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Accounting Systems,Black Boxes,ECU, EDR, ECM, Etc.,Cell Phones,Computer Systems,Databases,Digital Cameras Digital Media,Documents,Electronic Logging Devices Electronic Medical Records,(EMR / EHR),Email / E-mail Fax Machines GPS Systems,Hacking Events,Intellectual Property,Internet Browsing,History,Intrusions, Medical Systems, Other Electronic Devices,Password Cracking,Photo Copiers, Photos and Images, Printers & Fax Machines,Software Applications, Custom & Commercial,Software Design & Development, Source Code Analysis, Spreadsheets,Telematics Systems,Websites


30+ Years Experience as a Computer, Technology & Digital Forensics Professional. Specialty:

  • Acquisition,
  • Preservation,
  • Recovery and Analysis of Data as Evidence.


  • Accounting Systems Black Boxes
  • ECU, EDR, ECM, Etc.
  • Cell Phones Computer Systems Databases
  • Digital Cameras Digital Media Documents
  • Electronic Logging Devices Electronic Medical Records
  • (EMR / EHR)
  • Email / E-mail Fax Machines GPS Systems Hacking Events
  • Intellectual Property
  • Internet Browsing History Intrusion
  • Medical Systems
  • Other Electronic Devices Password Cracking Photo Copiers
  • Photos and Images Printers & Fax Machines Software Applications
  • Custom & Commercial Software Design & Development
  • Source Code Analysis Spreadsheets Telematics Systems Websites

Testifying Experience:

  • Civil
  • Criminal Insurance
  • Corporate
  • Family Law
  • Plaintiff and Defense
    Special Master Justice, Superior & District Courts as well as Arbitration HearingSelected Computer & Technology Forensics Experience:
  • New Mexico District Court Special Master in a truck crash case examining cell phones of the various drivers involved in the accident.
  • Work with defense team on criminal case to determine the dates information was stored on the defendants computer system. Testify against government prosecution to disprove a portion of its case. Assist defense team in testimonial cross examination.
  • Work with civil litigation team to prove minors were served alcoholic beverages prior to committing aggravated assault by reviewing Point of Sale System information.
  • Analyze data and computer system to prove duplicity by executives of a local company which was purchased by a national company. Produce documents for plaintiff’s legal team to use in court. Provide expert witness testimony in court.
  • Work with Executor of estate to locate missing and hidden assets which the deceased deliberately concealed.
  • Work with Plaintiff in a civil case to review hundreds of Gigabytes of Microsoft Exchange e-mail data to locate correspondence related to the case.
  • Review data on multiple computers and cross reference to associate the user with pornographic data loaded on the computers.
  • Review payroll data for embezzlement case to determine if data had been altered prior to printing of employee demographic pages.
  • Consult with large city transportation department regarding information stored on an EDR system of a Ford truck.
  • Assist state regulatory agencies in extracting data from servers and workstations in insurance fraud cases.
  • Review city public transportation video system data for validity.
  • Review the contents of a murder victim’s cell phone for evidence.
  • Extract medical billing information from a unique database to show backdating of system data, proving fraudulent billing claims. Perform live demonstration in court.
  • Assist defense in proving contraband was planted in a child pornography case.
  • Examine GPS trucking data to determine driver time on the road statistics.
  • Examine operating network of computers, source code, intermediate object code, compilers and executables to prove copyright infringement.
  • Demonstrated the infringement in court to Jury.
  • Collect and review data from a Native American Tribe’s laptops, desktops and servers for an internal investigation.
  • Consult on black box data of a fatal multiple commercial vehicle accident.
  • Track down and locate a person who was slandering another person using the Internet and attempting to hide as anonymous.
  • Examine cellular telephone, cell phone records and telematics system output to determine that a truck driver was texting while driving hazardous materials. Testify in case.
  • Examine email, Solidworks and other CAD program output to determine that email had been fabricated to make the intellectual property involved appear to be older than it was.
  • Examine digital photos in a medical malpractice case to help determine the exact time of events in a hospital.
  • Collect information from a law firm’s computer system to help identify email data that had been deleted by a former employee.
  • Assist state university in cases of inappropriate use of corporate technology.
  • Assist college district in defending a wrongful termination law suit.
  • Collect evidence of intellectual property misappropriation by mass exodus of employees to create a competing company.
  • Extract and analyze telematics GPS data from trucking company computers to determine the location of trucks within a geographical area over a period of time.
  • Examine data from a large network for a state insurance department to determine the extent of wrong doing by the owners of an insurance company.
  • Fax system and data review to determine if faxes where sent and received by various international parties.
  • Work with outside council for city transportation department to extract, review and validate digital video recorder videos in a bus accident death case.
  • Breach of contract case involving extracted data from hard drives, backups and virtual server virtual hard drive files. Extract appropriate evidence in case.
  • Examine a cell phone for the mayor of a Mexican city to determine harassment by local politicians.
  • Review Google Adwords reports and statistics to determine the validity of the reports along with cyber squatting allegations.
  • Examine Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data to prove that the attending physician did not see information entered by Hospital Staff.
  • Search for and analyze Intellectual Property, including Solid Works and other Computer Aided Design (CAD) files to determine origin.
  • Prove spoliation by finding Data Wiping software had been use to attempt to cover up the existence of stolen Intellectual Property.
  • Work with city risk managers on case involving misappropriation and fraud.

