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Aviation Technical Consultant, Technical Consultant Pilot, Aviation Consulting FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative, Refurbishment, Maintenance, Manufacturing Maintenance FAA DAR Functions, Quality Assurance Procedures, Aircraft Inspections, Airline Manufacturing Repair Station, Designated Airworthiness Representative Maintenance, FAA Airline Transport Pilot, Airplane Multi Engine Land CE 500 Type Rating, Commercial Privileges, Airplane Single Engine Land, Airplane Multi Engine Sea, Rotorcraft Helicopter, Instrument Helicopter, North American B 25 Type Rating, Flight Instructor, Airplane Instruments, Mechanic, Airframe Power Plant, Flight Engineer, Aviation, Certified Air Fuel Tankers,

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FAA – Designated Airworthiness Representative Maintenance Functions

FAA – Designated Airworthiness Representative Manufacturing Functions

CAA – Liberia Ministry of Civil Aviation Designated Airworthiness Representative

FAA – Airline Transport Pilot

Airplane Multi-Engine Land CE-500 (Type Rating)

Commercial Privileges

Airplane Single Engine Land

Airplane Multi-Engine Sea

Rotorcraft Helicopter

Instrument Helicopter

North American B-25 (Type Rating)

FAA – Flight Instructor

Airplane and Instruments

FAA – Mechanic

Airframe and Power plant

FAA – Flight Engineer

Turbojet Powered Boeing 707, 720, 747

FCC – Radio Telephone Permit


Consulting FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative – Self-Employed, Florida

Performing Manufacturing and Maintenance FAA DAR Functions. Member of Boeing Aging Aircraft Structures Task Group, working with transport aircraft operators on certifications and development of aging aircraft maintenance programs. Consultant for oversight of Quality Assurance procedures and responsible for all DAR activities for MICCO Aircraft Co. Principle involvement in the development/ draft/ writing of the first Total Integrated Maintenances Planning Document for Transport Category Aircraft with the Boeing Aircraft Co. Aircraft inspections. Records audits and inspection/ quality activities for airline, manufacturing and Repair Station clients.
FAA Repair Station Manager, Northrop Grumman Corp. Louisiana

Louisiana Operations FAA Repair Station Manager responsible for all activities involving the FAA Repair Station. On task team responsible for implementation and status of all Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins during refurbishment of Joint STARS aircraft.  On task team developing kits and methods for assembly of refurbished Joint STARS aircraft.  Member of Boeing 707 Aging Aircraft Structures Task Group.  Task Team member conducting field inspections of aircraft being considered for the Joint STARS program.  FAA DAR for Maintenance Functions.  FAA DAR Manufacturing Functions.

Aircraft Refurbishment Manager, Grumman Melbourne System Division, Florida

Full time employee of Grumman Melbourne Systems Division as Aircraft Refurbishment Manager at Grumman St. Augustine Operations.  Accomplish inspections on all Boeing 707 aircraft being considered for United States Air Force Joint STARS Program.  Team leader to acquire the FAA Domestic Repair Station Certificate for Grumman Louisiana Operations, at Lake Charles, Louisiana. Responsible for test flight and delivery of aircraft input at Grumman Louisiana Operations.

Maintenance Technical Supervisor, Avionics Research Corporation, Florida

Job Shopper to Grumman Melbourne Systems Division to perform duties as Maintenance Technical Supervisor for refurbishment of Boeing 707-300C aircraft for the United States Air Force Joint STARS Program.  Accomplish field inspections of Boeing 707 aircraft, to include borescoping of engines.  Research Historical Records and inspect aircraft for purchase by Air Carriers.

Maintenance Consultant/ Technical Representative, Self-Employed, Florida

Supervised A, B, C, D, SSID and Corrosion Prevention Maintenance checks on Boeing aircraft.  Supervised airframe overhaul of Boeing 707 300B/C aircraft, which exceeded 100,000 man-hours.  Technical Representative on Boeing 707 Comtran Husk Kit problems for SE U.S. and Latin American operators.  Monitored all aircraft leases, sales, exporting, importing and maintenance activities on eight airline Boeing aircraft located in Miami.  Responsible for delivery of leased aircraft and assisted in start up of lease aircraft in airline FAR 121, 125, 129 operations, domestic and foreign.  Responsible for organizing and implementing Tracor HUSK KIT Service Bulleting Modification Program, involving approximately 40 Boeing 707 aircraft, domestic and foreign.  Supervised all heavy shop visits on Pratt and Whitney JT3D-3B & -7 Engines.  Technical Representative at the 1987 Paris Air Show Comtran Pavilion and 1988 Airmotive Ireland Pratt and Whitney JT3D Engine Seminar at Dublin, Ireland.  Technical Representative for installation of Husk KITs on Shanghai Airlines Boeing 707 Fleet at Tracor Aviation, Santa Barbara, California.  Performed aircraft inspection and records inspection for domestic and foreign airlines.

