Computer Software Coding Expert Witness

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Computer, Mainframe, COBOL, Software, Application, Development, Programming, Language, Coding, Testing, Error, Gross, Negligence, Databases, Data, Architecture, Modeling, Analysis, Workplace, Job, Interview, Denial, Discrimination, Foreign, Accent, Harassment, Bullying, Boycott, Ostracism, Practical, Joke, Disability, Hearing, Loss, Russian, Forensic Computer Source Code and Data Analysis, Malicious Intent, Bona Fide Error, Emotional Distress, Mood Swings, Disruptive Behavior, Social Anxiety

Expert Witness No.560



  • 2000-2016 – z/OS, Mainframe, Adabas/Natural, COBOL, JCL, SQL Server, T-SQL, Business Intelligence (BI), SSIS, ETL, Visual Studio, Excel Data Power Tools – Extensive experience of all phases of Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC); data modeling and architecture, definition, design and documenting databases and files/tables, development of SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Data Quality Services (DQS), Data Warehouse (DW), Data Analysis for Inconsistency Resolution.
  • 2015-2016 – Discrepancies’ Reconciliation and Resolution for Tax Forms 1095-A (Excel Data Tools, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM).
  • 2014-2015 – SQL Server Big Data and SEO Project (T-SQL, SSIS, ETL, DQS) – Research Validity of Names Stored in U.S. Social Security Administration’s Publicly Available Databases (1880-2014).
  • 2013-2014 – Reduced Income Withholding Orders Rejection Rate in 2.33 times (from 35% to 15%) due to Data Quality and Reliability Enhancements.
  • 2010-2012 – Brought eCommerce Solutions to Arizona Child Support Enforcement (AZ CSE) Payments System which in long run (since 2010) increased Collections by Millions Dollars – “Best Employee of Division for 2010 Year”.
  • 2006-2013 -Achieved in long run $2,16M cost reduction by utilizing SQL Server based Phone Auto-Dialer technology in place of regular mailing notifications.


HARDWARE: Mainframe and MS Windows Workstations.
SOFTWARE: z/OS, Adabas/Natural, COBOL, JCL, Windows, Visual Studio, SQL Server, BI, T-SQL, ETL, SSIS, Excel, Access, Project, Visio, Testing, User Requirements, SDLC, ERD, Data Modeling.
OTHER: Leadership, Technical and Business Writing, Highly Adept in Social Media, Stress Interviewing, Workplace Diversity, Expert Witness.
LANGUAGES: English, Russian, Hebrew and Lithuanian.


2015-Present:    Self-Employed Independent IT and Business Consultant, Chandler, AZ
SQL BI Developer, Data Modeler and Architect/DB Administrator

  • Serving as a SQL Server and Access Data Modeler, Architect and DBA in building database test environments for various projects;
  • Using Visual Studio, SQL Server and Excel Data Tools for Data Cleansing and Deduplication;
  • Researching Numeric/Time Big Data for Inconsistency (using Excel Data Tools);
  • Assisting E-Discovery and Skip Tracing with Misspelled Keywords and Names Search;
  • Testifying in a Courtroom as an Expert Witness on Matters of Software Development, Testing, Databases Design and Data Analysis; Workplace Diversity.

2015-2016:    Robert Half Technology-Cognosante, Phoenix, AZ – Data and Case Analyst

  • As Case Analyst III, investigated Consumer complaints about incorrect 1095-A tax forms in regards to their Health Insurance Policies Start and End Dates, Covered Individuals, Monthly Premium and Tax Credit  Amounts;
  • Using Excel Data Power Tools, analyzed, reconciled and resolved Data Discrepancies filtering, extracting and comparing all available and relevant Data from three different sources; applied Business Rules for making final determination;
  • Was praised by QA for Analyst Notes’ Best Practices – Brief, Concise and Straight to the Point;
  • Used: Excel Data Tools, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Federal Databases, Decision Matrices.

2001-2014:    State of Arizona, Department of Economic Security, Phoenix, AZ
Data Modeler and Analyst/Information Technology Specialist III for AZ Child Support Enforcement (CSE)
As Information Technology Specialist III, modeled, designed, developed, coded, tested, analyzed, researched, documented and implemented enhancements and changes (All Phases of SDLC) in AZ CSE z/OS-Mainframe-based System ATLAS (Adabas/Natural, COBOL, JCL) and SQL Server based Auto-Dialer (Automated Collection and Reminder Phone Calls) applications:

