Construction Claims Analyst Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Construction Claims Analyst, Project Management, Construction Claims Analysis, Settlement, Technology Transfer, Project Financing Sourcing, Acquisition, Deposition, Contract Development, Negotiations, Strategic Planning, Proposal Preparation, Marketing, Sales Support, Business Development, Purchasing Assistance, Licensing, Asbestos Litigation, Industrial Project Development Both Foreign Domestic, Technology Transfer Services, Claim Resolution, Project Development, Finance Sourcing For Industrial Projects, Licensing, Acquisition Sale Of Companies, Establishment Of Strategic Alliances, Industrial Contract Negotiations, Project Construction Management

Expert Witness No.1246


Expert 1246 originated and jointly developed with another expert, to provide project services to corporate organizations and project development groups. He is responsible for acquiring companies and finding new endeavors and technologies for major Japanese enterprises. He also assists in the negotiation of major projects to be constructed in the US and other foreign locations. Assignments included project development and the securing of financing sources for project implementation in Cameroon, Brazil, Indonesia, Iran, and other countries. Expert 1246 is also responsible for licensing and other commercial relationships between U.S. and Japanese companies. Relationships include various export credit agencies, large international banks, government agencies, and public/private companies.


Registered Professional Engineer – State of California, 1960

Registered Professional Engineer – State of Texas, 1972

National Bureau of Professional Management Consultants – CPCM, 1998

National Society of Professional Engineers


Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, University of Minnesota – Minneapolis, MN

Advanced Courses in Business Management, California State University – Northridge, CA