Dog Aggression Behavior Training Bite Incidents Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Dog Aggression, Behavior, Training, Bite Incidents, Service Dog Standards Evaluations, Animal Care Husbandry Standards Care, Legislation, Dog Rescue Animal Cruelty Hoarding, Bite Impression Casting, Dog Temperament, Basic Advanced Obedience, Complicated Aggression Behavior Issues


Expert Witness No. 703

Consultant and Expert Witness ~ April 2004 to Present
Dog aggression, behavior, training, bite incidents, service dog standards and evaluations, animal care and husbandry standards of care, legislation, dog rescue work and other animal-related topics and situations such as animal cruelty and hoarding; bite impression casting; dog temperament evaluations a specialty.



  • Bachelor of Arts, English Literature, University of Calfornia Los Angeles (1988)
  • Graduate Certificate in Animal Policy and Advocacy, Humane Society University (2011)
  • Certificates in:
    • Dog Bite Investigation (Humane Society of the United States)
    • Veterinary Forensics  (HSUS)
    • Bite Marks & Odontology (ASPCA & University of Florida, Gainesville)
    • Animal Cruelty and Fighting Investigations (HSUS)
  • Approved expert for cases in Superior Court, Los Angeles, California
  • Consultant to Sempra Energy for dog bite incidents and employee training
  • Chief Tester with American Temperament Testing Society
  • Member of Service Dog Committee for International Assocation of Canine Professionals
  • Testifying Expert in fatality case, multiple mauling and dog bites as well as in animal cruelty, service dog law and evaluations, breed tendencies
  • Deep knowledge of the Rottweiler and Bully-breeds
  • All-breed and rare breed knowledgeable
  • Dog bite and dog-fighting evaluations



Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant ~ 1989 to Present
Basic and advanced obedience, complicated aggression and behavior issues.
Certified Pet Dog Trainer: Knowledge Assessed, by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers, Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Professional Member, International Association of Canine Professionals, Professional Member Presenter for Dogs and Storks, Doggone Safe, and Doggone Smart at Work

Director ~ 1989 to Present
Rottweiler Rescue of Los Angeles
A non-profit organization where I actively evaluate temperament and behavior, pick up surrendered and found dogs; speak with potential adopters; home checks; I was the treasurer until 2015, handling all monies and paperwork for RRLA. 

Writer ~ 1989 to Present 

Column: Pet Pourri ~ September 2004 to Present
The Palisades Post (Pacific Palisades, CA) and The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) 

The Rottweiler Quarterly Magazine ~ 1988 to 1998 
Magazine Editor ~ June 2006 to February 2008
The Rottweiler Quarterly Magazine 

Radio Show Host ~ March 2004 to August 2005
The Dog Dish

Hosted and produced live weekly radio show for all things dog related.  Aired on KTIE 590 AM. Conversant on all topics covered, including but not limited to:

  • Dog Sports: Agility, schutzhund (German-style police dog work), conformation showing, obedience, rally, herding, earth dog trials
  • Breed Profiles:  The Pit Bull; The German Shepherd Dog; Akitas; Dobermans; Greyhounds; Rottweilers; Terriers
  • Health:  How to pick a good vet; dog foods; dog food ingredients and preservatives; fleas and ticks; allergies; arthritis remedies; skin issues; vaccines and medications
  • Animal Care:  Swim therapy and rehab for animals; holistic medicine; pet grief and bereavement; hospice and end of life care for pets; animal communication 
  • Legislation and Legalities:  Dogs and the law; breed specific legislation (BSL); ear cropping and tail docking; guardianship vs. ownership; monetary trusts for pets; contracts; dog fighting; mandatory spay/neuter; vicious and dangerous dog laws; dog parks, declawing of both domestic and exotic cats
  • Behavior and Training: Electric collars: the good and the bad; bite prevention; barking dogs: why they do it and different ways to handle the problem; housebreaking; exercise methods; show vs. pet training; aggression behaviors; submissive behaviors, fearful behavior Shelters:  “No Kill:” What does that really mean?; temperament testing of shelter dogs; how to pick a shelter dog; Animal Control rules and regulation; the perils and promise of adopting a dog
  • Service Dogs: Search and Rescue; Guide Dogs for the Blind; Assistance dogs; Wheelchair and Mobility Support; Police Dogs; Emotional Support Animals
  • Political and Emotional: Los Angeles Animal Cruelty Task Force, working against blood sport; Pit Bull mauling in San Francisco; Rottweiler mauling in Glendale; breed bans in Canada; Pit Bull Ban in Denver, CO; Animal Rights Extremists; Pit Bull rescue; private rescue organizations; pet custody battles

Author of obedience articles and show reports, traveled with and for magazine.  Topics included basic and advanced obedience exercises for both AKC work and schutzhund; discussions of behaviors; tracking, conformation show reports; rescue; swim therapy; health and herbal nutrition; opinion pieces.


PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS                                                             

  • International Association of Canine Professionals (
  • American Pet Dog Trainers (
  • Doggone Safe, a bite prevention organization (
  • Doggone Smart at Work, bite prevention in the workplace (
  • Dogs and Storks, babies, kids and dogs safety (



  • Approved Expert Witness for the Los Angeles, CA, Superior Court
  • Canine Good Citizen tester for the American Kennel Club (
  • Chief Tester for American Temperament Testing Society (
  • Dog Bite Investigation certificate from the Humane Society of the United States
  • Veterinary Forensics certificate from the Humane Society of the United States
  • Veterinary Forensics Sciences: Bite Marks through the Univ. of Florida & ASPCA
  • Service Dog Committe, IACP
  • Presenter for Dog Bite Prevention programs, adult, child and worker safety


Available Upon Request