Electrical Mechanical Power Plant Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Supply, Power Station, Commissioning, Troubleshooting, Testing, Plant Monitoring, Optimization, Commercial Plant Development, Plant Operation, Power Plant, Nuclear Safety, Insurance Risk Assessment


Expert started his career in mechanical engineering in the Electrical Supply Industry. He spent periods in both Power Station and Headquarters environments and his experience includes commissioning, troubleshooting, testing, plant monitoring, optimization and commercial plant development. Additionally experienced in analysis of plant operation and design with respect to efficiency, nuclear safety and insurance risk assessment.


Thermal Power Plant Testing, Commissioning, Investigation, Troubleshooting, Steam Turbines and Boilers, Plant Monitoring, Optimization and Commercial Plant Development. Analysis of Plant Operation and Design with respect to Efficiency. Senior test supervisor.

Key Skills and Strengths:

  • Analytical ability combined with practical experience
  • Flexible approach to work requirements
  • Ability to work alone or as part of a team
  • Management skills & IT Literate


  • BSc Hons in Mechanical Engineering Rutherford College of Technology Newcastle Combined Cycle Gas Turbines Course – Cranfield University 1995


  • Chartered Mechanical Engineer


  • Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
  • Member of the Institution of Diesel and Gas Turbine Engineers



Associate providing specialist technical consultancy services in the field of Thermal Power Plant, Boilers, Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines and Thermal Plant Performance.

2017 Israel. 140MW CCGT Plant. Attending and witnessing the performance testing of Siemens SGT800 gas turbines and combined cycle power plant. Assisting with the evaluation of the tests.

2016 Providing ongoing technical support to P+EA on performance related assignments including various gas turbines and combined cycle power plants. Preparing technical review of project reports and assessment of plant performance.

2015 Tunisia. 470MW CCGT Plant. Providing technical support and operational performance advisory services for GE 9E gas fired CCGT power plant. Review of instrumentation uncertainties.

2014 United Kingdom. Markinch Scotland 60MW Biomass Cogeneration Plant. Providing performance test and performance advisory services. Carried out analysis of design/ off-design performance. Provided technical support, carried out site inspections, prepared and reviewed test documentation, supervised/ witnessing of preliminary tests, and carried out the official performance acceptance testing of a new biomass fired Cogeneration plant.

2013 Providing ongoing technical support to P+EA on performance related assignments. Preparing technical review of project reports and assessment of plant performance.

2013 Undertaking further technical studies for a GE 6F gas fired cogeneration plant in Thailand with steam export to an adjacent industrial facility. Reviewing re-planting options.
Preparing technical review of modifications to the plant and assign performance. Ongoing.

2012 Undertaking a Technical and Economics Feasibility Study of the Steam Export from an existing GE 6F gas turbine Cogeneration plant in Thailand to a nearby industrial facility enabling the replacing of the existing package boilers. Preparing preliminary engineering for modifying the power station steam system to permit the export of steam. Produced a report advising on the feasibility, technical suitability and economics of the scheme.

2010 Investigation of the design features of three large industrial boilers, investigating a series of design failures and the origin of the design. Prepared report for instructing Solicitors.

2009 Development of a coal palletisation process and investigation of associated combustion for a UK Company.

2008 Undertaking a Technical and Economics Feasibility Study of the Steam Import from a local utility power station to a large Oil Refinery Complex in Southern China replacing the refinery boilers. Investigated feasibility of modifying the power station steam turbines to permit the export of steam. Produced a report advising on the feasibility, technical suitability and economics.

2006 Providing technical support to P+EA on power generation including gas turbines and combined cycle power plants. Carrying out a technical review of project reports and assessment of plant performance.

