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Engineer, Engineering, Project Manager, Upstream, Downstream Processes, Shift Supervisor, Operations Coordinator, Engineering Coordinator, Chemicals, Chemical Engineer, Ethylene Oxyde, Glycols Plant, Closed Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant, Simple Cycle, Combined Cycle Power Plant Engineering


Project Process Lead involved on the execution of the process activities within area of responsibility, working in accordance with optimization instructions supplied by Project Manager and integrating with the activities of the other specialist project positions.
International experiences worked on a number of Projects in Venezuela, Argentina and Panamá, with 12 years of experience on Process Engineering in Upstream and Downstream processes, and 8 years of experience as Shift Supervisor, and on positions of Operations Coordinator, Engineering Coordinator in Ethylene Oxyde and Glycols Plant, Closed cycle gas turbine Power Plant Project (Simple Cycle and Combined Cycle Power Plant Engineering).


Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, July 2000
Universidad Nacional Experimental Francisco de Miranda. VE


AESA-YPF, Argentina, AR
July 2017- present
Process Specialist
Process Lead of revamp Magnaforning Plant (Catalytic reforming Unit) on PetroChemical Complex La Plata.
FEED and EPC of Revamp Project HTN and Nafthas FCC to YPF Refineria de la Plata.
Engineering and Precomm assistance to MSU Project (Combined Cycle) KKS system.
Precomm assistance to Rincon del Mangrullo Field.
Conceptual / Basic Engineering to Oil, Water and Gas Network to La Amarga Chica Oil Field. Vaca Muerta Reservoir Neuquen Province.
Conceptual Engineering to Crude Treatment Plant “La Amarga Chica” Oil Field. Vaca Muerta Reservoir Neuquen Province.
Checking Detail Engineering to Circuit Nafta and Gasoil revamp on Complejo Industrial La Plata.
Checking Detail Engineering to Lago Pellegrini Oil Pipeline, 25.000 m3/d of crude. (158 MBD)
Process Specialist on Offers to Engineering Management.

Pentech Global LLP, Panamá, PA
August 2013- 2017
Head Process Engineer
Engineering Studies of the Potable Water Treatment Plant on Panama Canal. (Pentech – Degremont Suez joint venture)
Detailed engineering of the Residual Water Treatment Plant on David Chiriqui. (Pentech – Degremont Suez joint venture)
Development of the Basic Design, Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and the activities relevant to the utilities and off sitesunits on the Project Petro Bicentenario Refinery (ENI SAIPEM Company – Pentech).
(Raw Water Treatment System, Service Water Systems, Potable Water System, Demineralization Water System, Oily & Clean,
Condensate System, Boiler Feed Water System, Cooling Water System, Compressed Air System, Nitrogen System, Natural Gas
and Fuel Gas Distribution System, Waste Water Treatment System, Tanks Farm.)
Detailed engineering of Low-Pressure Separation Plant Furrial New Installations to PDVSA.
Detailed engineering Review of 60 MW Generation Plant (CMEC – Pentech).
Conceptual Studies for the Installation of Ethylene and Propylene Plant. Bolivia YFPB. (Tecnimont – Pentech)

Inelectra Argentina S.A, Buenos Aires, AR
December 2011- July 2013
Head Process Engineer
Detailed engineering of Separation Unit Plant (SUP) “El Orejano” from the well test to a treatment unit shale gas, Neuquén Province, Argentina.
Basic and Detail Engineering for the Existing and Development the New Units in the “Petrochemical Complex for the production of ammonium nitrate.” Salta Province.
(Nitric Acid Plant, Amoniac Plant, Ammonium Nitrate Plant, Raw Water Treatment System, Demineralization Water System,
Natural Gas and Fuel Gas Distribution System, Waste Water Treatment System, Cooling Water System, Compressed Air System,
Nitrogen System).
Basic Study of Separation and Gas Treatment Unit for well test high water in accordance ENARGAS specifications. Salta Province, Argentina.
Conceptual and Basic Engineering Projects to Revamp Loma La Lata Field Production. Neuquén Province, Argentina.
Basic Engineering Pipeline to transport shale oil from Separation Unit Bateria 3 to Cabecera de Bombeo.
Basic/Detailed Engineering to Upgrade the Separation Unit “Bateria 3”.
Basic/Detailed Engineering to Upgrade the Separation Unit “USP-11”.
Basic/Detailed Engineering to Upgrade the Separation Unit “USP-01”.
Conceptual Engineering to “Separation Module to be Installed on every crude station on Loma La Lata field”
Conceptual Engineering to Upgrade Water Injection Plant “PIA-02”.
Conceptual Engineering to Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) from Tank farm in “Bateria-3, Planta Centenario and Cabecera de Bombeo”.
Conceptual Engineering to Upgrade Low Temperature Separation Unit (LTS-1 y LTS-2) – Dew Point Control.
Conceptual Engineering to Upgrade the Condensate Stabilization Unit in The Separation Unit “USP-3/13”.
Conceptual Engineering to Revamp the Tank Farm and Pipeline Distribution in Planta Centenario.
Basic/Detailed to Design the Gas pipelines to Transport Shale gas from Separation Units to Gas Treatment Plant.

