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Engineering Wireless Technologies Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Engineering Wireless Technology, Cellular, Wireless, Mobile, RF, Cordless, Radio, Backhaul, Protocols, Quality Assurance, Fiber, DAS, Field Testing, Mobile Standards, GSM, CDMA, W CDMA, UMTS, CDMA 2000, EvDO, HsPA, LTE, Communications, Handsets, Tablets, Smartphones, PDAs, Certification, Interoperability, Type Acceptance, Patent Infringement, FCC, LBS, E911, GPS, Physical Layer, Firmware,

Expert Witness No. 109


Strong Management skills and adaptable management style.

Professional and technical hands on.

16+ years experience in engineering management: RF Engineering, RF Testing, Project

Management, Quality Assurance, and Design.

18+ years experience in engineering Wireless Technologies and Protocols: AMPS/N-AMPS, TDMA, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, UMTS/HsDPA/HsPA, LTE, CDMA/EvDO, iDEN, WiFi/UMA/OFDM, Spread Spectrum technologies, Paging, satellite, and Two Way Radio.

Broad knowledge in multiple communication systems, wired & Wireless backhaul technologies, Fiber technologies (WDM, CWDM, Multimode, Digital & Analog, and Optical Switching).

In depth experience, knowledge, and methodology of testing for: Mobile Handsets, Smartphone’s, PDA’s, Cellular Phones, and handheld products including field-testing, validation, and problem resolution.

Design & deployed wireless networks (Fixed Wireless and Micro-cellular).

In depth testing of Embedded Audio and Video hardware and Software (SQA Testing) which includes:  Lab Testing, on-device testing, hardware testing, design and execution of Audio/Video test cases, Subjective Audio Testing for verification of Echo Cancellation Algorithms and in-call performance.  Testing of Video application and verification of QOS parameters related to streaming and on device performance.  Metrico Audio testing for industry standard compliance.  Testing and verification of Audio Headsets, Bluetooth Headsets, and speakerphone devices.

Negotiated large scale contracts, wrote proposals, and developed engineering and design strategies.

Provided in-depth training on testing methodologies, call statistics, bug resolution, and reporting mechanism.

Developed efficient procedures and policies for several startup/Mid-size companies.

Successful recruiting, hiring, and training of employee’s world-wide.

Created and implemented employee growth and motivation plans.

Managed large budgets

Expert Witness for Cellular Standards, Mobile Handsets, Patent Infringements, and others.


03/2012 - Present
Private Company

Senior Director Engineering - Strategic Projects

Recruited as an Expert in Mobile devices and RF to work on exciting and new ground-breaking technology related to Magnetic Logic Units (MLU ©).
Characterization of a new type MTJ based Power Amplifiers up to 100 GHz.
Characterization of a new type MTJ based Sensors for 3-Axis direction sensing, Automotive, and high temperature applications.
Supervision of Circuit design, Layout, Tape-out, E-Tests, packaging, and RF Characterization.
Involvement in multiple patent ideas, discussions, fillings, and applications (Multiple patents filed and pending).
Active participation in Business Development activities, Customer Presentations, and Demos.

11/2008 - Present
Private Company

Founder/Owner - QA Testing and Field Engineering

Company focus is consulting and contracting to Mobile developers and Cellular Operators.
Provide QA and SQA solutions to clients in testing of Mobile handsets and wireless devices.
Actual testing of mobile phones and Pads for Verizon, AT&T Wireless, and Sprint
Testing includes:  FIT, STIC, Extended Testing, Application Testing, Subjective Audio Tests, Hardware/Software testing, Application testing, Industry Audio Testing (Metrico), and others.
Experience working with all Mobile Handset operating systems (Android, iOS, Palm WebOS, Symbian, Microsoft OS Phones, and others)
Design, Optimization of Cellular and Microcellular fixed and mobile networks
Expert Witness Services -Mobile Handset/Cellular/RF Expert Witness - Consultation, Review of Patents and Patent infringements, Expert Reports, Expert Opening Statements, Expert Rebuttal Reports, Deposition, Arbitration and Trial experience.  Work closely with distinguished Law firms such as Alston & Bird and Wilson-Sonsini-Goodrich-Rosati.

11/2007 - 11/2008
Internet Company

Senior Consultant – Field Engineering

Provide expert advice and direction for Quality Assurance, Field Testing, and Certification activities on the Android Platform
Worked directly on the certification and approvals of the T-Mobile G1 – (US and Europe)
Complete TA of Android Products (Present and Future)
Worldwide travel – GCF, PTCRB, VQG, Cetecom, Certifying labs
Single technical point of contact for certification and terminal acceptance criteria (TA).
MAC OS X, Linux Ubuntu, Windows 7
Can work in multiple environments and multiple platforms.
In depth analysis of GSM, UMTS, HsDPA/HsUPA, CDMA/EvDO technologies, Firmware/Protocol Logs, Radio Propagation, Field Test Results
In depth knowledge of future technologies such as 3GPP LTE, WiMax, Femto-Cells, Fiber DAS, and others.

