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Expert has served in Sales, Business Development, Management and Operational Leadership roles for the past 34 years for premier companies including Cooper Energy Services – Rolls Royce, GE Power Systems, Pratt & Whitney and Wood Group, while excelling in the following geographical areas; Latin America, United States, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Working in the energy, gas & oil industries with continued success in achieving and surpassing business and operational goals.

Bringing team leadership, strategic planning and business development skills from various past experiences to meet and exceed expectations while being able to analyze core operational and business functions to implement the most appropriate solutions that drive continual business growth.


  • Over 150 Gas Turbines Sold
  • Over 35 EPC Projects Completed
  • Oversaw Project Implementation with Pratt and Whitney on the Mobile Unit MP-25


  • International Market Sales
  • Business Development
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Consistent Sale Growth
  • Able to Communicate in four languages


Saint Martin’s University Lacey, WA
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering & Transportation Engineering 1982


Castleman Power, Houston, TX, Director of Major Equipment 6/2018-6/1/2020

(Under contract for Tierra Nuestra Energy)
Major Equipment & Contracts buyer supports power generation plants within Castleman Power Company area of operations; supports thermo-electric plants throughout the Company system; negotiates commercial terms and conditions for a variety of procurement opportunities.
Acts in the lead role to negotiate and to manage contracts and plays a critical role of interface between the project execution team and contractor.
Responsible for locating competent suppliers and manages the request for proposal process.
Performs analysis of supplier bids and ensures that proposals adhere to technical requirements of the end-users

Cardozo Engineering, Inc. Coral Gable, FL, President-3/2017-Present
(Under contract for Tierra Nuestra Energy)
Experienced President with a demonstrated history of successfully working in the power & industrial engineering and construction industry. Strong business development and operations professional skilled in EPC, Repowering’s, Gas Turbines, and Renewables.

Tierra Nuestra Energy, LLC. Orlando, FL, President-11/1/2018-Present
Strong track record of performance in hitting and beating quota; experience in fast- paced tech to turn around underperforming areas; incredible sense of urgency and bias to action.
Building relationships and trust with prospects and consultants to build strong business partnerships. Utilize questioning techniques and great listening skills to fully understand the customer’s needs, concerns, desires and long-term plans.
Developing proposals that are well written, easy to understand and fully address the customer’s complex energy requirements. This requires “big picture” ideas and visionary thinking.
Obtaining signed contracts (Closing the deal) by leveraging good communication and presentation skills and making sure all concerns from the deal influencers have been addressed along with sufficient negotiations with the decision makers.
International Turbine Service Hitchcock, TX, Vice President of International Sales
(Under contract for Tierra Nuestra Energy)
Responsible for achieving business objectives for assigned territory including sales strategy development.
Oversaw development and execution of strategic account plans to ensure achievement of assigned business goals and budgets
Develop and cultivate long-term relationships with key decision makers within the client’s Organization

PPS Group Kansas City, MO, Managing Partner and Vice President of Global Sales 8/2014-10/2016
(Under contract for Tierra Nuestra Energy)
Identified, pursued and closed key deals for Power Generation and Oil and Gas projects in international markets
Managed the sales and business development process pipeline for all business for the PPS group to exceed all sales targets
Ensured proper interdepartmental liaison to assure smooth transitions for project proposals, legal, financial and tax purposes

Interrao Export, Kawasaki, Megawatt and Power Team Dubai-Houston, TX Private Consultant 7/2012-7/2014
(Under contract for Tierra Nuestra Energy)
Assisted Interrao Export, Moscow on the sale of 13 GE LM2500+ and their EPC
Supported Kawasaki with developing their Latin America market
Assisted Megawatt on the sale of 40 MPS and their EPC in Yemen
Supported Power Team with developing their Latin America market.

ProEnergy Services Sedalia, MO, Vice-President of International Sales 4/2008-6/2012
Reported directly to the President and CEO as well as working closely with senior management to establish the necessary strategy, goals and actions to achieve aggressive growth targets
Responsible for all sales within the company including account management, business development, brand development, public relations and market analysis
Designed the sales infrastructure to enable rapid scale while still providing exceptional care for clients
Hired top talent and employed proven sales practices to clear sales metrics and benchmarks to exceed $1 billion in sales

Wood Group Power Solutions Tulsa, OK, Vice-President of International Sales 9/2004-4/2008
Responsible for the sale of equipment, EPC, supervision, planning, construction of projects
Exceeded sales of over $600 million across various countries including USA, Australia, Colombia, Venezuela, Italy and Spain
Grew business to be the most successful group within the company

Pratt & Whitney Power Systems Hartford, CT, Regional Director for Latin America, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, Spain, Italy and Portugal
Responsible for the introduction of the most successful product in P&W history, the “Mobile Pac Unit”
Oversaw the sale of equipment in Latin America and Europe
Proposed new market strategies to grow the power generation business by selling whole power generation product lines
Trained successful sales representatives in corporate processes and corporate business plans
Traveled extensively with clients to ensure total quality assurance as well as overseeing project Implementation.

GE Power Systems Houston, TX, Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean 7/1994-2/2000
Oversaw business activities in Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean including business development, strategic planning, and negotiations
Managed teams to buy, build and operate power and compression facilities, prepare written proposals and negotiate with government and private industry clients
Sold over 40 LMs.

Rolls Royce (Former Cooper Energy Services) Mount Vernon, OH, Regional Sales Director for Latin America and the Caribbean 2/1983-7/1994

Responsible for all sales of Cooper Bessemer, Superior, Ajax, Cooper Rolls & Enterprises including parts, services, new equipment and personnel in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and the Caribbean totaling 70 employees
Parts Sales Manager for Latin America
Accountable for all parts and management of branches in Latin America
Implemented marketing strategies within a highly competitive market to gain bigger market shares
Recruited, trained and supervised 36 sales representatives
Area Manager
Responsible for the selection, pricing and marketing of equipment for complete project quotation for prospective clients in the oil and gas process industry throughout Latin America
Sales Representative
Accountable for field sales activities and presentation of product up-grades with quotation recommendations
Negotiations of blanket purchase agreements.


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