Planta de Alcoholes Hidratados (PRALCA), Maracaibo, VE October 2004- October 2011
Shift Supervisor, Operation Coordinator, Engineering Coordinator
Operation Supervisor in an Ethylene Oxide (EO) and Ethylene Glycols (EG, DEG, TEG y PEG) Plant.
Shift Supervisor in a 12-hour working day with intervals of 4 days in and 4 days off.
Coordinate and control the job assignments delegated to the personnel in order to ensure compliance with the production plan established.
Carry out all the production reports, notifying every novelty presented in the process, as well as the quantities and specifications of the production.
Coordinate jointly with the dispatch unit the execution of the production plan depending on the sale products with the aim of comparing the quantities produced against the quantities dispatched.
Coordinate jointly with the maintenance department the execution of the shop work orders processed in order to ensure the operation conditions and control of production equipment’s.
Comply and make others comply with the regulations and procedures for the operation and control of plant equipment’s.
Address and channel the behavior and needs of the personnel assigned under my guidance.
Comply and make others comply with the established regulations and procedures on industrial security and hygiene and integral protection.
Attended MEG catalyst change.

Otepi Consultores C.A., Caracas, VE
May 2003- October 2004
Process Engineer
Basic and Detail Engineering of the New Dehydration / Desalting Trains System Project. Project made together with the Chinese Company CNPC for ORIMULSION® Production and Technical Support.
Conceptual Engineering of the Recollection System of Steam Condensate, Sincor Upgrade Complex.
Conceptual Engineering of Drainage Systems and Thermal Relief TAEJ-S, Sincor Upgrade Complex.
Basic/Detailed Engineering of the Gas Anaco Project –Understanding facilities at San Joaquín, Santa Rosa and Zapatos/Mata-R fields.

PDVSA Gas, Anaco, ANZ
August 2002- December 2002
Infrastructure Engineer
Process Engineer assigned to San Joaquin, Guario and El Roble Flow Stations.
Optimization and Improvement of the existing Facilities in the Production Fields.
Assessment of the Gas Pipelines from Maturín to Anaco.
Assessment of the Flow Stations.

Cosa Consultores, Maturin, MO
January 2002- August 2002
Process Engineer
Detailed Engineering to Adaptation of the Gas Pipeline 20” Santa Ana.
Detailed Engineering to Upgrade the Water Injection and Treatment Plant to the production wells.
Detailed Engineering to Treatment and Disposal Condensates/Water in Muscar Complex.


April 1999- May 2000
Petroleos de Venezuela Punto Fijo, VE
Hidraulic Evaluation Study of Crude Distribution on Tank Farm “Patio Sur” Amuay Refinery.
Alternatives to Change Tanks from Medium Crude (TJM-26) to CPG Crude on Tank Farm “Patio Sur” Amuay Refinery.
Performance Study of Nafta Distillation plants, Merox Treatment Plant and Jet Fuel Treatment Plant on Amuay Refinery.


Experience in working in the engineering team for Visualization, Conceptual, Basic Projects, FEED, PMC, EPC in grassroots and revamp contracts and worked. General knowledge and application of engineering procedures, specifications, standards.
Proficient use software such as MS office, AutoCAD etc. Process simulation (ASPEN, HYSYS etc.) capability is preferred.
Good in team work, coordination, supervision and lead role and communication capability.
Work well under pressure and oriented to achieve goals and deadlines.
Willing to relocate and travel.


Master on Gas in Universidad del Zulia (thesis incomplete)
Designing and Evaluating the Performance of Air Coolers and LNG Heat Exchangers (HYSYS Course)
Designing and Troubleshooting Thermosiphon Reboilers (HYSYS Course)
Crude Unit Optimization – Debottlenecking Options to Increase Throughput using Aspen
Refinery Exchangers – Designing and Evaluating the Performance of a Crude Preheat Train and
Overhead Condenser (HYSYS Course)
Smart Plan P&ID Training
HYSYS v. 8.2 (HYSYS Course)
Process leader Course
Project leader Course
Combined Cycle Power (technical and commercial Course)
EXPERION PKS Operations Training
Ethylene Oxide Catalysts Training



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