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Electrical Safety Expert Witness

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Performing Warranty Work and Start-up Service, Testing Calibration Correction Adjustment and Part Component Replacement. Low and Medium Voltage Electrical Systems, Constructing and Testing Circuits and Equipment Utilizing Various Tools and Machines, Computers, Circuit Diagrams and Test Instruments/Equipment, Project Management, Development Implementation of Training Courseware, Customers, Representatives; Developing and Maintaining Ongoing Customer Relationships, Risk Management Incident Investigation

Expert No. 3696

Expert 3696 has trained and spoken to hundreds of organizations across the country. He is a nationally recognized authority on electrical safety. Over 30 years experience in the electrical industry. 15 years as an instructor, author, consultant, motivational speaker and curriculum developer. Member National Association of Safety Professionals. Representative National Safety Committee for a fortune 500 company. Instructor and program developer Joliet Junior College, Prairie State College, Lakeland College, Indiana and the Illinois Safety Councils. An Illinois Licensed Electrical Contractor. 8 plus years authorized by the United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration to conduct 10 and 30 hour CFR 1910 general industry outreach safety training.

Customer testimonials

AM General Mishawaka, Indiana
I wanted to let you know the 8-hour NFPA 70E classes Expert 3696 held here at the AM General H2 plant went extremely well. Your help with the planning and scheduling and Expert 3696 flexibility with training two shifts helped get all of our maintenance personnel through the program. We have talked with both hourly and salary maintenance personnel that attended the classes and they have all responded the same way. Expert 3696 keeps the class interesting, from the classroom instruction to the hands-on training in our main sub-station. Expert 3696 instruction has brought everyone’s awareness level way up. Everyone mentioned that Expert 3696 skills as an instructor are backed up by his in-depth field experience. Thank you and Expert 3696 for a job well done. We look forward to using your services again.

Argonne National Laboratory Argonne, Illinois
I want to take a moment to pass on some comments made about Expert 3696 after he did training at Argonne Labs last week. Ted, one of the key players on the project from Walsh Construction said” What a terrific job he did, the most professional and informative I have ever seen”, Glen Kalis, Argonne Labs Building foreman for the entire APS area, ” He is the best, I have been around Siemens services and there is no comparison” I have been asked to send these comments on. Thanks Expert 3696.

Lucent Technology Naperville, Illinois
I attended the training this morning. Expert 3696 did an excellent job. Kudu’s to him. My only disappointment was that more Lucent people did not attend. I hope there were more people in the afternoon. Overall, the training program was the best I have ever seen done. Thank you for your part in coordinating this effort.
Frank [Golden, Frank Lee (Frank)]

Environmental Protection Agency New York City, New York GREAT JOB – THANKS I need some additional information. Do you have an attendee list? Please forward to my attention.
Can you provide a last name for a person by the name of Shaw or Shawn? He is the electrical supervisor and attended, particularly the second day. He stated that the safety information was great but that he needed some actual equipment “how to and you were able to adjust to provide this content during the second day. – Good job.

Texas Instruments Attleboro, Massachusetts Bob, The high voltage training went very well last week at TI. Expert 3696 (the trainer) did a super job and Dave Galego was very impressed. They learned a lot!! Thanks for your help in setting this up.

CNA Insurance
Expert 3696 thanks-your electrical safety training presentation on Monday was extremely well received by the level 2 Thermographers from CNA.They are still talking about it three days later. Your effort is very much appreciated

Regards TAG Organizations Trained Include:

  • United States Department of Energy
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Las Vegas School System
  • United Automobile Workers(UAW)
  • United States Postal Service
  • Illinois Department of Transportation
  • Texas Instruments
  • United Parcel Service
  • Under Writers Laboratory
  • AM General
  • Ford Motor Company
  • International Steel Group
  • United States Steel
  • Baxter Health Care
  • Illinois Institute of Technology
  • University of Illinois
  • Chicago Public Schools
  • CNA Insurance
  • United States Army
  • Prairie State College
  • Joliet Junior College
  • Square D Company Field Service
  • Square D Company Manufacturing Facilities, Northern Illinois University, Lucent Technologies, Holcim Chicago, UAW Skilled Trades Conference, Illinois Safety Council, Indiana Safety Council, Bell & Gossett and Indiana Harbor Coke.

Imagine instantly adjusting the safety attitude of your employees.
Expert 3696 electrical safety presentation was without a doubt the most impressive I have ever seen. His experience and perspective on electrical safety combined with his unique presentation style captivated our employees and held their attention for two hours. All in attendance left with new electrical safety knowledge that could be applied to their work immediately. Expert 3696 came to our facility reviewed our drawings and observed our employees. As a result the training was specific to our site, equipment and the task our employees are expected to perform. Valuable, Humorous, entertaining and very motivating. Chock full of hints and wisdom that gave employees a new perspective on electrical safety. I have attended many seminars and this was the best I have ever experienced. I gained more practical, applicable knowledge from this program than through any other educational experience. I highly recommend this training.

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