  • 2006-2014 – Design, development, testing and implementation of DTS/SSIS Packages sending  data to Auto-Dialer, ETL to store historical calls data to DW;
  • 2001-2014 – Mainframe-ATLAS – AZ CSE – Tracking and Locating Parents, tracking financial assets and electronic payments; Proactive Matching of Parents/Children Demographic and Employment Data against Federal Databases;
  • 2001-2014 – Exchange information with interstate CSE Networks and Arizona State Family Assistance and Child Care systems, Web, Interactive Voice Response, Payment Gateway;


  • As a sole performer-coder, developed code and implemented a new sub-system “Subject Matter Jurisdiction” for prompt notifications AZ CSE Attorneys about changes of Parents’ Employment and Demographic Information,
  • Achieved annual cost reduction of $280K with conversion monthly mailings to quarterly,
  • Awarded “Best Employee of Year 2010 – Division of Technology Services”  for the Arizona Department of Economic Security,
  • Developed and implemented from Mainframe side outbound batch process for the State of Arizona CSE Payment Gateway, that enabled making payments with credit/debit card via Web, phone or Point-of-Sale. In the first two weeks of implementation, the gateway reached the $1M mark,
  • Implemented SQL part of Auto-Dialer application which during the first year (2007) was attributed $1.3M in AZ CSE collections,
  • Developed Web based AZ CSE On-Demand Reporting Application using Visual Basic, C#, SQL, Crystal Reports and DW.

2000-2001:    CHEP, Orlando, Florida, Sr. Programmer/Analyst
Made code enhancements (optimization and failures preventing) in the corporate Legacy Adabas/Natural business applications (Rental Ledger), weekly Invoices process – eliminating repeatedly reading system parameters files, an analysis of option to make this process restartable without restoring PRODUCTION database etc.
Updated code of on-line and batch Natural modules, DDM, JCL.
Performed Quality Assurance of code changes made in Natural modules.
Also performed:

  • detailed quality analysis in programs changes expediting them into PRODUCTION;
  • management of migration process using SYSPAC;
  • improvement process and documentation methodologies to better manage and maintain quality standards for production software;
  • being responsible (back-up) for migrating Natural programs code changes into PRODUCTION;
  • providing 24/7 on call support (within team rotation);
  • participating in the Corporate Global Changes Control Management Board.


  • significant improvement the evening and weekend batch process for stock and invoicing, including reducing processing run times by 65-70%;
  • significant enhancement stability of batch process in areas that were prone to failure bringing successful batch run level to 96%;
  • such increase in the batch process’ efficiency has allowed the company to skip the costly (in the range of $2M – $4M) Adabas/Natural software (that retired in 2002) upgrade in 2001;
  • overall impact of Rental Ledger enhancements was estimated in excess of $10M revenue for the whole 2000 financial year.

Used: Natural, Construct, Predict, Adabas, SYSPAC, JCL, TSO, OS/390, Mainframe, Windows 98, Novell Client, Lotus Notes, Remedy, FTP, MS Access 97, MS Word 97, MS Excel 97, MS Outlook 97, MS Project 98.

1998-2000:    Q Data Consulting USA, Inc., Miami, Florida, IT Consultant
As a Consultant (for Miami-Dade Community College, Odyssey Project, valued $4.25M), developed code and implemented the Baseline of Students, Personnel, Payroll and Facility Inventory and Scheduling systems that went to PRODUCTION well before scheduled deadlines (April-May 1999 instead of July 1999).

  • Created code for Adhoc Natural modules for running queries and printing reports by users requests  (e.g. Students System, to manage students enrollment process);
  • Implemented Natural programs for exchange students’ data between Florida Community Colleges;
  • Created code and updated online and batch Natural modules (Students, Personnel and Payroll, Facilities systems) to fix bugs and to resolve other issues reported by users.

Used: Natural 3, Construct, Predict, Adabas 6, JCL, TSO, DOS/VSE, MVS/ESA, Mainframe, Windows NT, MS Word 97, MS Excel 97, MS Outlook.

1997-1998:    IMR Global (now CGI Group), Clearwater, Florida, IT Consultant
Performed 2000 Year (Y2K) programs’ code conversion of particular customers’ legacy business applications (that included 6000 Natural modules).
The whole Y2K code conversion project (valued $6M) was successfully completed by November 1999.

  • Analyzed COBOL, Natural and JCL source codes to find dates with only two digits of year;
  • Produced reports and other documentation for planning consequent remediation legacy source codes.

Used: Natural, ADASQL, Adabas, COBOL, JCL, CICS, VSAM, TSO, PANVALET, MVS/ESA, Mainframe, Windows NT, MS Word, MS Excel.

