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Professor of Medicine and Oncology
Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

Director, Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network
Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR)
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Director, Johns Hopkins Center for the Reduction of Cancer Disparities
The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health 

Director, Johns Hopkins- SunYet Sen (China) Collaboration in Clinical Research
Johns Hopkins International

1973    BS    Cornell University; Ithaca, NY    Nutrition Sciences
1978    MD    Albany Medical College; Albany, NY    Medicine
1978-1981    Residency      Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Montefiore Hospital; Bronx, NY    Internal Medicine
1981 1982    Chief Resident    Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Montefiore Hospital; Bronx, NY    Internal Medicine
1982 1985    Fellowship    The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Baltimore, MD    Endo¬crinology
1990    MHS    The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health; Baltimore, MD    Cardiovascular Epidemiology

1985-1987    Instructor, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism; Department of Medicine; The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Baltimore, MD
1987-1993    Assistant Professor of Medicine; The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Baltimore, MD
1993-2000    Associate Professor of Medicine; The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Baltimore, MD
1997-2002    Deputy Director for Clinical Research; Department of Medicine; The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
2000-2007    Principal Investigator; Johns Hopkins Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Cancer
2000-present    Professor of Medicine and Oncology; Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Baltimore, MD
2000-2015    Vice Chair for Faculty Development; Department of Medicine; The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
2012-present    Director; Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network; Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR); The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
2012-present    Director, Johns Hopkins Center for the Reduction of Cancer Disparities; The Johns Hopkins Cancer Center 
2013-present    Director, Johns Hopkins- SunYet Sen (China) Collaboration in Clinical Research, Johns Hopkins International

Medical Licenses:
New York

Medical Boards:    1978  National Board of Medical Examiners      
1982  American Board of Internal Medicine
1987  American Board of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Service Responsibilities
1985 – present    Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism    Endocrine Attending Consultant    
1985 – present    Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism    Clinic Attending Physician    
1987 – 1995    Diabetes Center    Attending Physician    Week-Long Sessions, 
1987 – present    Barker Firm    Attending Physician, Medicine    

Institutional Administrative Appointments
1986-1996    Pathophysiology Endocrine and Metabolism Section     
1988-present    Internship Selection Committee    Member
1990    The Johns Hopkins University Lipid Symposium     
1990-1996    Medical Student Endocrine Rotation     
1991-1994    Nutrition Curriculum Committee    
1991-2000    Housestaff Research Committee     
1992-1995    Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinical Studies Unit     
1993-1995    Johns Hopkins Clinical Practice Advisory Committee     
1994-present    Task Force on Women's Academic Careers in Medicine     
1995    Division of Endocrinology, Clinical Practice    
1997    SOM Dean's Task Force on Clinical Research     
1998    Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Outcomes Research Oversight Committee    
1998-present    Clinical Trials Unit Johns Hopkins Medicine     
1998-2001    SOM Johns Hopkins Medicine Scientific Advisory Council     
1999-2000    Clinical Practice Associates – Strategic Planning    
1999-2000    Johns Hopkins Leadership Development Group    
1999-2000    SOM Search Committee – Bayview Department of Medicine Chair    
2000-2001    SOM Psychiatry Chair Search Committee    
2000-2002    DOM Research Retreat    
2000-present    DOM Research Retreat    
2000-2005    Research Advisory Committee, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine    
2001-2003    Complementary and Alternative Medicine Medical Student Selective    
2001-present    Professorial Promotions Sub-Committees    
2002    Department of Radiation/Oncology Search Committee    
2002    Pediatric Pulmonary Training Grant Executive Committee    
2002    SOM Search Committee – Dir. Allergy and Clinical Immunology    
2003    Division of Internal Medicine Chief Search Committee    
2004    Division of Infection Diseases    
2007    National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia    
2007-2009    Committee on the Value of Education for the SOM    
2007-2011    School of Medicine Prize Committee    
2008-2009    Advisory Committee to Improve Grant Administration within the SAP System    
2008-2009    Department of Medicine Medicine Grand Rounds Planning Committee    
2011-present    Director, Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network    
2012-2014    School of Medicine Task Force on Diabetes    
2014        SOM – Chair Department of Surgery Search Committee        
2010-present      Johns Hopkins-SYSU (China) Collaboration            

Editorial Activities
Journal Peer Review Activities
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
American Journal of Medicine
Archives of Internal Medicine
Diabetes Care
Journal Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
New England Journal of Medicine
The Dementia and Cognitive Improvement Group (reviewer for Cochrane Reports)

