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Expert Witness No. 2215


As a Registered Professional Engineer, Expert 2215 acted as a Consultant, Chief Engineer, Senior Project Engineer and Lead Engineer in the planning, design and construction of multi-million dollar projects for half a century. These include highways, major drainage projects, aviation facilities, water supply and sanitary sewerage systems, buildings and bridges. These projects include the following drainage, flooding, hydrologic and hydraulic-related experience.

20+ years of engineering planning and design of Interstate and U.S. Highways, toll roads, county roads and city streets in Texas, Ohio and Saudi Arabia. Each of these projects included a complete drainage system consisting of culverts, storm sewers, inlets, manholes, roadway ditches, outfall channels, erosion protection, and numerous other drainage-related facilities.

5+ years of engineering planning, design and construction of airports in Texas, Ohio, California and Saudi Arabia. Each of these projects included complete drainage systems composed of the same facilities as were described above for highways.

Hydrologic studies of the Muskingum, Scioto and Olentangy River Basins in Ohio, and the Kanawha River Basin in West Virginia. These studies required comprehensive hydrologic and hydraulic computations to develop unit hydrographs, synthetic hydrographs, flood routing, and backwater calculations to determine flood profiles and elevations at locations along each creek, river and stream.

Served as Regional Engineer for the National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association, responsible for the states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia. Consulted with state highway departments, other public agencies, and engineering consulting firms concerning their drainage design standards and practices.

Presented drainage and stormwater management seminars at the following universities:

Ohio State University
Michigan State University
Ohio University
Michigan Technological Univ.
Ohio Northern University
Purdue University
Cleveland State University
Notre Dame University
University of Toledo
University of Kentucky
University of Cincinnati
West Virginia University
University of Akron
West Virginia Tech. Univ.
University of Michigan

Made flood damage surveys and cost estimates for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers after the 1959 Flood in Columbus, Prospect, LaRue, Greencamp and Kenton, Ohio.

Prepared flood profiles for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for 100 miles of the Scioto and Olentangy River Valleys in Ohio after the 1959 Flood, including identifying high water marks, performing field survey to determine flood elevations, and drafting the resulting flood profiles.

Performed field reconnaissance and surveys after the 1959 Flood for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at the Columbus General Depot in Ohio, to determine size and configuration of the existing drainage system, for use in designing improvements to minimize future flooding.

Performed engineering design of site facilities for apartment projects in Ohio. Managed and supervised construction of 60 apartment and motel projects in Ohio and Pennsylvania totaling 3000 housing units. Each of these projects had drainage systems consisting of detention ponds, culverts, storm sewers, inlets, manholes, ditches, swales and erosion protection.

City of Houston – Lead Engineer on design of the largest storm drainage project in the City in a 10-year period. The project consisted of two 10 ft. by 10 ft. box storm sewers serving an 800 acre drainage area.

Harris County Toll Road Authority – Lead Engineer on design of a section of the Hardy Toll Road. This project included a 120-inch storm sewer and a 1-mile outfall channel in accordance with Harris County Flood Control District standards.

City of Houston – Lead Engineer on design of West Tidwell Road from Ella to Little White Oak Bayou including a 108-inch storm sewer, street paving, water and sewer relocations.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – participated in hydraulic studies for improvements to locks and dams on the Ohio River near Portsmouth, Ohio.

Headed up design of site improvements, including grading and drainage, for $2 Billion "grass roots" Liquefied Natural Gas Plant in Qatar.

Education and Professional Registrations

B.S. in Civil Engineering from Virginia Military Institute (VMI) in 1954
Registered Professional Engineer since 1959
Registered Environmental Professional (water quality)

Professional Affiliations, Achievements and Awards

Member, Water Environment Federation (WEF)
Member, American Water Works Association (AWWA)
Member, American Society of Civil Engineers (Vice President of the Houston Branch)
Member, National Society of Professional Engineers
Member, Institute of Transportation Engineers
Member, Engineers Council of Houston (Past President)
Professional Service Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Commissioned Officer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers