survey which was successfully marketed in the private industry and still in use today. Designed security enforcement protocols and systems for Military Grade Communications including Cryptographic Recovery Code.

Founded The Learning Curve, Inc, in order to address the growing commercial demand for high-end data recovery and error correction code based products for large scale data warehousing systems, technical education products and security related systems. The company was sold in 1996 and the technology and methodologies are still in use.

Programming & Analysis Skills

COBOL, COBOL II, DB2, CICS, VSAM, TSO/ISPF, ROSCOE, MICRO FOCUS, Basic, Fortran, SQL, SQL/400, RPG, Pascal, C (all flavors), Assembler, ISPF, PL1 IMS/TSO/CLISTS/JCL/ JCLJes2/3,IMS, MVS, ACF2 Mainframe Security DFHSM, SPUFI,BMC Load Plus, ACF2 Rumba, EDA, CLISTS FOCUS, TSO/MVS/ Focus, Oracle, ACF2 Security, CA-Spool, Boole & Babbage, Endeavor, BMC Computer Associates Tools, Compuware FILEAID, SAS, CHAMP, PANVALET – Tools VMSECURE, VM-CYPHER, MFD/MFS Full Screen Display, SAS, PeopleSoft, and others on mainframe and I386 based servers and their respective operating systems and hardware.


Expert 1514’s foundations are built upon over 50 years of experience in the technology and legal fields.  From law firms of all sizes to Fortune 500 companies, have assisted clients in all facets of litigation, from electronic evidence discovery matters to expert testimony.


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