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Expert Witness No.1837



Expert 1837’s consulting business centers around product liability and failure investigation.  He also works in the area of power system analysis and power equipment product design.  He works with clients to aid them in selecting and sizing power equipment to fit their power system and process needs.

Background Summary

Expert 1837 is currently employed by a company who builds a wide range of passive electronic components.  He is Manager of Engineering and Quality Assurance.  In this position he is responsible for product design for magnetic devices and electronic components including transformers, inductors, chokes, resistors and microwave cables. His quality responsibilities include assuring product quality, document control, ISO Quality System maintenance and environmental compliance.

Expert 1837 was employed by Concurrent Technologies Corp. and was the Project engineer working on a Doe Nrel project titled “Distributed Energy System Certification, Testing and Validation” to evaluate alternate distributed energy systems.  Ultimately the program will develop a set of recommendations for Distributed Generation of Electricity and harmonize the industry standards so they satisfy the needs of the Manufacturer, the utilities and the user community.

Previously he was a Senior Disassembly Engineer for the Deer2 (Demanufacturing of Electronic Equipment for Reuse and Recycling) task.  He was responsible for developing disassembly technologies and processes to improve the productivity and yield from the electronic equipment material recovery effort.  As a fully empowered member of the Deer2 Team, he participated in the evaluation of all Deer2 processes and contributed technical support to the other processes being developed.  He also investigated alternative methods and equipment that may enhance the overall recycling and recovery effort.

Expert 1837 has played a key role in the development of linear power supply technology and equipment.  He has worked on the development and design of components that have improved the efficiency, control, and power quality of major process and electrical supply systems.

Expert 1837 has played a key role in the development of linear power supply technology and equipment.  He has worked on the development and design of components that have improved the efficiency, control, and power quality of major process and electrical supply systems.

Expert 1837 was formerly a development engineer in the Westinghouse Distribution transformer business.  He worked on the development of new components for transformers, design optimization, and materials improvement.  In 1970 he designed the first all-aluminum oil filled distribution transformer.  The product line redesign incorporating aluminum conductors reduced the direct product cost by 10%.  As a design engineer he received three U.S. patents for novel devices used for the protection of transformers.  Expert 1837 was a key contributor in the development of the amorphous core distribution transformer.  The design reduced the no-load losses of a transformer by 50% over conventional magnetic materials.  In addition, he worked on the development and design of cast coil dry-type high voltage transformers, surge arresters, circuit breakers, switches, and metal enclosures of all types.  Expert 1837 was instrumental in developing the loss evaluation techniques used today in evaluating transformer efficiency and optimizing designs for the lowest total life cycle cost based on manufacturing cost and utility operating cost, including salvage cost.

Expert 1837 has been in engineering management for 20 years.  He has served at all levels, from a section manager to an elected corporate vice president.  In these management positions, he managed product development, product design, reliability, quality assurance, MIS, customer order design, and the entire engineering function for three corporations.

As Manager of Reliability and Advanced Development for Westinghouse, he was responsible for following market trends in product design and technology.  He was manager and chief investigator for the DOE project titled Optimization of Distribution Transformer Loss Efficiencies.  This DOE project established the basis for the industry to develop distribution transformer loss evaluation criteria and formulas.  He directed the division’s Design Assurance Program.  He settled the division’s 100 million dollar’s worth of product liability suits (toxic spill, property damage, injury, wrongful death, etc.) at minimum cost to the company.  He was the environmental compliance officer for the division.  He analyzed systems application problems and recommended to customers how to apply the products.

As Manager of Commercial Design for Westinghouse, Expert 1837 managed the Design Engineering Section.  This section designed transformers in conformance to unique customer requirements and set up the standard product lines to respond to general market needs.  He piloted the division through the transition from a standard-loss product line to a loss-optimized product responding to customer unique transformer energy-loss evaluation formulas.  He supervised the development of design optimization programs and the design development of the amorphous core distribution transformer.  He managed the transition from board drafting to CAD.

