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Electrical Engineer, Engineer Designer, Manager, Electrical Design, Electrical Development, National Electric Code, Commercial Electrical Devices, Underwriters Laboratories, Canadian Standards Organization, ATEX, Electrical Fire Cause and Origin, Electrical Equiment Failures, Electrical Damage Evaluation, Cost Evaluation


Licensed electrical engineer and engineering designer, manager and entrepreneur with 33 years of experience in design, development and analysis in leading edge electronics technology. Practical, working knowledge of the National Electric Code. Design of commercial electrical devices, including compliance with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and CSA (Canadian Standards Organisation) requirements, and ATEX (European Community certification for devices used in explosive environments).

Forensic experience in cause and origin of electrical distribution system accidents and fires, evaluation of electrical system and equipment failures, damage evaluation of electrical systems and cost evaluation of electro-mechanical components.
Software experience includes: numerous system designs; department and design management; customer interface; and high-technology company start-ups.
Software development has spanned Assembly through “C” language programming for several microprocessors and digital signal processors, operating system design, network interface, user and peripheral interface, and high level application code.

Software/Hardware design experience is varied, including the following:

Assembly, Basic, Fortran, C, Forth, Visual Basic NEC 30K gate ASIC’s using Verilog
MS Word, Excel, Access, WordPerfect, LotusWorks, dBase ORCAD schematic capture
PADS PCB layout software
Development of commercial products integrating software/hardware

Hardware experience ranges from concept design through production documentation, including block diagrams, circuit design, PCB layout, development of Bills of Material and assembly drawings for production of designed products.

Projects to date have utilized:
DSP’s, embedded microprocessors, RF, networking, ASICs, digital, gate arrays, communications, sensor interfaces, and analog/power subsystems. Analog Devices Blackfin DSP family
RedCellX RTOS/TCPIP stack on Blackfin DSP Intel 80C196/296, 8048, 8086 and 960 families
USNET TCP/IP stack implementation on microcontroller TI TMS370, Microchip PIC’s (12f, 16C,F, 18F,24F)
Xilinx XDM, X3000 gate array using Viewlogic Workview Cadence Verilog ASIC design tool
INMOS T800 transputer family, AMD 2901
Power supply design utilizing AC to DC conversion
Power inversion design analysis/repair for DC to AC conversion Battery backup UPS system design, analysis and trouble-shooting IGBT integration into electronic power systems


Engineering Company – Jessup, MD (12/10 – Present)
Responsible for forensic analyses of electrical power distribution systems, electrical appliances, electro-mechanical systems and electronics.

EMX Corporation – Melbourne, FL (1/05 – Present)
Several designs involving microprocessor driven camera platform controls with overlay video for visible and IR cameras.

Tanenhaus & Associates, Inc. (IDC Corporation) – Orlando, FL (6/04 – Present)
Several designs involving DSP controlled MEMS gyros and accelerometers. These designs required rigid/flex PCB technology and assembly code machine language development.

Intelligent Wireless Products, Inc. (Janizary Holdings, Inc.) – Seattle, WA (10/03 – Present)
Numerous RF designs, released to manufacturing and manufacturing support on microprocessor controlled wired and wireless cellular repeater systems.

System Excelerator, Inc. – Crofton, MD and Longwood, FL (8/97 – 12/04)
Designed dual Analog Devices Blackfin DSP based board with multiple memory arrays, A/D converters, PCI bus and 10/100/1G EtherNet to PC104+ standard, targeted to military and commercial applications. Designed accompanying I/O board, incorporated RedCellX RTOS, developed code. Previously designed Intel 80296 processor board for use in several military projects that included memory, Ethernet interface, and numerous peripheral components. Developed operating system and components of application code.

Teleserve Communications, Inc. – Orlando, FL (2/01 – 9/03)
Developed analog, digital, microprocessor and DSP based hardware for audio, video, telephone and control oriented product. Using system design requirements, selected hardware and software implementation, designed hardware and PCB layout packages, developed microcode and subsystem interface specifications for several projects.

A. P. Buck, Inc. – Orlando, FL (1/95 – Present)
Designed pumps, flow meters and calibrators. Utilized 80C196, 80296 microprocessors, battery power regulation and conservation techniques, pump drive control using analog differential pressure flow measuring. Designs included numerous sensor designs, user LCD interface, logging firmware, stored table interpolation algorithms and self re-programmable flash code memory.

