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Oklahoma and Washington


1972 Ph.D. Mathematical Statistics, Colorado State University

1965 M.A. Mathematics, Western Washington State College
Summers 1962, 1963 Bowdoin College

1961B.A. Ed. Mathematics, Central Washington State College


1974-2003 Associate Professor, College of Business Administration, The University of Oklahoma

1970-1974 Assistant Professor, College of Business and Economics, Washington State University

1966-1970 Fellowship, National Institute of Health, Colorado State University

1965-1966 Instructor, Colorado State University

1964-1965 National Science Foundation AYI, Western Washington State College

1962-1964 Teacher, A.C. Davis High School, Yakima, WA

1962, 1963 National Science Foundation Summer Institutes, Bowdoin College

1961-1962 Teacher, East High School, Bremerton, WA


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Refereed Journal Articles

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Presentations And Papers (Unpublished)

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Consulting Reports

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Major Consulting Projects And Activity

Expert 163 has been involved in more than 500 litigation cases, testified via deposition over 175 times and testified in state or federal courts over 150 times.  Approximately 70% of these cases involve calculating damages for people injured by some accident.  The other 30% of the cases could be classified as business litigation involving corporate and government entities.  A partial list of corporate and government entities assisted includes:  Coca Cola, General Motors, American Airlines, EEOC, Magnum Foods, American Milk Producers Inc, Hyde Drugs, Aircraft Blue Book, The U. S. Attorney, Kerr McGee, Channel Five News, CMI, Skaggs, Choice Smorgasbords Inc., The Oklahoma Land Commission, The City of Oklahoma City, Evans Construction Co., Eskridge Honda, Purina, John Deere and the City of Cyril. The region in which testimony is primarily given is Oklahoma and its adjacent states; however the actual region is bounded by Anchorage, Alaska Baltimore, Maryland Atlanta, Georgia and Los Angles, California

Opinions have been given on (1) pecuniary loss in wrongful death and personal injury, (2) discrimination issues (3) copyright infringement event probabilities, (4) the loss of profits and economic damages suffered by business and government entities, (5) the financial strength of a firm and (6) posterior probabilities of paternity.

During the 1980’s Expert 163 was a forecasting consultant for Gwilym Jenkins and Partners (GJP). GJP is a firm based in Lancaster, England, specializing in ARIMA time series analysis and software. A sabbatical from the University of Oklahoma in 1980 was spent visiting the corporate headquarters of a large number of Fortune 500 companies interested in the use of ARIMA processes for their forecasting needs. These visits were used to explain the techniques, the software and to discuss the appropriateness of the techniques for forecasting problems of the firm. The problems considered required consideration of the complete picture of the corporate structure and the interdependencies of its various components. The following is a partial list of corporations and government entities consulted: White Consolidated Industries, Nestle Company, National Bureau of Standards, Baxter Travenol Laboratories, Walgreens, Quaker Oats, ESMARK, Standard Brands, House of Seagram’s, SWISSRE Holding, New York and New Jersey Port Authority, Paine Weber Blythe and Eastman, American Cynamid, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Energy Administration, Harris Trust, Northern Trust, United Nations, Irving Trust, Consolidated Coal, Standard Oil of Ohio, Ross Laboratory, PPG, Gulf Oil, Phillips Petroleum, Rockwell International, Shell Oil and The U. S. Dept. of Agriculture.

A third area of consulting activities has involved smaller business entities. Project feasibility studies, consumer image studies and business valuation problems have been the focus. In some cases surveys with sample sizes up to 600 individuals have been conducted and the resulting multivariate data analyzed.  Some projects have culminated in a report, some of these reports are listed above under “Consulting Reports”.

During his 29-year tenure at the University of Oklahoma, Expert 163 served on approximately 45 doctoral dissertation committees, primarily acting as a statistical consultant on the statistical techniques used for the analysis of the dissertation data.

University Consulting Statistician, University Statistics Laboratory, University of Oklahoma Statistical techniques were discussed with Stat Lab clients as these techniques related to the specific research projects of the clients.  Among the techniques applied during this period were the following; analysis of variance, linear regression, multivariate analysis of variance and covariance, chi square analysis, ARIMA time series analysis, profile analysis, canonical correlation analysis, factor analysis, principal component analysis, discrimination analysis and path analysis.  August 1985 – July 1987.

A review of operational forecasting, statistical applications and selected marketing projects.  Conducted a one-week ARIMA forecasting seminar.  GTE Service Corporation, Stanford, CT. July-December 1978.

University And College Service

College of Business Computing Committee

College of Business Tenure and Promotion Review Committee

University Budget Council

College of Business Academic Misconduct Committee, Chairman

College of Business Academic Misconduct Committee

Goddard Health Center Ad Hoc Committee, Chairman

College of Business Tenure Review Committee

College of Business “Committee A”, Chairman

Faculty Resource Person Scholarship-Leadership-Enrichment Program

Faculty Senate

University Academic Programs Council
College of Business Tenure Review Committee

Graduate College Academic Appeals Panel

College of Business Research Committee

Faculty Resource Person Scholarship-Leadership-Enrichment Program

College of Business Tenure Review Committee

University Computer Advisory Committee

Faculty Resource Program Scholarship-Leadership-Enrichment Program

College of Business Dean’s Advisory Committee

College of Business Graduate Programs Committee

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