Editorial Boards
2002    Alternative and Complementary Medicine Journal
2002    Treatments in Endocrinology
2004    International Journal of Impotence Research
2005    Current Drug Therapy
2005    Journal Society of Integrative Oncology
2007    Clinical and Translational Science        
2008    International Journal of Endocrinology
2009    Biology of Sex Differences
2009    Honorary Editorial Board: Patient Related Outcome Measures    

Consumer Review Activities
2006    The Johns Hopkins Women’s Health Guide

International Administrative
2007-present    International Registry for Hypogonadal Men    

National Administrative Appointments
1995-1999    Cornell University Board of Directors Alumni Board     
1998-1999    AAMC Clinical Research Summit National Committee     
1999-2003    Academic Health Centers Clinical Research Forum
2000    AAMC Clinical Trials Conference– Organizer and speaker    
2000    The Endocrine Society Andropause Taskforce    
2000-2001    Awards Committee American Andrology
2000-2003    Institute of Medicine – Clinical Research Roundtable    
2001    Andrology Society of America – Abstract Committee    
2001    Andrology Society of America – Nominating Committee    
2001    The Endocrine Society Task Force on Clinical Research    
2001-2003    AAMC –Pharma Clinical Trial Forum and Educational 
2001-2004    Andrology Society of America – Council        
2001-2004    The Endocrine Society Development Committee    
2002    Stranahan Center for CAM, Montana        
2002-2003    Scientific Advisory Board, Comprehensive Cancer Care Conference    
2002-present    The Endocrine Society – Abstract committee    
2002-2004    The Endocrine Society Trials Org. Planning Committee    
2004    FDA Advisory Committee –FDA Review on Intrinsia (Female T Patch)    
2004    Special Emphasis Panel – Black Cohash NCCAM – NIH    
2004-2007    Endocrine Society International Planning Committee    
2004-2007    Endocrine Society National Education and Programming Committee    
2005    NIH-Student Clinical Investigator Student Forum Nov 4    
2005    Endocrine Society – Educational Planning Committee    
2005    Endocrine Society – International Committee    
2006    Society of Integrative Oncology Board of Directors    
2007    Maryland State Department of Education – Anabolic Steroids    
2008    Sixth World Congress on the Aging Male, Tampa, Florida Feb 21-24    
2011    Hypogonadism Advisory Committee, Foundation for Men’s Health    
2014    FDA Advisory Committee – Testosterone Regulations    
2014-2016     American Society Andrology Program Committee    

Professional Societies
1976    American Federation for Clinical Research
1982    American Diabetes Association
1985    AHA Epidemiology Council
1985    American Heart Association
1987    American College of Nutrition
1987    Endocrine Society
1991    American College of Physicians
1994    American Andrology Society
2002    Association of Clinical Research Professionals

1990    American Federation for Clinical Research    
1996-1999    Johns Hopkins Annual Men’s Health Symposium    
1997    Endocrine Society National Meeting        
1997-2000    Johns Hopkins Annual Clinical Research Symposium    
1999    Johns Hopkins GCP Symposium        
2000    Endocrine Society National Meeting        
2000    Endocrine Society National Meeting        
2001    Endocrine Society National Meeting        
2001    Singapore International Conference on CAM    
2002    American Society of Andrology Postgrad Course    
2003    AAMC Workshop on Academic and Industry Trials    
2006    Endocrine Society – Andropause Symposium    
2007    Endocrine Society National Meeting        
2009    Endocrine Society National Meeting        
2010    Endocrine Society National Meeting        

Study Section and Advisory Committee Appointments
1992    NIA – Trophic Factors in the Treatment of Frailty in the Elderly      
1993    NIH-NIDDK Study Section: Vanadium Salts for Diabetes Mellitus    
1994-1995    NIH – DRG – Epidemiology and Disease    
1995-1999    NHLBI Cardiovascular Health Study    
1996-1997    NHLBI Women Angiography Vitamin and Estrogen Study    
1999    NIDA – Metabolic Disorders in the Pathogenesis of Nervous System Damage in HIV-Infected Drug Abusers    
1999    NIDA Metabolic, Endocrine and GI Abnormalities in HIV    
1999-2003    National Center for Research Resources – IRG GCRC    
2001    NIDA – Metabolic Disorders in Drug Users    
2004    NCRR – Ad Hoc Site Visitor    
2005    NCCAM Special Emphasis Review Panel Oct 21-22    
2007    SCOR – Women’s Health Ad Hoc Reviewer    
2008-12    NCI R13 Conference Grant Special Emphasis Panel Review    
2009    NHLBI Inflammation – Special Emphasis Panel Review    
2012    NIH Office of Disease Prevention Symposium on Polycyistic        
        Ovarian Syndrome
2015    NIH R13 Review Committee                    

