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Thirty years’ consulting for Fortune 100 electric power and telecom companies, public utilities, law firms, manufacturing, and construction companies. Former electrical engineer for City of Los Angeles and NV-Energy. MS Electrical Engineering. Author of publications and college textbooks on power systems and high voltage.

Industry recognized authority for power generation, transmission of electric power, system protection, equipotential grounding, high voltage testing, electrical safety, and telecommunications.


Applied Professional Training, Inc.
(San Marcos, CA), June 1993 – Present
Electrical Engineering Consultant
Provide professional consulting services in electric power engineering, construction, operations, and safety.
Resolved multiple power company intense high voltage electrical reliability problem across 600 miles of transmission with repairs up to $10MM (million)
Uncovered lightning shielding design defect on power lines circumventing $40,000 hourly generation offset loss
Conducted nine arc-flash and shock fatality and injury accident investigations in $MM settlements as utility expert witness
Developed college degree and certificate electric power and telecommunication training programs for 50,000 system operators, field operations personnel, engineers, and safety specialists including AT&T, CenturyLink, LCRA, PG&E, Southern Company, and Verizon
Construct and deliver over 100 custom classes to clients across corporations, utilities, military, municipalities, telecom providers, and universities including Apparatus School, Exacter, Clemson University, University of Wisconsin, IEEE, and City of Oakridge

NV Energy | Former Sierra Pacific Power Company
(Las Vegas, NV), February 1978 – June 1993
Senior Substation Design Engineer Senior Distribution Engineer
Relay Protection Operations Supervisor Telecommunications Operations Supervisor
Oversaw technical support personnel responsible for substation protection, control, and test department operations. Scope included emergency operations, field engineering, high voltage testing facilities, protective relaying maintenance, and telecommunications.


Transmission, Distribution & consumption
Electrical arc and shock
Renewable energy
Smart Grid
Substations, transmission, and power plants
Telecom systems


Course development & training (all platforms)
Expert witness high voltage
Forensic investigations
Program management


Professional Engineer Registration (California: E-9512)
North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC): Reliability Coordinator certification
Federal Communications Commission: Licenses General Radiotelephone, Global Maritime Distress Safety System Operator and Maintainer, and Advanced Class Amateur Radio license (KO6EQ)


Master of Science (MS): Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Nevada (Reno, NV)
Bachelor of Science (BS): Electrical Engineering, California State University (Long Beach, CA)


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE): Life Senior Member (#04588067), Power and Energy Society, Wireline Subcommittee member for telecommunications isolation protection equipment in high voltage environments, Course developer and instructor
National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers (NARTE): Master Engineer
National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE): Member


IEEE Standards: Workgroup for 367, 487, and 1590 covering high voltage protection of telecommunications equipment (cell towers and substations)
Manufacturing: High-performance fuel and water injection systems field engineering support for Edelbrock Automotive
Municipalities: Power quality study for Belize PUC and electric company
Telecom: Engineered multi-radio mixer for Los Angeles police and fire helicopters
Utilities: Lightning arrester applications for High Voltage equipment
Master’s Thesis: System capacitor optimization computer program to minimize power system losses


Construction: HUD Green Building and Energy Conference
Renewable Energy: Integrating large scale renewable energy resources
Electric Utilities: Root cause investigation on transmission lines ‘unexplained outages’

_Detailed Career and Consulting Experience

Substation Design, Construction, & Operations
345kV: Design engineer; E. Tracy, Mira Loma, Humboldt, Valley Road substations and Valmy powerplant
120kV: Phase Shifting Transformer @ California Sub and several substation expansion projects
Control buildings, ground grid designs, protection and control equipment
Procured major equipment; power transformers, circuit breakers, air switches, and acceptance testing
Managed high voltage test lab; transformers, regulators, and reclosers
Supervised protective relay engineers, both microprocessor and electromechanical
Supervised telecom technicians; fiber, microwave, power line carrier, radio, and leased circuits
Supervised test technicians; Megger, TTR, DGA, Doble, and others

Transmission Planning, Design, Construction, & Operations
Transmission planning studies; power flow, stability, transient network analysis, and optimal allocation of shunt capacitors
345kV Line studies: Electromagnet field strength, audible noise, RF interference and R/ W induction
Coordinated several utility studies regarding unexplained outages on345kV and 500kV transmission lines
High voltage lab testing; 1200 kV impulse, 50kA impulse, insulation strength, & lightning arrester performance
Resolved 345kV shield wire insulator failure problem
Developed design guidelines; lightning arrester applications (12.5kV – 500kV)

Distribution Design, Construction, & Operations
Several 25kV & 12.5kV substation equipment and feeder additions
High voltage lab impulse testing of reclosers and lightning arrester coordination (500kV at 25kA)
Electric service problems; large gold mines, industrial motor starting, and residential stray current
Radio/TV power line interference location analysis and resolution
Managed energy conservation and demand response programs

System Control Center Design, Construction, and Operation
Supervised construction of new SCADA/EMS control center and backup facilities
Assisted storm restoration activities
Maintained critical UPS power, radio, and telecommunications systems
Insured telemetry system accuracy for frequency and interchange Area Control Error (ACE) metering

Personnel Training

Founded private for-profit nationally accredited college (150+ employees, degree granting in electric power, renewable energy, and telecommunications technology)
Developed and implemented Calif. approved transmission system operator apprenticeship program
Developed & taught thousands field operations personnel safe “Equipotential Grounding” practices
Developed and taught
Minimum 75 technical courses in power, renewable energy, and telecommunications
Installation of fiber optics on power lines (OPGW), substations, splicing and troubleshooting
Basic electricity, electronics, power math, and several client specific custom courses

Safety Representative

Accident investigations; fatalities and serious injury
Shut down contractor projects based on safety violations
Developed safety procedures for barehand 345kV live-line maintenance
12-year old boy touched 12.5kV while standing on top of metal roof (lost both arms)
Man in Hyster boom truck contacts 69kV line, person on ground killed
Woman contacts 120kV lightning arrester on 345/120kV transformer (suicide attempt)
14.4kV pole mounted transformer arcs internally and causes man priming 3-phase water pump to lock-on while co-worker tries to help and causes breaker trip in substation 7 miles away
Tree trimmer killed when trying to remove cut branch from primary
Man killed touching Citizens Band radio antenna to 69kV power line
Hang glider survives kite contact with 3-phase 12.5kV line
Man killed by arc flash while working adjacent to energized 208/120V 3-phase transformer
Man killed when changing high voltage power fuse


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