1997 – date Independent Consultant Mechanical Engineer

Global Experience: Argentina, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bolivia, Bulgaria, China, El Salvador, Holland, Kuwait, Oman, Poland, Russia, USA, Thailand and Yemen

MJC Ltd 2015 – Compilation of Insurance risk survey reports for PF plants in Turkey

Travelers Syndicate Management Ltd 2011 – Risk management survey of three OCGT plants in Kuwait

ACE Europe 2010 – Risk survey of Power Station and its associated Desalination Plant in Bahrain for insurance risk purposes

ACE Europe 2010 – Assessing the management of two conventional power stations in Russia. Purpose was to comment upon the operation/maintenance/safety and management procedures in operation compared to best practice

ACE Europe 2010 – Risk management survey of a Waste to Energy Plant in UK

Travelers Syndicate Management Ltd 2010 – Risk management survey of three OCGT plants in Kuwait

PB Power 2009 – Banks representative for Station performance tests during the final commissioning of a gas fired CCGT plant in Holland. Assessing procedures, witnessing tests and assessing test results with respect to contractual requirements.

ACE Europe 2009 – All risk surveys of three Energy from Waste plants in the UK. Assessment of an operating plant, one undergoing and extension and a third under construction for insurance risk purposes Assessment includes natural hazards, fire risk, operation and maintenance methods/procedures and, loss scenarios. Ongoing

PPA Farnborough 2008 – Review of a report on loss of electricity supplies for the South African Electricity Regulator. Recommending further work and analysis to determine cause of loss of supplies.

ACE Europe 2008 – All risk survey of Power Station and its associated Desalination Plant in Bahrain for insurance risk purposes, including plant still under construction. Report on progress regarding current operational status and improvement recommendations since previous visits

ACE Europe 2007/08 – Progress report on the construction of a Desalination Plant in Bahrain, with regard to possible insurance claims for delays in start up.

PB Power 2007/08 – Banks representative for boiler and gas turbine reliability and performance tests during the commissioning of a Biomass plant in the UK. Assessing procedures, witnessing tests and assessing test results with respect to contractual requirements. Ongoing

PB Power 2007 – Owners representative during a Unit Thermal Performance Tests following refurbishment, at a coal fired power plant in Bulgaria. Assessing procedures, witnessing tests and assessing test results with regard to contract.

ACE Europe 2006 – All risk survey of two gas turbine power stations (CCGT and OCGT) in Oman for insurance risk purposes.

British Energy 2006/07 – Production of a report reviewing ten years of operation at a nuclear station, as part of a periodic safety review for the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate

ACE Europe 2006 – All risk survey of Power Station and its associated Desalination Plant in Bahrain for insurance risk purposes, including plant still under construction.

ACE Europe 2006 – Examine the circumstances around a series of boiler tube failures at three stations in Ireland and consider the risk from an insurance perspective

British Energy 2006/07 – To investigate the causes of a boiler tube failure and propose changes in operation to reduce the risk of further failures at two nuclear stations

ACE Europe 2005 – Review of proposed safety case for the return to power following a tube rupture in the economiser of an oil fired boiler.

ACE Europe 2005 – Review of progress in implementing recommended changes to management procedures for a power company in Ireland

PPA Farnborough 2005/06 – Production of a tender document for the rehabilitation of a thermal power station in Iraq. Production of documents for the World Bank

ACE Europe 2004 – Review of Power Station Management procedures in particular Operating, Maintenance and QA systems for a group of Stations in Ireland

ACE Europe 2004 – Review of HQ Management Procedures, for Power Company in Ireland

PPA Ltd Farnborough 2004 – Due diligence survey of a CHP plant in UK and assessment of ability to supply energy to a new customer requiring high reliability of supply

ACE Europe 2004 – Insurance Risk survey El Salvador. Four Hydro and two Geothermal plants

PWS 2004 – Insurance Risk survey of a refurbished fluidised bed coal plant in Poland

Liberty, XL, and Millennium 2003 – All Risks Surveys for insurance purposes of Oil/Coal/Gas fired thermal power plants in USA, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentine, and Poland

XL 2003 – Insurance Risk Survey of Water Treatment, Sewage Treatment and Hydro plants in UK

British Energy Gloucester 2003 – Survey of plant damage due to erosion/corrosion in Feed and Condensate systems at two Nuclear sites

