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2007-Present Memory Technology Analyst  Discobolus Designs
2007 Vice President, Engineering US Modular
2005-2007 Vice President, DRAM Technology SimpleTech/STEC
2003-2005 Senior Technologist Netlist
2002- 2003 Memory Technology Analyst Discobolus Designs
1997-2002 Technology Analyst Transmeta Incorporated
1995-1997 Graphics Architecture Specialist S3 Incorporated
1989-1995 Field Applications Engineer Intel Corporation
1988-1989 Diagnostic and Firmware Engineer Octel Communications
1976-1988 Hardware and Software Engineer Intel Corporation



Technology analysis, marketing, and evangelism or business development position for a company with a sense of mission. I enjoy both daily challenges and long term goals. Affecting the industry and the world in a positive way is a must.



  • Expert witness for two major intellectual property lawsuits including testimony in FTC case.
  • Introduced SSD standardization into JEDEC.
  • Defined architecture of DDR3 Registered DIMM.
  • Drove international standardization of 4 rank memory modules.
  • Coordinated JEDEX trade show, doubling attendance over the previous event.
  • Successfully defined and positioned DDR SDRAM against Direct RDRAM.
  • Defined and drove into production all DDR small form factor memory modules.
  • Negotiated agreements to include PCI and PCMCIA in Apple computers.
  • Technical half of Intel’s top Flash memory sales team.
  • Chief architect for an integrated software version control and build management project.
  • Chief architect for a corporate bug tracking database.



  • Member, JEDEC Board of Directors.
  • Chairman, JEDEC DRAM Parametrics Committee.
  • Chairman, JEDEC DRAM Packaging Committee.
  • Chairman, JEDEC Small Modules Committee.
  • Chairman, JEDEC Module Interconnect Committee.
  • Chairman, JEDEC Task Groups for Double Data Rate SO-DIMM, Micro-DIMM, Mini-DIMM, SPD, Module Labels.
  • Chairman, JEDEC DDR1&2 AC Parametrics Task Group.
  • JEDEC liaison to Japan’s standards organization, JEITA.
  • Delegate to Chinese government for adoption of JEDEC standards.


  • Responsible for S3 customer relationships in US and Asia, driving customer requirements into product definition.
  • Drove the use of intranets as a sales and marketing communications foundation at Intel, S3, and at Transmeta.
  • Drove long range strategic planning for the home computer market for S3.
  • Intel account manager for General Magic, Go, and Zenith ATC.
  • Supported Apple, selling them their first Intel microprocessors.
  • Negotiated Intel and Apple cooperation on PCI and PCMCIA.



  • Authored Serial Presence Detect (SPD) interpreter for Transmeta Code Morphing Software.
  • Created system diagnostic test monitor and system boot code for Octel’s voice mail system.
  • Chief architect and program manager for bug tracking database and integrated build & version control system.


  • Assisted in development of Transmeta Crusoe DDR interface.
  • Member of hardware design team for processor emulators and for a voice mail system.
  • Designed interface simulator for a processor emulator to allow manufacturing test of the system interfaces.
  • Designed interface simulator for a personal computer to automate manufacturing test of all electrical interfaces.


  • “Technical Achievement Award”, JEDEC, 2003
  • “Chairman’s Award”, JEDEC 2001, 2005.
  • “Contribution Award”, AMI2 DDR Summit, 2000.


  • “System and Method for Power and Thermal Managed Low Latency Memory Expansion”,
  • “System and Method for Memory Modules Using Direct Die Attach with Through-Board Wire Bonding”,
  • “System and Method for Recovering from SDRAM Address Bus Errors”,
  • “High density module having at least two substrates and at least one thermally conductive layer therebetween”,
  • “Registered Dual In-Line Memory Module Having an Extended Register Feature Set”,
  • “High-Density Memory Module Utilizing Low-Density Memory Components”,
  • “Method of Forming a Memory Module Having x8 Organization Using DRAM Devices Having x4 Organization”,
  • “Arrangement of Integrated Circuits in a Memory Module”,
  • “Printed circuit board memory module with embedded passive components”,
  • “High Density Memory Module Using Stacked Printed Circuit Boards”,
  • “High Density Memory Module Using Stacked Printed Circuit Boards”,
  • “Vertically Stackable Integrated Circuit”,
  • “System and Method for Self Adjusting Data Strobe”,


  • “It’s a Green, Green, Green, Green World”, Consumer Electronics Show, January 2010
  • “DDR3 Launch Readiness”, Panel speaker at Denali Memcon, June 2009
  • “Morphing SSD Into Mainstream Computing Architectures”, Flash Summit, April 2009
  • “Merging ATCA and VLP”, JEDEC/ATCA August 2007
  • “DDR3 Memory Modules”, MemCon, July 2007
  • “Memory Modules for ATCA and AMC”, Server Memory Summit, October 2006
  • “DRAM Memory Modules Overview & Future Outlook”, JEDEX, April 2006
  • “DRAM Module Market Overview”, JEDEX, October 2005
  • “Embedded Resistor Technology for Memory Module Design”, IPC, July 2005
  • “Future Vision of Memory Modules for DRAM”, JEDEX, April 2005
  • “Very Low Profile Fully Buffered DIMM”, JEDEX, April 2005
  • “Embedded Passives in Memory Modules”, IMAPS, January 2005
  • “Memory Modules Overview, Spring 2004”, JEDEX, April 2004
  • “DDR2 Serial Presence Detect Revision 1.2”, JEDEX, April 2004
  • “Serial Presence Detect: Using it Effectively to Improve System Performance”, JEDEX, March 2003.
  • “Charge Transfer Model for Input Signaling and Referencing”, Timing is Everything Conference, February 2003.
  • “Introduction to DDR”, JEDEX Beijing, October 2002.
  • “DDR-II Posted CAS”, JEDEX Beijing, October 2002.
  • “DDR Evolution and Memory Market Trends”, Smart Modular Sales Conference, September 2002.
  • “Memory Design Considerations That Affect Price and Performance”, Platform July 2002 conference.
  • “DDR333 — The Next Wave”, JEDEX March 2002 conference.
  • “Low Power Systems Using Transmeta Crusoe Processors”, JEDEC March 2002 conference.
  • “Towards the Fanless PC”, Platform February 2002 conference.
  • “Moving to 400 MHz and Beyond”, Platform February 2002 conference.
  • “Accelerating DRAM Performance”, Platform July 2001 conference.
  • “Memory Technology for Small Form Factor Systems”, Platform July 2001.
  • “An Analysis of Virtual Channel Memory and Enhanced Memory Technologies”, Platform January 2001 conference.
  • “DDR Penetrates Mobile Computing”, Platform January 2001 conference.
  • “Double Data Rate SDRAM — The Next Generation”, Online Symposium for Electrical Engineers 2001 lecture series.
  • “DDR SDRAM — The Memory of Choice for Mobile Computing”, Computex 2000 conference.
  • “Configurations and Considerations for DDR Memory”, Platform July 2000 conference.
  • “Memory Solutions for Mobile Platforms”, Platform July 2000 conference.
  • “Migrating SDRAM to DDR”, Platform 99 and Silicon Tech 99 conferences.
  • “Design of an Engineering Network”, 1986 Portland Networking Conference.
  • “A Software Test Coverage Analyzer”, 1985 Northwest Quality Conference.
  • In-house and distributor training for S3 computer graphics.
  • Intel University classes on project management, x86 family architecture, UNIX, and C programming.


  • Oregon Graduate Center, Computer Sciences
  • University of Portland, Computer Sciences
  • Mission College, Personal Fitness Trainer
  • References supplied upon request.




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