Computer & Technology Forensics Teaching Experience

I regularly speak and teach Digital Forensics and Cyber Security to various organizations. These organizations include: Bar associations, Government and Law Enforcement, Universities and Colleges, a wide range of Societies and conferences as well as private corporations. The content and materials are developed and written by me.

Computer & Technology Forensics Published Works

I regularly write and publish articles on subjects related to Digital Forensics and Cyber Security. Most of these articles are published on the Evidence Solutions, Inc.’s website.
Others are published in print magazines as well as digital and online publications.


  • Arizona Private Investigator
  • Private Investigator Firm
Forensic Hardware Experience:
Hands on experience with various Computer and Technology Forensics Hardware. Write Blockers, Data Extractors, and data reading devices.
Forensic Application Experience

Access Data
FTK several versions Mobile Phone Examiner Imager and More

Mobile Edit Forensics

Crash Data Group
Crash Data Retrieval

Custom Applications
Creation of custom applications as required

DME Forensics
Digital Video Recorder Suite


E-mail Examiner P2 Commander
Network E-mail Examiner Device Siezure
Forensic Replicator and More

Various Applications

Magnet Forensics
Internet Evidence Finder Computer Forensics Suite

Guidance Software
Familiar with Various Versions Various Hardware Write Blockers

Oxygen Software Company Oxygen Forensic Suite

DT Search Wireshark xWays Winhex And More

Computer Consulting / Data Systems Experience Examples:

  • Creation and maintenance of a sophisticated acid plant product distribution system. This system managed production and sales of acid produced as a by-product to the production of copper.
  • Design, create and maintain copper plate sales and distribution system.
  • Designed, created and implemented a multi-location, multi-platform ( Windows, Macintosh, and DOS ) help desk Knowledge Base system for the
  • Personal Tax support crew in Tucson and Rio Rancho. Exchange live data between FoxPro and Filemaker Pro.
  • Customization of an off the shelf accounting system (ACCPAC’s SBT) to meet very specific purchasing and accounting department requirements.
  • Conversion from separate purchasing and accounting systems to SBT, including data extraction, conversion, and implementation.
  • Assist in company growth by using technology to move from data entered QuickBooks7 to integrated data system which used Mainframe data to generate and process invoices.
  • Install and maintain Groupware products including Novell products and Microsoft products.
  • Domain name registration, management and modification. DNS setup.
  • Website setup & implementation. Ongoing Search Engine Optimization and Statistics.
  • Creation of Novell and Microsoft Networks of all sizes for all kinds of industries.
  • Website creation and programming
  • Designed, Sold, Installed, and Maintained Electronic Medical Billing and Record Systems
Other Application Skills:
  • Accounting Systems Databases
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle
  • Pervasive
  • dBase / FoxPro and Others.
  • Database Management and Implementation E-mail and Group Ware
  • GroupWise
  • Citrix
  • Exchange
  • Many other e-mail clients Medical Practice Management and Billing
  • Operating Systems
  • Apple
  • Linux
  • Microsoft
  • Novell
  • Programming Languages
  • BASIC, Visual BASIC,
  • Visual BASIC Script, Business BASIC
  • C, C++
  • Pascal / Delphi
  • Xbase languages including:
  • Microsoft Foxpro all versions
  • Dbase all versions

