Contractor Construction Insurance Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Residential Contracting, Commercial Contracting, Residential Cause of Loss Analysis, Commercial Cause of Loss Analysis, Construction Defect Claims, Covered Analysis, Noncovered Analysis, Liability Analysis Site Inspection, Roof Cause of Loss Inspection, Slip Fall Injury Site Inspection, Code Issue Analysis, Subrogation Analysis, Recovery Pursuit, Third Party Insured Tenders, Insurance, Infrared Moisture Surveyor, non destructive testing, moisture issues


South Carolina


  • Certified Infrared Moisture Thermographer – for non-destructive testing
  • Member Construction Risk Insurance Specialists
  • Former Member of the National Fire Protection Association
  • Member National Association of Infrared Surveyors
  • Cause of Loss Analysis – Residential and Commercial
  • Certified roofing and water infiltration cause and origin expert
  • Construction Defect Claims and Expertise
  • Residential and Commercial Contracting Experience
  • Covered vs. Non-Covered analysis
  • Arbitration, Mediation, Umpire
  • Liability analysis site inspections
  • Roof – Cause of Loss inspections
  • Slip and Fall and Injury site inspections
  • Code Issue analysis
  • Water Infiltration expert analysis
  • Damage Assessment and Analysis
  • Repair and Remediation Consultant
  • Subrogation and Recovery identification, analysis and pursuit
  • Additional Insured and Third Party Tenders with pursuit
  • Licensed All Lines Adjuster handling Personal and Commercial Fire, Water, Wind, Vehicle Damage to Buildings, Slip and Fall Site Evaluations and
  • Inspections, Construction Defect Claims, Mold and GL Claims and more
  • Former Participating Planning Committee member for PLRB/LIRB
  • 15 years as Vice President and President of Water Investigation and Restoration Company – Fire and Water restoration, analysis,cause and repair, expert testimony in Philadelphia and South Jersey areas
  • Over 30 years of working for and with insurance industry regards claims investigations and analysis
  • Former owner and President of Cubit Construction & Appraisal, Inc. – fire and water restoration, analysis, cause and repair, expert testimony working for over 200 adjusters and carriers
  • Former Construction Defect Claim Manager for large losses with average size of $50M
  • Former Construction Defect Team Manager for national and international carrier responsible overseeing 2/3 of the continental US
  • Former Senior Construction Defect Claim Manager, Regional MCU Claims Manager, National Quality Control Manager for national and international carrier
  • Former Claims Manager for national homeowners carrier
  • Former Claims Manager for national property insurance carrier
  • Member of Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services (Formerly Round Table Group since 2011)
  • Westlaw Round Table Group (expert witness site since 2011)
  • TASA Group (expert witness site since 2012) EDUCATION:
  • CRIS – Construction Risk Insurance Specialist (Continuing Education Required to Maintain)
  • Former Member NFPA – National Fire Protection Association
  • Certified Infrared Moisture Surveyor
  • Vale Tech Building School (Chambersburg, PA)
  • Advanced Negotiations Skills Program (Hartford, CT – Jan. 1999)
  • Associate in Risk Management – ARM – 54 (May 1999), ARM – 55 Sept 1999) ARM – 56 (Dec. 1999)
  • AMIM – Associate Management Ocean Marine Insurance AMIM
  • CPCU 1 and CPCU 6 -The Legal Environment (May, 2002)
  • All Lines licensed adjuster in the following states –
  • Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Georgia.
  • Certified roofing and water infiltration cause and origin expert
  • Flood certified yearly by government for residential, commercial, Manufactured – mobile home investigations, cause and origin, and damage assessment



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