Construction Health Safety Environmental Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Construction, On-Site Construction Health and Safety Consulting, OSHA Training, Site Safety Assessments, Incident Investigations, Environmental Health and Safety, Casual Factor Analysis Report, Health and Safety Technician, CHST,



Owner/Qualifying Officer/Independent Contractor
Site Safety Inspector/Investigator
Strategic Risk Manager
OSHA Construction Safety Trainer
SAFETY CONSULTANT, March 2007 – Present
Identify Hazards and Oversee Corrective Actions to Mitigate Risks
Conduct Site and Safety Program Assessments
Develop MSDS Library
Develop SWPPP’s
Strategic Risk Management
Create and Implement Company Safety Policies
Create and Implement SSSP
Conduct Cost Estimates


RSM for Build-LACCD, Region 1, July 2019-Present
Patriot Pipeline, Inc. – Strategic Risk Safety Consulting, May 2018 – Present
Ferriera Services Inc., Strategic Risk Safety Consulting, May 2015 – April 2016
Barragan Corp International, OSR, 2014 – Present


Fall Protection – Impalement personal injury; (causal factor) case pending
Fall Protection – Skylight fall personal injury; (causal factor) case settled BARRAGAN CORP INTERNATIONAL – Present Sub-Contractor

Multiple Sites – LACCD Regional Safety Manager

OCIP Site Safety Inspector/Investigator
OCIP Project – USC OSR USC Iovene and Young Academy Project
OCIP Project – USC OSR USC Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience Project
OCIP Project – USC OSR The L.A. Memorial Coliseum Project
OCIP Project – USC OSR The USC Village Project
OCIP Project – San Diego County Women’s Correctional Facility (Las Colinas)
OCIP Project – San Diego County Operations Center
AOC Project – Mid County Courthouse Riverside
OCIP Project – Las Colinas Prison
OCIP Project – Harrah’s Casino
OCSD Instructional Safety Trainer
Outreach Trainer

CA CONSTRUCTION, INC., April 2008 – March 2010
Project Value: $1 million – $7 million
Project Safety Manager/Superintendent – Commercial/ Public Works Division erecting multi story buildings from sub-level to completion.

Contractors authorized safety representative, maintain working knowledge of all project documents.
Knowledgeable in construction and construction safety
Write site specific safety plans to meet OCIP’s
Develop and maintain Site Specific Safety Program, Safety Schedules, variances, critical paths and forecasts using (Microsoft Project)
Review, research and maintain project Job Hazard Analysis
Schedule and maintain labor force, safety equipment and materials and coordinate and review all trades safety policies.
Perform Site Specific Safety Training, Inspections and Tailgate Safety Meetings.
Developed and maintain MSDS library
Coordinate implementing safety procedures with owners, architects, engineers and both deputy and city inspectors regarding safety concerns.
Organize and conducted safety meetings with owners, inspectors, managers and architects.
Quality Control of construction means and methods.

PROJECT SAFETY MANAGER – Commercial Division
Contractors Project Safety Representative
Simultaneously manage multiple commercial projects.
Oversight of Field Superintendents
Review sub-contractors SSSP
Maintain project schedules i.e., (Microsoft Project)
Perform Site Safety Inspections
Coordinated and conducted project safety committee meetings
City of Riverside – Magnolia Fire Station Gender Improvement Project
City of Riverside – Lincoln Police Station Facility Upgrade
City of Orange – Orange County Sanitation District Facility Upgrade
City of Riverside – RCRMC Riverside County Hospital
City of Riverside – CSDR ADMIN California School for the Deaf
City of Beverly Hills – Beverly Hills Public Works
City of Beverly Hills – Beverly Hills Fire Station
City of Ontario – Ontario Fire Station Facility Upgrade

F.E.M.A. (Federal Emergency Management Agency) August 2007 – February 2008 Project Value $41 million
Site Safety Monitor/ Inspector/Assessor for the San Diego County Fire Debris Removal Project, involving tI Rice, Witch and Harris Fires.

