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Electrical Engineer Fire Explosion Electric Scooters Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Electrical Engineer Safety, Ladders, Safety, Transportation, Occupational Safety, Sports equipment, Construction Industrial Structures, Medical Equipment, Wheelchairs, Stairs, Walkways, Ramps, Fire Explosion, Electric Scooters,Roofing Material Fires

Expert Witness No. 203



University of Southern California, BSEE 1957
Registered Professional Engineer 1977


Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
American Society for Testing & Materials
(ASTM) National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

Professional Experience

1991 to present
An Engineering Company
Owner. Consultation, examination and testing. Assessment of engineering factors contributory to accidents involving personal injury and property damage. Transportation collision reconstruction, equipment failures, consumer product hazards and defects, cause and origin of fires, occupational safety, electrical hazards, construction equipment, building defects, slip and falls, lighting and sound level surveys, and sporting equipment.

1969 to 1991
Truesdail Laboratories, Inc.
Evaluation, analysis and determination of engineering factors contributory to accidents involving personal injury and property damage. Developed recommendations for correction of defective or unsafe conditions. Cases included transportation collision reconstruction and equipment failures, consumer products, occupational safety, electrical hazards, sporting equipment, industrial and construction accidents, buildings and structure failures, medical equipment failures, walks, ramps and stair safety, fires and explosions. (Over 4800 cases investigated).

1962 to 1970
North American Rockwell
Manager-Designed and operated a computerized engineering and scientific data center. Researched and compiled technical information pertaining to design, materials, equipment, test, reliability, safety, construction processes and manufacturing.

1966 to 1968
Fullerton TV and Electronics
Owner, Sales, repair, and servicing of consumer electronics products including television, hi-fi, recorders, and radios.

1961 to 1962
Stromberg Carlson, General Dynamics
Manager, Field Engineering, Design, installation and test of radio, alarm, and telephone networks linked to test, maintenance, and launch of Titan missile equipment. Supervised trade union, construction and engineering personnel during missile base construction and modification.

1957 to 1961
Chalco Engineering
Manager, Field Engineering, Design, installation, and test of missile flight control and instrumentation equipment including mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic equipment. Design, install, and test motors, solenoids, sensors, pumps, timers, engines, air conditioners, compressors, plumbing, wiring, and recording devices. Supervised trade union, construction, and engineering personnel o rigid military specifications during missile base construction and modification.

1954 to 1957
North American Aviation
Test Engineer, Electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic flight control systems or Navaho Guided Missile (first U.S. 1 CM). Prepared and conducted tests to determine equipment precision, life failure modes, and reliability of the inertial navigation system.

Expert has performed over 5,000 investigations in the field of forensic science. With more than 31 years of experience, Expert has qualified and testified as an expert engineering witness in Federal, State Superior and Municipal Courts of California, Utah and Hawaii, In addition, Expert has provided expert testimony in over 350 court appearances and at hundreds of depositions and arbitration hearings. Expert’s clients have included both plaintiffs and defendants.

Investigative Categories


Accident Reconstruction- Speed, Braking Distance, Signal-Sequence, Paint Transfers, Roadway Safety, Pedestrians, Vehicles: Automobiles, Trucks, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Trailers, Recreational Vehicles, Campers, Buses and Trains.
Maritime: Passenger, Cargo & Fishing Ships.
Vehicle Investigation: Steering, Throttle, Mechanical, Wheels, Lights, Battery & Electrical Systems, Engine Failure, Suspension Systems, Brakes, Tires, Window Tint, and Saftety Standards.

Consumer Products

Appliances- Gas, Electric, Kerosene, and Propane, Kitchen Appliances, Electric Blankets, Stoves, Televisions, CD Players, Washers & Dryers, VCRs, Portable Heaters, Furnaces
Household Goods- Beds, Chairs, Ladder, Tables, Toys, Lamps, Tools

Occupational Safety

Codes and Standards: Noise and Sound Level Studies, Lighting Surveys, Gases-Carbon Monoxide, Health Hazards, Machine Safety Guards


Shock Hazards, Electrocution Analysis, Building & Power Line Safety, Insulation, Electrical Fires

Sports Equipment

Skis & Bindings, Firearms Bicycle boats, Playground Equipment Fitness/ Exercise Equipment, Golf Carts Golf Clubs

Construction/ Industrial

Conveyors, Cranes, Drills, Explosive Devices, Mills, Forklifts, Grinders/Wheels, Hammers, Nailguns, Hoists, Hydraulic/Pneumatic Systems, Ladders, Presses, Saws, Wire Rope, Cable Hand Tools, Pressure Vessels


Standards and Codes- concrete Foundations & Slabs, Floors and Ramps, Lumber/Wood, Paint, Steel, Framing


Crutches, Life Support Systems, Surgical Instruments, Walkers, Wheelchairs

Stairs, Walkways & Ramps

Consctruction Codes-Design, Lighting, Slip & Fall Hazards, Waxes and Finishes, Elevators, Stairs and Handrails for Buildings and Transportation Systems


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