Awards and Honors
1975    Research Fellowship; Albany Medical College Summer
1975 1978    Scholarship Leopold Schepp Foundation
1976    Special Fellowship Program for Medical Students, Diabetes Center; Vanderbilt University
1977    Clinical Electives for Medical Students; Endocrinology & Metabolism; National Institutes of Health
1982    Davidoff Award for Clinical Teaching; Montefiore Medical Center
1984    Paul Ehrlich Young Investigator Award, Certificate of Merit; Johns Hopkins University School Medicine
1984-1985    Carnegie Mellon Fellow; Johns Hopkins University School Medicine
1985 1986    The Robert Glassner Foundation for Diabetes Research
1986 1987    The Stetler Foundation Research Award for Women Physicians
1999-2003    Cornell University – President’s Council of Cornell Women
2009    David M. Levine Excellence in Mentoring Award; Johns Hopkins University School Medicine

Selected CME and Invited Lectures
1995    HIV and Endocrine Disorders; Georgetown University Endocrine Grand Rounds; Washington, DC
1998    Androgen Replacement Therapy; University of Illinois Grand Rounds; Chicago, IL    
1998    Gonadal and Adrenal Disorders; JH USMLE Board Review; Baltimore, MD
1995    HIV and Endocrine Disorders; Sinai Hospital; Baltimore, MD
1995    HIV and Endocrine Disorders; Southwest Medical Center; Dallas, TX
1995    Hypogonadism; Brooklyn Hospital; Brooklyn, NY
1995    Male Menopause; JHH Topics in Clinical Medicine; Baltimore, MD
1995    Testosterone in Middle Aged Men; Encino-Tarzana Medical Center; UCLA; Los Angeles, CA
1996    HIV and Endocrine Disorders; HIV/AIDS Forum; Baltimore, MD
1996    Hypogonadism; Baystate Medical Center; Boston, MA
1998    Testosterone Therapy in Chronic Disease; JHU Men's Health Symposium; Baltimore, MD
1999    Endocrine Disorders and HIV; JHH Clinical Care of HIV; Baltimore, MD
1999    Estrogens and Lipids; Foundation for Medical Studies in Women
1999    Gonadal and adrenal Disorders; JH USMLE Board Review; Baltimore, MD
2000    Androgens and Men; Society for Basic Urologic Research; World Congress in Urologic Research
2000    Hormone Replacement in Women; JH Endocrine Review; Baltimore, MD
2001    CAM Center Directors Meeting; Hopkins and CAM; Baltimore, MD
2001    Complementary and Alternative Medicine; Course Director; 3 Day Course; Singapore
2001    New Options for Testosterone; French Andrology Society
2001    Opportunities for Drug Recovery in Women’s Health; Drug Information Association
2001    Testosterone Replacement Therapy; Topics in Internal Medicine, JHU; Baltimore, MD
2001    The Role of Androgens; American College of Physicians
2001    Trends in CAM; Taiwan Medical Center; Taiwan
2003    Cancer Integrative Medicine/NCI; Chicago, IL
2003    China/UCI Conference on Complementary and Alternative Medicine; Newport Beach, CA
2004    Testosterone Therapy:  Expanding Options for the Treatment of Hypogonadism; The Endocrine Society National Meeting
2005    Male Androgen: Age and Impact; The Endocrine Society National Meeting 
2008    Hypogonadism and Chronic Illness; The Endocrine Society National Meeting 
2008    Testosterone and Mortality: An Expert Interview With Adrian S. Dobs, MD MHS.  CME Activity; Released: 01/30/2008; Valid for credit through 01/30/2009.  http://cme.medscape.com/viewprogram/8661
2009    Johns Hopkins Endocrine Conference; Beijing, China
2010    The Gonadal Axis in DMD: Diagnosis and Treatment Options.  Presented at the 2nd Endocrine Aspects of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Conference; December 1-2, 2010; Baltimore, MD.
2012    NIDA Symposium on Metabolic Effects of Drug Use, Denver, CO 2012

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Peer-Reviewed Scientific Articles
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Educational Publications
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