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Computer Science Patent Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Computer Science Patent, Computer Science, Systems, Signals Algorithms, Modeling & Simulation Software, Intellectual Property Generation, Competitive Patent Intelligence, Applications, video, CATV HDTV DTV iTV, VOD, NVOD, STB, set top box, television, digital television, interactive television, software, firmware, memory, computer, signal analysis, signal processing, modeling, simulation, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynmaics, stochastic processes, statistics, remote sensing, sensors, multithreaded, algorithm, imaging, GIS, neural, wavelet, filter, aerospace, satellite, financial, telemetry, surveillance, security, inflight, science, gene, clinical trial, simulation Standards, MPEG, JPEG, H263, H264,H324, DICOM, IEEE 12207, Software, Visual C++, c, MATLAB, SQL, HTML, Java, Personal Java, COM, DCOM, Rational Rose, UML, Unified Modeling Language, OOD, OOAD, NONMEM, SAS, S+,Middleware, OpenTV, Liberate, JavaTV, O S, Win NT, Win CE, Linux, Solaris, Irix, RTOS, pSOS, OS9000, Database, Sybase, Oracle, OVS, MS SQL Server, Hardware, IBM PC, SPARCStation, x86, i960, STB, DCT5000+, ADV601, Network, ATM, Ethernet, Broadband, Mobile, Wireless, 80211b, RS422, RS485 Low Cost Multiformat Video Codec,Near Video on Demand,Personal Computer,VOD Voice Over Data, Joint Photographic Experts Group, Object oriented analysis design, Microsoft Open Value Subscription,set top box, automatic teller machine

Expert Witness No.2339

California and Pennsylvania

Summary of Experience

Independent Systems, Signals & Algorithms Consultant with over 24 years experience of end-to-end design, development and testing of commercial and aerospace imaging systems.  Expert witness 2339 has provided professional services to multiple concurrent clients since 1994 with focus on digital interactive television development and the Internet.  Expert witness 2339  has served as an expert consultant providing technical opinions related to patent infringement, patent validity, and the Research Tax Credit.


Ph.D., Physics, University of Durham, England, 1986
B.Sc. (Honors), Physics, University of Durham, England, 1979


Registered Patent Agent

Consulting Experience (Representative Projects)

A Technical Law Group
As Expert Consultant, analyzed patents in a dispute about inventorship related to the building construction imaging and archiving arts.

Intuit, Inc.
As Expert Consultant, analyzed standardization processes to recommend a structure and composition for a new standards body related to health care information management.

A Technical Law Group
As Expert Consultant, analyzed patents related to the television arts.

A Technical Law Group
As Expert Consultant, analyzed patents related to systems and processors for the plaintiffs in the Sony Corporation of America, Inc. & Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc. v. MicroUnity Systems Engineering, Inc. patent dispute.
A Technical Law Group
As Expert Consultant, analyzed patents related to the Grand Alliance digital television arts for the plaintiffs in the Zenith Electronics Corporation v. Thompson Inc. et al. patent dispute.

A Technical Law Group
As Expert Consultant, analyzed patents for the defendants in the Two Way Media LLC v. America Online Inc. patent dispute related to the streaming media usage tracking arts.

A Technical Law Group
As Expert Consultant, provided pre-litigation patent analysis related to the telephone private branch exchange system and video conferencing arts.

A Technical Law Group
As Expert Consultant, analyzed patent for the plaintiffs and counterclaim defendants in disputes about the time-shifted television arts.

ATI Research, Inc.
Analyzed requirements for a digital television add-on module for analog television chassis based on a Xilleon-series System-on-Chip.

Amgen, Inc.
Developed algorithms and software in MATLAB, SAS, S+, FORTRAN and C for biomedical clinical trial simulation and data modeling.

Developed a step-down population covariate model of erythropoietin clinical trial data using Nonlinear Mixed Effect Modeling (NONMEM) software.

Explored possible effects related to chemotherapy, disease progression, transfusion, and endogenous hormone regulation.

Validated population pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) models by calculating Cox Proportional Hazard assessments of a Kaplan-Meier statistical response and applying ANOVA, Kolmogorov-Smirnov and non-parametric bootstrap statistical tests.

Calculated predictive allometric doses based on Kaplan-Meier statistical response for the First-in-Human portal of a novel erythropoietin drug candidate.

Recommended dose sampling schemes calculated via a D-optimal sampling analysis using ADAPT II software.

Analyzed efficacy and safety of simulated population dose adjustments that were obtained by applying methods of stochastic control to a feedback loop.

Calculated improved PK/PD compartmental model predictions for NONMEM models with correlated residuals by adding realizations of a data driven residual stochastic process to noiseless individual predictions.

