Cycle Chemistry Corrosion Power Plant Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Cycle Chemistry, Power Plant Chemistry, Corrosion


Expert has internationally-recognized expertise in the delivery of optimization and improvement programs for cycle chemistry. He has also authored multiple papers in this regard and been a keynote presenter at multiple international cycle chemistry and corrosion conferences. Articles and papers have been published by both Power Plant Chemistry Journal (Europe) and Combined Cycle Journal (USA). Expert is also involved in the development of international cycle chemistry guidelines for industry (International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam and the Electrical Power Research Institute).


Cycle chemistry reviews and audits, process improvement studies, troubleshooting and investigations of cycle chemistry issues, project specification development, project design review, development and delivery of customized cycle chemistry training programs, commissioning support, and physical plant inspections.


Expert has extensive experience in industrial, power chemistry and water treatment, and has carried out many site assessment and inspections programs at industrial facilities both in New Zealand and internationally. Expert also has significant expertise in the technical specification of water treatment plants and cycle chemistry programs for new conventional, combined cycle, co-generation, geothermal and open cycle power plants. This expertise includes design review, project management and commissioning of new projects (including chemical cleaning). Expert has worked in the power industry since 1997 being involved in the chemistry aspects of conventional coal and gas fired units, combined cycle, open cycle gas turbines, cogeneration and
geothermal power plants.


Rio Tinto (Aus), Queensland Alumina Limited (Aus), HRST (USA), Energy Australia (Aus), Hydro Tasmania (Aus), Fonterra (NZ), Contact Energy (NZ), Genesis Energy (NZ), United Group Limited (NZ & Aus), AETV (Aus), Geodynamics (Aus), PB Power (NZ), Aurecon (NZ), Mckay Sugar Limited (Aus), Combined Cycle Journal (USA), Power and Water Corporation (Aus), NewGen (Aus), Aurecon (NZ), Electrical Power Research Institute (USA), Xcell Energy (USA), NSW Sugar (Aus), Swan (Switzerland), Samsung Engineering (Korea), AES (Philippines), Avestronics (Philippines), TeamEnergy (Philippines), AGL (Australia), Malakoff (Malaysia), Power Generating and Engineering Services Company (Egypt), Phoenix Power (Oman), Cartage Power Company (Tunisa), Sawarak Energy (Malaysia)


  • International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS) – Representative for New Zealand, Member of the International Power
  • Plant Chemistry Technical Group
  • New Zealand Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (NZAPWS) – Chairperson
  • New Zealand Institute of Chemistry – Member
    New Zealand Geothermal Association – Associate Member


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