Entomology Pest Management Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Pest Management, Entomology, Pesticides, Termite Infestations,Chemical Spills, Fire Ant Bites, Spider Bites, Wood Beetles

Summary of Qualifications

Ten years investigation experience, enforcing pest control laws and regulations
Thirty-four years of knowledge in urban pest management and pesticides
Expert witness in administrative and civil law testimony
Highly qualified in air, soil, and water test sampling
Skilled trouble shooter & problem solver
Extensive experience handling the public and difficult situations



Trained thousands of people at all levels on urban pest management for IPMC, CTN Educational Services and High Sierra Educational Services.
Developed several versions of the technician and certified applicators exam for the Texas Structural Pest Control Board (SPCB).
Established 4-hour classes at IPMC, CTN and High Sierra Educational Services on correct completion of the Texas Wood Destroying Insect Report for real estate transactions and termite pre-construction treatments.
Produced IPMC hands-on training programs for pest management and safety.


Worked over 600 complaints during a ten year period at the Texas SPCB.
Launched a Texas SPCB investigation of a pest control company taking advantage of the elderly, ensuing a $1,000,000.00 judgment against the company.
Found 40 violations against an unlicensed out-of-state pest control operator, which the SPCB had unsuccessfully tried to prosecute for criminal actions in the prior 2 decades.

Consulting/Representation Legal Issues

Saved an estimated $219,000.00 in reduced, negated or probated fines representing clients in Texas SPCB hearings as their consultant.
Consulted 2 nursing home facilities, resulting in a dismissal of $14,000 in fines and the establishment of an Integrated Pest Management program for the facilities.
Cases/clients      50% Defense/ 50% Plaintiff

Environmental Testing

Collected hundreds of air, soil, surface and water samples for Texas SPCB.
Trained in EPA test procedures.

Employment History

Independent Pest Management Consulting (IPMC)

Consultant, Owner, Trainer, Expert Witness


High Sierra Educational Services


Texas Structural Pest Control Board (SPCB)

Investigator, Staff Entomologist


Callahan’s General Store

Technical Sales Representative


Specialty Pest Control

Entomologist, Owner


Burton Pest Control

Technical Director


B & G Chemical Company

Manager/Sales Representative



Education, Training & Credentials

Texas A&M University – Bachelor of Science, Entomology
National Certified Investigator/Inspector Training (including proper sampling)
Licensed Certified Applicator – Pest, Termite, Lawn & Ornamental, Weeds, license # 0564020