Designed and simulated adaptive Bayesian clinical trials using the NONMEM and MATLAB software.

Media Logic Systems Ltd.
Attended the NAB and WCS trade shows to locate and develop relationships with strategic video technology partners.

Published articles about advanced video and data compression technology in “The Internet Encyclopedia” and a recent SPIE conference, which discuss in depth available tools to evaluate image quality including the ANSI ITS suite and visual metrics together with existing video formats and their conversion issues.

A Technical Law Firm
As Expert Consultant, analyzed patents for the defendants and counterclaim plaintiffs in ACTV et al. v. Disney et al.,  a patent dispute about the interactive television arts.

Office of Chief Counsel, IRS
Engaged as Expert Consultant for the IRS in a research tax credit dispute about the video technology arts.  Analyzed large amounts of technical information, prepared written findings and analysis, educated attorneys on technical matters involved in the litigation (including advising attorneys concerning discovery requests), interviewed technical witnesses, and participated in settlement conferences.

Gerson Lehrman Group
As member of Technology Council, advised venture capital companies performing due diligence.

Replay Networks, Inc.
Researched and developed a method of porting an embedded C application for a DVR to standard set top box (STB) middleware to eliminate high development and maintenance costs associated with custom STBs.

Optimized bit rate and encoder chip parameters to yield high-quality time-shifted MPEG-2 streams with VCR consumer controls.

Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Researched and developed a DCOM interface between a TV Control GUI and the Microsoft Broadcast API to improve the visual quality of interactive TV displays derived from UDP/IP datagrams synchronized with the MPEG-2 audio/video packet data with timestamp discontinuities resolved according to DSM-CC Normal Play Time.

Designed and implemented an API in pJava and Visual C++ under Win CE on the
Motorola DCT 5000+ DTV STB.

As team member, interfaced with and accepted requirements from collaboration partners including TV Guide, Microsoft, Sun and TCI.

Rockwell Collins, Inc.
As Temporary Lead Systems Engineer with a 2-engineer span of control, timely delivered harmonized requirements for an MPEG-2 in-flight entertainment system based on an advanced intranet similar to a CATV system.

Trained engineers to use the Rational Unified Process with a UML Spiral Development Model in the Rational/Rose 98i CASE tool.

Stratagene, Inc.
Evaluated frame grabber hardware for resolution and quality of time-integrated imagery.
Specified algorithms including cluster analysis and trending for a digital image processing system supporting gene cloning science.

United Advanced Technologies, Inc.
Analyzed and developed a 9-camera remote surveillance system in with Visual C++ Windows GUI and embedded C firmware based on Analog Devices’ ADV601 wavelet video hardware.

Researched and developed Visual C++ VFW parameters and on-chip settings for video quality control to deliver full-frame video over POTS telephone lines at quality acceptable to retail store security services.

Mitek Systems, Inc.
Researched and developed Intelligent Character Recognition digital image processing system based on neural nets implemented in C to read handwritten checks and paper forms with 80% accuracy on a real-time system deployed throughout the banking industry.

Researched and developed algorithms based on mathematical morphology and neural nets to verify handwritten signatures on printed checks.

VideoActive/Hodge Computer Research, Inc.
Reviewed, analyzed and further developed proprietary disk layout software coded in Visual C++ for an Near Video on Demand system delivering movies over Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines.

Armor Safe Technologies, Inc.
Developed an ARINC RS422/RS485 serial link communications component in embedded C for a major confidential client specialized in retail store security.  Timely delivery enabled the client to capture a firm order with additional future potential.

Comstream, Inc.
Integrated an MPEG-2 set top box with OpenTV middleware programmed in Microtec C on a Motorola 68340 processor under pSOS.

Optivision, Inc.
Researched and developed rate control algorithms based on MPEG -2 Test Model 5 for the OPTIVideo MPEG-2 encoder in Visual C++ and C.

Researched and developed adaptive quantization algorithms based on a JPEG-3 draft standard for possible inclusion in the draft National Imagery Transmission Format.

Enhanced Universal Trellis Code Quantization algorithms to improve the quality of gray scale image compression for the medical imaging DICOM Standard by providing a lossless hybrid algorithm encoding residuals with a diagonal Golomb code.

Federal National Mortgage Association
Designed and developed a GUI to monitor loan servicer input for the Loss Mitigation Project written in "c" on the SUN SparcStation 2 (UNIX).

Universal Systems and Technology
Developed prototype image compression software based on diagonal Golomb coding of JPEG residuals.


Employment Experience

Merck & Co., Inc., Senior Research Fellow, 2004 to 2005
Developed algorithms and software for biomedical clinical trial simulation and data modeling (MATLAB, SAS, S+, FORTRAN and “c”).