Director of Quality Nautilus Airlines, Nautilus Sports/ Medical Industries, Florida

Duties started as Pilot and Mechanic on corporate aircraft.  Promoted to Chief Mechanic.  Responsible for maintenance of three Boeing 707-300 aircraft and all corporate aircraft.  Assisted in writing Airline General Maintenance Manual for Nautilus Airline Certificate.  Chief Flight Mechanic for all international flights of Boeing 707-300 aircraft.  Supervised and directed installation of production HUSK KIT on the first Boeing 707 to be modified.  Performed all duties of Director Of Maintenance for Nautilus Airlines for 14 months.  Responsible for all records, research on purchased aircraft including Boeing, Piper and Cessna.  RII authorization for Nautilus Airlines.  Director Of Quality Control for Nautilus Airlines for 12 months.  Responsible for Aircraft configuration specifications for all new aircraft ordered from Boeing.

Aviation Technical Consultant/ Pilot, Self-Employed, Florida

Piloted occasional charter flights.  Performed duties as flight instructor.  Aviation Consultant for Airframe and Powerplant Supplement Type Certificate Development Programs.  Consultant on analysis and feasibility studies for proposed start up airline operations and maintenance.  Maintenance consultant for domestic and foreign airlines including the writing of Airline General Maintenance Manual for start up operations.

Department Manager, Dayco Corporation, Florida

Department Manager for the Extruding Department and Mandrel Department.  Duties included: supervising set-up of production equipment and managing both departments through initial start-up phase to full operation, supervising 40 to 50 employees on shift basis, and working with Dayco Director of Quality in developing and implementing a new, state of the art, Quality Control Program, involving the entire manufacturing process of high pressure hydraulic hose.

Chief Pilot, Ballenger Corporation Bridge Division, South Carolina

Employed as Chief Pilot, averaged approximately 400 hours per as pilot in command of company aircraft.  Managed flight department for helicopter operations and maintenance programs.  Assisted with the development of the Turbomeca Factory Authorized Time Between Overhaul Extension Program on the Astazou III-A Turbine Engine.  Assisted in development and analysis of fixed and rotary wing flight and maintenance operations for support of construction projects in Saudi Arabia. Total management responsibility for development of rotary wing flight and maintenance operations for support of construction projects in Nicaragua, Central America.  Developed and implemented OSHA Safety Program for the Bridge Division of Ballenger Corporation.

Owner/Operator Dolphin Sport Parachute Club, Self-Employed, Florida
Owned and operated a sport parachute jumping/ training center and club, utilizing two North American B-25J aircraft and two Cessna 172 aircraft as jump planes for training and club operations.  Employed four pilots/ instructors.  Instructed all jump aircraft pilot training and checkouts. Supervised all aircraft maintenance activities.

United States Army

Wrote and produced Flight and Maintenance Training Programs for U.S. Army Flight School.  Supervised up to six staff members.  General flying duties in fixed and rotary wing aircraft as related to production requirements of flight training programs.  Extensive night flying in connection with program text development of cross-country night navigation training for rotary wing students.  Extensive involvement in fixed wing and rotary wing airframe and power plant maintenance program.  Honorable Discharge.

Research Associate, Lighting and Transients Research Institute, Minnesota

Research Associate assisting with design, set-up and testing of lightning protection system on aircraft, missiles and related components.  Maintained related test equipment.  Supervised still and high speed motion picture photographic programs on research projects for aircraft, missiles, and related components.  Total management responsibility for start of conversion of Research Vessel, Thunderbolt, from steam turbine power to diesel electric propulsion.  Supervised up to 50 people and all outside contractors associated with the projects.  Liaison between research Laboratory test staff and military operations at field test sites which were located on military installation.  OJT and Airframe and Powerplant Schools attended during this period, as required by each project.  Worked on Pam American World Airways Special Projects, for Boeing 707 and Douglas DC-8 aircraft.

Stanford Research Institute, California

Performed classified duties aboard the Research Ship M/V Acania, in support of the Johnston Island Atomic Bomb Test Project.  As a member of the Acania’s crew, Top Secret clearance was required.


Aerospatiale Factory School on Gazelle, Lama, Aloutte Helicopters and Turbomeca Jet Engine.

Eastern Airlines School on Allison T-53/501 Turbine Engines.

Pan American World Airways School (OJT) on Boeing 707, DC-8 Pratt and Whitney JT3D-3B, JT3D-7.

Schools and OJT on Canadair, Douglas, Bell, Piper, Cessna and Lockheed aircraft and Gerrett Engines.

Varig Airlines School on Boeing 747-200, -300 aircraft and GE CF6 Powerplants, Boeing 767-300ER aircraft and CE CF6 powerplants.

Boeing School on Aging Aircraft Corrosion Prevention Control Program, Aging Aircraft Structural Modification Program.  Corrosion Prevention Control Program/ MPD Comprehensive Integration School.  Boeing fuselage repair assessment program and OJT with Boeing on Repair Assessment.

Pan American World Airways Flight Engineer School for Boeing 707-300, 720, 747-100, -200, -SP.

FAA DAR/ DMIR/ DOA/ DAS Certification Conformity Standardization Schools.