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Computer Specialist Patent Infringement Copyright Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Computer Specialist patent infringement, copyright infringement cyberspace programmer, analyst, software database management, Spreadsheet, word processing, graphics, computer aided design, integrated software, operating systems, intellectual property, Internet trade secrets, software cybersquatting, consultant software infringement testimony, trial consultant Internet software, litigation support,

Expert Witness No. 127



M.A. Computer Science (UC Berkeley)
M.S. Information Science (U. of Michigan)
Expert Witness in Software Analysis
40+ Years International Experience:
PC Forensics
Analysis and Programming
Seminar Design and Presentation
Customized Training in IBM Software
Best Selling Author of 30 Computer Books


Computer simulation-Heartbeat modeling

Data analysis and reduction-Ballistocardiography

Data capture and conversation-Real time patient monitoring

Data communications-Electromagnetic induction effects

Probabilistic calculations and 3D analysis-Missile interception


UC Berkeley: M.A. Computer Science, 1974

University of Michigan: M.S. Information and Control Science, 1968

Bowdoin College: B.A. Physics, 1967


Internet : Website programming and domain server hosting

Mainframes: IBM & CDC

Minis: DGC, HP, DEC

Micros: PCs & compatibles

Software: Data Base, Spreadsheet, Word Processing, Graphics, Computer-Aided Design,
Communications, Operating Systems, CICS, Networking, Desktop publishing, Assembler, dBASE,
SQL, Visual Basic, Fortran, Pascal, Basic, COBOL , C, C++, Algol, HTML, Java, Javascript, PSP,
Jquery, PL/1, CGI, Perl


President for Private Company in Oregon, 9/93-pres.

Owner/President, Private company, 8/82 – pres.

MIS Manager, Education Manager, OS Specialist, Data General Corporation, 5/78 -8/82

Patient Systems Programming Manager and Supervisor, Senior Systems Programmer/Analyst,

Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, 1/75 – 5/78

Programmer/Analyst, Hewlett-Packard Corp. (Medical Electronics Division, 1/73 -8/73; and 4/70 –
Research Scientist Erasmus University Medical School Faculty, 8/71 – 1/73
Staff Physicist, Mitre Corp., 8/68 – 4/70


National Forensic Center on Internet Use for Experts and Lawyers

International Law Forum on Expert Witnessing

American and Canadian medical groups on Health Care Computing

Lecturer: UC Berkeley; UC Santa Cruz; San Jose State ; San Francisco State

Litigation Support

Expert Witness/Consultant since 1986

Specializing in intellectual property, computer forensics, Internet.

Member: Forensic Association of Computer Technologies.