PPA Ltd Farnborough 2002 – Assessment of the remaining life and feasibility of converting an Oil Fired power station in Yemen to Gas firing. This included assessment of costs and changes to efficiency from proposed plant modifications. Following a site visit production of a report for the World Bank

ACE Europe 2001/02 – All Risks Insurance Surveys including Business Interruption risks of various CCGT and CHP Plants in England

TUV Energy Services 2001 – Assistance with gas turbine CCGT performance tests in Belgium and UK

AON Risk Services 2001 – All Risks Surveys UK. Four small CHP Plants (Insurance purposes)

British Energy Gloucester 2000/01 – Production of Functional Specification for a steam supply system including control and instrumentation requirements; production of Test Procedures for system commissioning

ENRON Power Operations Teesside 2000 – Review of proposed method of realigning power purchase agreements with new electricity trading arrangements

British Energy Gloucester 1999 – Project plan and cost benefit analysis for boiler output improvements

ENRON Power Operations Teesside 1999 – Production of Operational Contingency Plan for Millennium date change problem. Included assessment of probability of plant systems failing and risk to the overall operation

British Energy Gloucester 1999 – Feasibility study for a proposed method of improving boiler output. Included assessment of the Engineering and Operational problems and the risk to plant safety

PPA Ltd Farnborough 1998 – Assessment of the remaining life and value of an Oil Fired power station in Northern Ireland

Electrowatt Engineering Horsham 1998 – Assessment of work required for a gas turbine Repowering Project in Scotland

British Energy Hartlepool 1998 – Assessment of a Safety Review of boiler plant before its submission to the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate

Nuclear Electric Ltd/British Energy Hartlepool

1995-1997 Senior Engineer Performance and Safety

  • Investigated and analysed plant faults and failures, recommended changes to plant systems.
  • Produced Safety Case documentation to justify changes to procedures and changes to the plant.
  • Initiated and developed a Component Life Risk Assessment approach to boiler operation. This produced a regular assessment of life usage allowing for actual boiler operation.
  • Developed On-Line plant monitoring methods including the use of mathematical models for plant optimization.
    Member of the Station Emergency Team, responsible for technical advice in nuclear accident situations.
    Monitored, analysed and optimized the performance of replanted turbine cylinders. Results presented at an International conference.

1993 -1995 Acting Plant Performance Engineer

  • Successfully managed a section of up to 7 Engineers. Responsible for the performance of Gas Circulators, Boilers, Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Condensers, Pumps, Cooling systems and Auxiliary plant.
  • Identified and implemented a package of work, which increased output limit by 5%. This included an assessment of the risk to plant safety. Planned and conducted 5-day test to show acceptable operation.
  • Discussed methods of improving plant efficiency with various manufacturers, made recommendations assessed tenders and obtained budgets.
  • Progressed the various modifications including their Safety clearance. Involved retrofit of turbine cylinders. Achieved an improvement in output of 6%.
  • Planned and implemented various budgets for routine operations and plant modifications.
  • Advised on plant operating methods in line with the current safety legislation as defined in the Site Operating Licence in order to optimize Station output. Authorized and developed Station Operating Instructions for all aspects of plant operation.

CEGB/ Nuclear Electric – Hartlepool PS /London /Gloucester

1973 – 1993 Assistant Plant Performance Engineer

  • Responsible as Station Representative for the technical aspects, during plant commissioning of the boiler, steam and gas turbines, condensate and feed systems and associated control systems.
  • Agreed test procedures with contractors and reviewed results of tests.
  • Responsible for the day-to-day provision of technical advice to assist optimization of output.
  • Seconded to CEGB Headquarters London and Gloucester.
  • Developed computer models for Nuclear Stations, analysed the designs to determine plant characteristics. Carried out theoretical investigations into potential future problems.

1971– 1973 Plant Test Engineer – North East Region

  • Plant investigations and routine testing, heat rates, cylinder efficiencies, condenser performance on 350,275,120 and 60 MW Coal fired power stations.

1970– 1971 Control Engineer – Sunderland PS

  • Operation of station control room, duties included station start up and shutdown loading and electrical switching. Completed a 5 year CEGB student apprentice.

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