Monitor and evaluate site activities for proper safety procedures.
Assess properties (i.e. create site maps, identify hazardous materials, determine integrity of structures and qualify parcels) for County Fire Debris Removal Project.
Inform property owners of service(s) and importance of signing “Right of Entry” for County Project.
Write and submit “RFI’s” (Request For Information) and “Change Orders”
Verify and document all debris, hazardous materials, debris loads and abatements.
Create photo and daily logs for each individual site.
Document all site safety activities, pre, present and post scheduled work.
Conducted final inspections, submit completion reports as well as sign off on completed work.
Delegate instructions for Best Method Practices (BMP) environmental safety/erosion prevention, air quality and fall hazards.
Coordinate load and weight ticket information of hazardous debris with RORE and PRI offices and GRANITE CONSTRUCTION Field Managers.
Coordinate site safety plans to reduce field hazards with Health and Safety Officers and Air Quality Technicians.
Project Safety Manager/Superintendent

Contractors authorized safety representative.
Knowledgeable in construction safety.
Simultaneously, manage multiple Residential and Commercial Fire Restoration projects along with district jobs for San Diego County School Dist.
Set up, and maintain Site Specific Safety Program, critical paths and three-week forecast.
Develop and maintain site specific Material Safety Data Sheets library
Develop, maintain and review Job Hazard Analysis
Supervising, delegating and coordinating all aspects of project safety.
Organize safety meetings between owners, inspectors, managers, architects and sub-contractors.
Working knowledge of specifications and plans.
Create and maintain employee tracking files
Conduct jobsite safety evaluations/ walkthroughs
Manage job quality, techniques and safety performance of all trades.
Build estimates through “Exactimate”
Meet with and maintain working relations with insurance adjusters.
Meet with property owners and clients.
Pull permits through city departments.
Research and evaluate new safety products for availability, strengths and weaknesses.
Develop all Safety and Administrative Policies
Conduct JHA’s
Operate all job site equipment.
Create MSDS library
Train employees in Fall Protection for framing and siding
Underground safety during construction.

JW OPERATING COMPANY, BURBANK, CA July 1989 – December 1992
Project Value: $95 million – $175 million over 20 years
Methane Gas Recovery and Generating Plant – Plant Operator/ Project Safety Manager

In accordance with the Solid Waste Management Industry cost projections.
Solely maintained City of Burbank’s landfill gas recovery and generating plant.
Optimized power output and synchronized with City grid.
Scheduled, coordinated, supervised gas well drilling and trenching crews.
Created, monitored and maintained wastewater treatment facility on site.
Field testing, i.e., (escaping landfill gases, draw volume, well heads, etc.)
Test samples, i.e., (gas content, oil, waste water, etc.)
Create, update and maintain MSDS library
Create maintenance schedules, manifests, dump schedules, logs, etc.
Maintain equipment and inventory
Conduct site inspection and walk through for EPA, OSHA and City officials, investors, etc.
Companies authorized representative.
Meet with City Power Officials regarding City and public concerns.
Implement safety guidelines and procedures
Meet with vendors, sales persons, inspectors, city personnel, etc.


Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Awareness Training HazMat Students, LLC
Construction Health & Safety Technician (CHST), Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) Excavation, Trenching and Soil Mechanics, CSUDH
Scaffolding, CSUDH
OSHA Outreach Trainer – Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Construction Industry, UCSD Fall Protection, UCSD Excavation Trenching Soil Mechanics, UCSD
OSHA Standards for the Construction Industry, UCSD Hazardous Materials, UCSD
Permit Required Confined Entry, UCSD
Construction Industry Safety Inspection Techniques, UCSD
Construction Industry Cal/OSHA Standards for Managers and Supervisors, UCSD 40 Hour HAZWOPER Storm-water Management during Construction (Certified) OSHA 30
HILTI Fire/Smoke Seal HILTI Shot Actuated Equipment ISO 14000 (International Organization for Standardization) OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Specification)
CPR, First Aid, AED Equipment