Koos Technical Services – Longwood, FL (4/92 – 12/02)
Designed and developed high performance imaging board for use in high-speed medical monitoring applications. System utilized Intel 960 processor, Number Nine graphics accelerator, S3 graphics accelerator, fiber optics communications link and a PCI bus interface. Designed, simulated and fully implemented NEC ASICs and Xilinx X3000 gate arrays for digital satellite audio decoder products. Developed and simulated subsystems in Verilog to implement full encoder/decoder functions.

Ameriware Technologies, Inc. – Bonifay, FL (10/00 – 9/02)
Utilized the 80296 processor and it’s support hardware and software with new analog interface electronics for HVAC and refrigeration system monitoring, utility company load measurement and shed control, and home automation functions.
Developed Visual Basic user interface package for configuration and control.

Signal Technologies Inc. – Longwood, FL (5/94 – 2/96)
Designed ASICs for use in military secure communications applications. Designs included pseudo random code and Gold code generators, synchronizers and decoders.

Mead Corp., Imaging Division – Dayton, OH (8/87 – 12/87)
Completed design of digital image generator peripheral for MicroVAX to generate color image data for print engine.

Central Florida Tech Services – Orlando, FL (8/87 – 9/88)
Designed and prototyped fast (8.3 msec refresh), high resolution (4096 x 4096 x 24 bit) color video generator for use as the output subsystem of a military flight simulator. The design included use of multiple INMOS transputers with very fast state machines and data bussing techniques.


Xcellon Control Technologies, Inc. – Orlando, FL (5/93– 12/02)
Founded Xcellon to design and manufacture control home automation equipment. Developed Intel 80C196 based distributed control module using Ethernet network port, PIC based switch pad, LCD display, multi room sensor and octal lighting driver modules. Developed and implemented distributed control algorithm, Ethernet based embedded network communication and supervision (IP compatible), and single pair peripheral communication.

IntelliNet Corp. – Orlando and Naples, FL (12/87 – 1/92)
Founded IntelliNet, served as president through 12/89, developing business, hiring employees and securing venture capital. Designed System Aladdin, a high performance home automation system that controls residential lighting, HVAC, security, entertainment and miscellaneous systems. Personally designed all hardware and firmware components including distributed token passing network, PC interfaced network controller, network interfaced thermostat for HVAC control and AC load power delivery system using microcontroller driven phase control of TRIACs and power MOSFETs.

Mead Corp. – Imaging Division, Miamisburg, OH Department Manager (12/85 – 8/87)
Managed team responsible for designing products to utilize Mead Cycolor color printing paper. Designs included logic and firmware to accomplish high-speed color image generation, processing, storage and writer output functions. Worked with several other companies, including British, German and Japanese, to coordinate their designs for equipment to use the paper.

Burroughs Corp. – Peripheral Products Group, Orlando, FL EE Dept. Mgr. (6/78 – 11/85)
Managed electrical engineering group of 20 individuals during full design cycle of a 30 page per minute laser printer. The product development cycle from concept to market included competitive product evaluation, full process, system and subsystem design, coordination with other Burroughs groups for system software design, and a complete release to manufacturing. Product utilized 8048, 8086 microprocessors, 2900 series bit slice and high-speed STTL state machines.

Burroughs Corp. – Office Products Group, Rochester, NY Sr. Engineer (7/76 – 5/78)
Designed control subsystems for document processing equipment marketed to the banking industry. A MICR document encoder design utilized a quad Intel 8048/8041 processor system in a master slave configuration to control keyboard, printer and lister functions.


MEEE Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY June 1976
BSEE Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY June 1975

Directed electronics design team for on-campus Mars Roving Vehicle developmental project sponsored by the Jet Propulsion Lab. First significant exposure to team development efforts. Personally developed many electronics subsystems, specified interfaces to software developers, and participated in project planning, presentations to JPL, RPI and Cornell program managers. Designs included motor servo controllers, analog/digital conversion, RF digital communications links, and computer interfaces. Undergraduate GPA: 3.0 / 4.0.

Licensed Professional Engineer (PE), Maryland


IEEE member since 1974

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