Patent Consulting, Sole Proprietor, 2002 to Present
Searches, files and prosecutes patent applications as Registered Patent Agent.

Cyra Technologies, Inc., Senior Hardware Engineer, 2002 to 2003
Developed and tested algorithms and software for three-dimensional laser scanner calibration.  Calculated statistical distribution of outcomes for engineering tolerance stacks by modeling and simulating the scanner response using a Jacobian sensitivity matrix.  Analyzed alternative placement of scanner calibration targets by D-matrix methods.

Media Logic Systems Ltd., Chief Engineer, 2000 to 2001
Designed and developed a novel live interactive television system (iSeeTV) in which customers communicate with human sales agents in video-enabled call centers via television and telephone, deployed to 50,000 subscribers at Telewest, UK.

Researched and developed tools and encoder systems to optimize  image quality at prescribed latency and bit rate for distributing live video and audio streams encoded via low latency methods including MPEG-2 Simple Profile at Main Level (CATV), MPEG-4 Visual Profile with background sprite coding, and H.263+ (now known as H.264).

Investigated feasibility of wavelet–based software encoding schemes with motion compensation and perceptual quantization described by the MPEG Standards Committee Interframe Wavelet Ad Hoc Group.

Interfaced video streams via ATM transport to Telewest, UK regional CATV head-ends switched via Harmonic Narrowcast Gateways for distribution via Video On Demand or Near Video On Demand to customer’s homes.

Developed on the iSeeTV platform, the United Kingdom National Health Service Living Health application won a 2001 European Multimedia Association (EMMA) award for best interactive television service.

Consulting Firm, President-CEO, 1998 to Present
Provides technical consultancy and expert consultant services to industry and the legal profession.

Symbionics Ltd., Temporary Principal Engineer, 1997
Analyzed manpower estimates for design, development and testing of an MPEG-2 interactive television set-top box based on the OpenTV standard implemented for the "Open…."  television commerce system deployed Spring 1999 in the United Kingdom.

Anugraha, Sole Proprietor, 1996 to 1998
Researched and developed algorithms and processes to compress fine art photography at image quality acceptable to artists using the JPEG standard with adaptive quantization and image pre-processing.

General Instrument, Inc., Senior Staff Engineer, 1995 to 1996
Reviewed and evaluated methodologies, design and development and performance model for  DigiCipher 2 conditional access system.  Migrated system based on C++ classes from DEC Alpha/OpenVMS to SparcStation/Solaris operating systems.

Hughes STX Corporation, Senior Systems Engineer, 1988 to 1994
As Spacecraft and Attitude Analyst , developed, simulated and calibrated the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) Attitude Determination System yielding a stable QUEST solution at a quality factor of 2 above expectation.

Developed, calibrated and simulated COBE spacecraft subsystem and provided graphical and statistical analysis of the telemetry word database.

Responded rapidly to a gyro failure spacecraft emergency during the COBE Launch and Early Orbit mission phase.

Developed a spatially referenced database based on a quad tree data structure storing comparison data originating from non-COBE missions.

Led systems engineering and end-to-end development of COBE satellite digital image compression system.

Initiated system concept, prepared system level specifications and design as well as project schedule.

Tuned the system to yield a throughput greater than uncompressed data processing with a compression factor of 22-90%.

Designed and developed evaluation tools to ensure the user- transparent system-wide compression of a 380GB dynamic data base at image quality acceptable to scientists.

The COBE team leadership shared the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics.

University of Maryland, Research Associate, 1987 to 1988
Researched and developed optimal digital image processing methods for terrain model data.  The implementation target was a Unix-based super computer.

Designed low-complexity digital image processing algorithms for filtering, segmenting, clustering and path planning based on quad tree data structures.

University College London, Research Assistant, 1986 to 1987
Developed digital image processing algorithms to improve image and stereo-matching quality for satellite digital terrain modeling system.

Developed affine transformations, edge filters, stereo-matching processes, and kriging interpolation methods with sub-pixel resolution.

Laser-Scan Ltd., Software Engineer, 1985 to 1986
Researched and developed algorithms for efficient manipulation of spatially referenced data via the mathematics of tessellations.

National Coal Board, Scientist, 1982 to 1984
Developed and validated microcomputer system to provide trend alerts based
on statistical and temporal analysis of real-time industry telemetry.


Available upon request.


Professional Awards

NASA Group Achievement Award (1990, 1992)
Hughes STX Achievement Award (1990)
IBM Fulcrum Award (1988)


Professional Affiliations

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (Senior Member)
Institute of Physics (Chartered Physicist)
Association for Computing Machinery
American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
National Association of Patent Practitioners
American Intellectual Property Law Association
Philadelphia Intellectual Property Law Association
Licensing Executive Society