1992-1997:    Formula Systems, Haifa, Israel, Programmer/Analyst

  • Developed programs code for various sub-systems of REEM-2 system of Israel Electric Corporation’s for supplies and warehouses management.
  • Designed algorithms and developed code on-line and batch Natural modules for Adabas data processing and printing reports;
  • Designed algorithms and developed code of batch Natural modules for export the Adabas data to SAS applications;
  • Updated functional and interface specifications, user manuals, on-line HELP screens;
  • Designed algorithms and developed code and screens of MS-Access 2.0 application (Access Tables and Entity Relationship Diagrams, forms, queries, macros, modules);
  • Designed and supported FTP procedures for transfer Adabas data (in Work Files) from Mainframe to PC MS-DOS files and finally to MS Access tables.

Used: Natural 2, Adabas, JCL, TSO, Control-M, MVS/ESA, Mainframe, Windows NT, MS Word, MS Access 2.0, Windows NT, FTP, PC.

1983-1990 :    “ENERGOSETPROJECTAS” – Design and Research Institute of Power Systems and Networks, Vilnius, Lithuania
Sr. Programmer/Analyst

  • Designed algorithms, developed code and implemented systems to measure electric consumption and manage underground electric plant.
  • Designed algorithms and developed code of on-line and batch Natural modules, batch Cobol modules for Adabas data processing and printing reports;
  • Designed and updated functional specifications, user manuals;
  • Designed and developed dBase III+/IV and FoxBASE applications (including files, indexes and modules).

Used: Natural 1.2.6, COBOL, Adabas, WKI (input data system), JCL, Multi-Users-Access-Dialogue System, OS/MVT, IBM-370, dBase, FoxBASE, MS-DOS, PC.

1981-1983:    UAB “LELIJA” Garment Factory, Vilnius, Lithuania, Programmer/Analyst

  • Developed and implemented various sub-systems of the Factory’s Information System.
  • Designed, developed and implemented COBOL batch modules for data processing and reports writing.

Used: COBOL, Assembler, DOS/VSE, IBM-370.

1979-1981:    Radio-Electronics Research Institute, Vilnius, Lithuania, Programmer/Analyst

  • Designed, developed and implemented FORTRAN and Assembler modules for generating machine codes for drawing plotters, optimization of layout of elements and tracing of interconnections on plug boards.
  • Coded and tested Fortran and Assembler modules;
  • Wrote user manuals.

Used: Assembler, FORTRAN, JCL, OS/MVT, IBM-370, Drawing Plotters.

1978-1979:    Research Institute of Aviation Technologies, Kazan, Russian Federation, Programmer/Analyst

  • Designed algorithms, coded and tested FORTRAN modules for degenerating internal code for Numeric Control Machines used for Aircraft Parts Manufacturing CAD (computer-aided design) systems.

Used: FORTRAN, JCL, OS/MFT, IBM-370, PDP-11/20.


  • 2011- Best Employee of Division of Technology Services (DTS) of Arizona Department of Economic Security for 2010 Year.
  • 2007-Award of Commissioner of U.S. Office of CSE for Innovative Technology (Auto-Dialer Project) at the 17th National CSE Training Conference, Washington, D.C.
  • 2004-Certificates of Appreciation for new systems implementation,  Arizona Department of Economic Security, Phoenix, AZ.
  • 2000-Certificate of Appreciation for ODYSSEY project implementation, Miami-Dade Community College, Miami, Florida.


Bachelor’s Degree, Applied Mathematics, Kazan Federal University, Tatarstan, Russian Federation (five year program), 1972-1977.


  • 2015 – Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Courses “Querying with T-SQL”, “Administering  Databases” and “Implementing DW (BI, ETL, SSIS)”, DWWTC, Tempe, AZ, 6 weeks, 150 hours.
  • 2011 – CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Training (for Business-Driven Process Improvement), RAMahler Consulting.
  • 2006-2007 – Working with Java,
  • 2005 –  Microsoft Course 2717B Introduction to Microsoft .Net Development, Microsoft Course 2073A Programming a Microsoft SQL Server 2000, NetFusion Corp, Phoenix, AZ,  Extreme Development on the .NET Database using SQL Server 2005,  Interface  Technical Training, Phoenix, AZ.
  • 2003 –  Microsoft Course 2559 Introduction to Visual Basic .NET: Programming with .NET  (40 hours),  Interface Technical Training, Phoenix, AZ.  Working with Visual Studio .NET, Working with XML,  SQL Server 2000 Database Design MCSE 70-229,
  • 2002 – Adabas/Predict (8 hours), Phoenix AZ.
  • 1997 – Fast Track to PowerBuilder (40 hours) Advanced Technology Ltd, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
  • 1992 –  Adabas-Natural 2 (140 hours) Israel Electric Corp., Haifa, Israel.
  • 1991 – SQL/ORACLE with UNIX and C (200 hours) John Bryce, Tel-Aviv, Israel.