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Failure and Root-Cause Analysis, Electrical Forensic Engineering, Computer Fire Modeling and Animation, Data Acquisition, Analysis, Systems Engineering, Systems Simulation, Systems Optimization, Industrial Control, Automation, Computer Programming



M.S., Electrical Engineering, California State University, Fullerton, December 2002
B.S, Information & Computer Science, University of California, Irvine, 1992, Cum Laude
P.E. Registration, State of California, License: E 18145
P.E. Registration, State of Arizona, License: 50268
P.E. Registration, State of Nevada, License: 23152
Computer Forensics I Certification, California State University, Fullerton, May 2011
C.E.I. Certification, International Association of Electrical Inspectors, July 2003
Computer Science, Rancho Santiago College, Santa Ana, CA, June 1990


Sidhi Consultants, LLC. Electrical Engineer, June 2016 – Present
Sidhi Consultants, Inc. Electrical Engineer, Dec 2002 – June 2016
Sidhi Consultants, Inc. Systems Analyst, Dec 1990 – Dec 2002
Ricoh Electronic, Inc. Blow Mold Technician, April 1984 – July 1987.


International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI) Institute of Electric and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
National Fire Protection Association – International (NFPA-International) The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi
Electric West 2005 Conference, Anaheim, CA,
“Management of Catastrophic Incident, Fires and Explosions of Electrical System” IAEI Chapter and Division Meetings, Santa Ana, CA
IAEI, One-and Two-Family Dwelling Electrical Systems, CA
2005 National Electric Codes, Analysis of Changes, San Diego, CA 1999 National Electric Codes, Analysis of Changes, Los Angeles, CA 1999 National Electric Codes Review Seminar, Irvine, CA
Lyncole XIT Grounding Courses – Soil Resistivity Testing, Torrance, CA UL University, NEC Fundamentals and Neon Lighting, Online Courses


He has been involved in failure analysis and forensic engineering for over twenty years and has performed over 2000 field inspections, examinations and tests of residential, commercial and industrial electrical systems as well as electrical equipment, appliances, electronic components and vehicle’s electrical system. He has assisted in expert engineering examinations and tests of fire and accident investigations and cause(s) determinations. Examples of failure analysis projects include examination of: electric kitchen appliances, electric household equipment, stereos, gas appliances, electrical wiring systems, automobile fires and accidents, PBX, computer and peripheral systems, and alarm systems. He has assisted in several field inspections, examinations and tests where fires originated/initiated.

He has been involved in numerous joint destructive and non-destructive tests in the laboratory and on the field of the residential, commercial, industrial and vehicle electrical system.

He has served as an Engineering Expert in fire and accident investigations. He has been deposed as an Expert Engineer in electrical engineering fields. He has testified as an Engineering Expert in Arbitrations and Trials in California Superior Courts. Examples of failure analyses projects include: vehicle electrical systems, electrical panels and equipments, telephone equipment, electrical wiring systems, electrical appliances and electronic components.

He has been involved in system analysis and testing in various industrial systems and automation projects. He has developed test plans, system safety audits and risk assessments.

His experience includes computer modeling of fire scenes using HAZARD I, FPETool, FastLite, FAST and FDS programs, and computer animation (fire scene). He has developed computer 3D models and animations.

He has developed programs for in-house laboratory testing and analysis, including multi-channel data acquisition programs on Windows 3.1 and Windows 95/98 for laboratory testing. The processing programs developed included on-line monitoring, recording, plotting and generation of interface files for MS-DOS spreadsheets. He has developed data conversion programs.

He has performed software and hardware installation on IBM-PC and Macintosh, diagnosing and troubleshooting of software and hardware problems, installation and setup of computer networks, and web design and implementation. He has developed a GPS tracking system for oil exploration and survey.

He has designed and developed medical transcription systems and a remote video security surveillance system.
He has performed the setup and support of these systems.

He has developed an airline reservation and information system, designed the system to automate the reservation and scheduling process, and wrote the specification document, preliminary design and detail design for the system. He has implemented the system using Ada language and prepared the system to handle potential changes.

He has developed a railroad tracking system. He designed the system to automate the scheduling and routing process. This system allows multiple trains to travel in a region without collision, derailment or dead-ends. He wrote the specification document, system design, formal specification and implemented the system on UNIX operating system using Ada language.


Visual Basic, Turbo Pascal (6.0, 1.0 @ IBM, 1.0, 1.1 @ Macintosh), Ada, Assembly, FORTRAN, Ms Access 2.0, ANSI C, Borland C++, Lisp and Prolog languages.

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