Formal Education

1982 – 1984 Systems Engineering University of Arizona

Honors and Distinctions Past and Present:
  • Cisco, Partner OnTrack, Partner
  • Computer Associates, Partner
  • Sage ACCPAC, Dealer & Certified Consultant
  • HP / Compaq, Partner
  • Seagate Disk & Tape, Partner
  • Linksys, Partner
  • Sfile, Partner
  • The Medical Manager Independent Sales Office
  • Symantec, Partner
  • Microsoft, Partner
  • Timeslips, Certified Consultant
  • Novell, Partner Websense, Partner
  • ITT Technical Institute Computer Curriculum Advisory Board
  • University of Advancing Technology Technology Forensics Program Advisor
  • Century College Computer Forensics Advisory Board
  • Western Governors University System Forensics, Investigation, and Response – Curriculum Development
Professional Societies Past and Present:
  • Southern Arizona Network Users Group
  • Center for Software Excellence ( CSE ) / Information Technology Association of Southern Arizona ( ITASA ) / Aerospace Manufacturing Information
  • Technology Association ( AMIT )- Board Member
  • Arizona Technology Council
  • Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)
  • Arizona Internet Professionals Association ( AzIPA )
  • Tucson Chamber of Commerce
  • Business Information Club
  • Sonoran Desert Security Users Group
  • Forensic Expert Witness Association – State and National Board Member
  • Southwest Security Professionals
  • Arizona Commerce Authority Advisor
Other Public Service Past and Present:
  • Pantano Exchange Club – Former President
  • Tucson Exchange Club’s Child Abuse Prevention Center
  • Blair Charity Group – Board Member
  • Integrative Touch for Kids
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Tucson
  • Children’s Museum Tucson

Business Experience
Evidence Solutions, Inc.
2008* to Present
Full Service Computer, Technology & Digital Forensics
Principal and Chief Executive Officer. Responsible for overall management of staff, business development, sales and product development. Senior Computer and Technology Evidence Examiner. Software Engineer for custom applications required to examine forensics data.
*Evidence Solutions, Inc. was created when the Forensics Department of Great Scott Enterprises, Inc. became its own company.

Great Scott Enterprises, Inc. 1982 to July 2011
Full Service Computer Consulting and Computer Forensics
Principal and Chief Executive Officer. Programmer, Computer Consultant and Technical Services Manager. Responsible for overall management of staff, business development, sales and product development.

Medical Computer Solutions 1991 to July 2011 Medical Software installation, training and maintenance.
Principal and Chief Executive Officer. Computer and Software Consultant.
Greenwolfe Enterprises 1994 to Present Product development / Patent Submission Principal. Partner.
Paz de Penasco, LLC; Lone Pine Properties, LLC; Casa Arena, LLC; Luna Nueva, LLC Various Dates 1999 to Present
Real Estate holdings
Creator, Principal, Partner, Manager.
Develop foreign property for investment profit. Manage & supervise foreign employees.

  • Major Research Interests
  • Computer Forensics
  • Cell Phone & Mobile Device Forensics
  • Computer Security
  • Internet Security
  • Personal Privacy in the Information Age
  • Vehicle Digital Evidence. Including Self Driving Cars & Integrated Electronics
  • Biometrics
  • Inventions / Patents
  • Undisclosed patents applied for
  • Languages
  • Actively studying and developing Spanish language skills

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