As Engineering Manager for Westinghouse and ABB’s Instrument Transformer Division, he managed the Design Engineering Department and was responsible for all aspects of product design, including new designs, product application, design assurance, cost control, and keeping track of new technologies that affect the product.  The department was also responsible for design and maintenance of the electrical test floor.  Expert 1837 also managed the MIS Department and was responsible for all computer operations in the plant.  He managed the transition from MAPICS II on an IBM system 36 to MAPICS DB on an IBM AS400.  He introduced a new order entry system, including a premanufacturing order management database.  He directed the transition from board drafting to CAD.  The Quality Assurance Department, which was responsible for total quality, reported to Expert 1837, and he led the introduction effort of a new Quality System conforming to ISO 9000.  The division’s quality program also conformed to MIL-I-45208.

At WPI Power Systems, Expert 1837 was Director of Engineering and managed product design, development, and test.  The division manufactures dry-type transformers, SCR controlled power supplies, chokes, inductors, line filters, and other specialty magnetic devices for high-energy applications.  He led the company design group through a sales growth from $7,000,000 to $15,000,000 and an order growth of 30% per year without adding engineering staff.  He expanded the product line to include higher kVA (up to 2500 kVA) and higher voltage products.  He managed the transition from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95 and NT workstations moving from AutoCAD 12 to 13.

Expert 1837 was Vice President of Engineering for Circa Enterprises.  He managed product design, application, and development.  The company manufactures telecommunications building entrance protection, support equipment for T1 and HDSL repeaters, and surge protection equipment for power and communications systems.  He had complete engineering responsibility for two plant locations: Hudson, FL, and Calgary, Alberta.  In this position he was responsible for developing products manufactured in all of Circa’s plants as well as custom designs manufactured in Asia and Mexico.  He introduced two new product lines with a sales value of $7,500,000.  He received a US patent for a new design surge protection module.


BS in EE, University of Kentucky

Westinghouse Design School (postgraduate work in product design)

Candidate for MS in EE, Youngstown State University

MBA, University of Georgia

Professional Skills

Auto CAD
Breaker application
Design assurance
Design for assembly
Design for manufacture
Electrical insulation coordination
Electrical product design
Electrical system design and analysis (symmetrical components)
Electromechanical product design
Fault analysis
Financial analysis
Fuse design and application
Industrial process control
Instrument transformer design and application
ISO 9000
National Electric Code
National Electric Safety Code
Power rectifier design and control
Power supply design and application
Problem solving
Product liability
Quality systems
Software design
Surge protection
Switch design and application
System protection
Telecommunications protection
Three-phase system analysis
Transformer design and application
Value engineering


Present, Senior Member IEEE

President of Synagogue

Chairman University of Georgia Graduate Business Alumni Board

President Chapter

State Vice President B’nai Brith

Chairman NEMA Instrument Transformer Technical Committee

Chairman NE Eastern North Carolina IEEE Subsection

Vice President of Synagogue

Member BiCSi

Member American Management Association

Member Florida Society of Professional Engineers


Registered Professional Engineer in Florida

Employment History & Experience

May 2004- Present
Manager of Engineering and Quality Assurance, ET Industries, Largo, FL

October 1999-May 2004
Senior Electrical Engineer, Concurrent Technologies Corporation, Largo, FL

March 1998-August 1999
Vice President of Engineering, Circa Enterprises, Inc., Hudson, FL

September 1997-December 1997
Engineering Manager, ITI, Clearwater, FL

March 1995-August 1997
Director of Engineering, WPI Group Power Systems, Inc., Warner, NH

October 1988-January 1995
Manager of Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Systems, ABB Power T&D Company, Inc., successor to Westinghouse, Pinetops, NC

July 1981-October 1988
Manager of Commercial Design, Westinghouse Electric Corp., Athens, GA

April 1978-July 1980
Manager of Reliability and Advanced Development, Westinghouse Electric Corp., Athens, GA

June 1969-April 1978
Senior Design Engineer, Westinghouse Electric Corp., Athens, GA

June 1966-April 1969
Design Engineer, Westinghouse Electric Corp., Sharon, PA


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