3/2005 - 10/2007
Palm, Inc.

Senior Manager APAC Carrier QA – Quality Assurance Eng. (Carrier QA)
Awarded the “Palm Excellence Award” - January 2006

Field Testing and Certification of Palm products in Asia and Oceania
Recruiting, hiring, training, and management of Engineers thru-out Asia and Oceania
Generating RFQs, negotiating contracts and fees, and engagements with new 3rd party vendors.
Management of multiple accounts, cost centers, and budgets related to field work in the region.
Actively engaged in multiple projects, new initiatives, and cost savings efforts for the company. I strive for excellence and bring my passion to the work I perform.
Provided expertise to engineering and development teams in all areas of SQA processes for the development of a GSM/GPRS quad band PDA - Mobile Phone (TREO 650) ,and next generation products.
Establish, maintain, and verify SQA standards, processes, procedures, Software Problem Reporting (bug tracking), Software Test including test plan generation, test case generation, sanity tests, regression tests, validation testing, field testing, standards verification and compliance.  test include white box, black box testing.
Audio Testing and validation
Firmware validation and protocol analysis
Leader of test and validation teams across the World.
IOT and Lab testing (Nokia, Siemens, Cetecom, Cingular)

01/2004 - 3/2005
NextG Networks

Director of RF Engineering

Direct and manage radio frequency (RF) engineering activities. Those include design of complex Link Budgets for RF over Fiber equipment in diverse environments and multiple technologies (ADC, Andrew, Opencell, and Powerwave) for (AMPS, TDMA, GSM, CDMA, iDEN, UMTS, and WIFI).
Design of complete Microcellular networks to replace or compliment existing cellular networks for all current technologies in Rural, Canyons, Highways, Suburban, Urban, and Dense Urban environments- These networks are Fiber DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) that seamlessly connect to a BTS Host and are transparent to the mobile user. They provide increased capacity and targeted/controlled RF environments that are easily upgraded or modified per need.
Address cellular needs of specific carriers in very hard RF environments that require unique frequency re-use, interference mitigation, Capacity requirements, and future growth capabilities.
Direct development, testing, and deployment of new RF and Fiber features/capabilities in networks.
Deploy Actual Fiber DAS networks in multiple environments, technologies, and various equipment types (ADC iDEN, Andrew GSM, and ADC iDEN over CWDM). These networks are ‘LIVE” and carrying voice/data for Nextel and Cingular.
Provide a clear direction from the Proposal Phase to contract, deployment, and maintenance of existing networks. My suggestions and ideas on process improvement have saved the company lots of time and money.
Negotiate master service agreements (MSA) and SOW with vendors to minimize expenses and maximize productivity.
Evaluate, qualify, and certify RF Engineering tools to be used by RF application engineers.
Manage a large group of Engineers (RF Engineers, Application Engineers, Field Engineers, Test Engineers, and Mechanical Engineers) and technicians.
Responsible for accurate and cost effective Bills of Materials, Staging and testing of onsite equipment, budgeting of projects, and procurement of parts.
Assist Sales and Marketing in high level presentations and demos. Lead point of contact for all technical questions and inquiries.

6/2003 - 01/2004

Consultant – Quality Assurance Engineering

Provide expertise to engineering and development teams in all areas of SQA processes for the development of a GSM/GPRS quad band PDA Mobile Phone (TREO 600).

6/2002 – 6/2003 - Taken a year off work to attend to family and some personal travel.

8/2000 - 1/2002
Broadlink Communications

Director of RF Engineering

Lead teams to plan, direct, and manage radio frequency (RF) engineering activities.
Develop designs with network performance objectives of meeting customer satisfaction criteria, reaching desired quality and performance standards, and achieving agreed-to service levels.
Work closely with other groups to develop, test, and deploy new RF features/capabilities in network. Work continuously to improve the network infrastructure and implement national standards for RF engineering.
Identify process improvements to remove bottlenecks and design network efficiently and effectively.
Develop national plans and best practices for RF Engineering.
Evaluate, qualify, and certify RF Engineering tools to be used by field RF engineers.
Lead national teams that act as Center of Excellence. Work closely with field RF engineers to support the execution of designs.
Support the development of market level plans to efficiently use spectrum to support current and future needs.

5/1997 to 7/2000
Philips Consumer Communications

Field Engineering Manager

Management of Engineers and Technicians, Project Management, Standards & Technology, Approvals, Customer Acceptance, Validation and Field testing, RF Field Engineering.

11/1995 - 4/1997
Cellnet Data Systems

RF Field Engineer
Designed fixed cellular networks in major cities across the U.S, Planned (WAN) Wide Area Network, which involved cell planning, RF propagation analysis, frequency re-use methods, LAN links, link budgets, field measurements & verification, and site selection & evaluation.


8/1991 - 5/1995
University of Maryland, College Park-Maryland
Bachelors of Science Electrical Engineering (BS.EE)
Double Degree Program – Mathematics


Sergeant Israeli Air Force - Electronic Technician