Environmental Sciences Risk Assessment Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Chemist, Soil, Water, Air, Pollution, Odor, Groundwater, Risk Assessment, Environmental, PCBs, Chlorinated Solvents, Fuel, Petroleum, MTBE, Dioxin, Septic Tank,

Expert Witness No.1115


Research Interests:

Expert 1115 focus on fate and transport of environmental contaminants, risk assessment and ecological restoration. His project experience ranges from monitoring, modeling, of pollution sources as they relate to human and ecological health. Expert 1115 has investigated and designed clean up programs for contaminated sites containing pesticides, PCBs, dioxins, furans, volatile organics, chlorinated solvents, perchlorates, heavy metals, asbestos, petroleum and fuel oxygenates.


Ph.D. Soil Chemistry, University of Washington, 1999. Dissertation on Wastewater VOC control.

M.S. Environmental Science, UC Berkeley, 1995. Thesis on organic waste economics.

B.A. Environmental Studies, UC Santa Barbara, 1991. Thesis on wastewater treatment.

Project History

Risk Assessment and Modeling

Air Pollution Investigation and Remediation

Litigation Support

Surfacewater, Groundwater, and Wastewater Investigation and Remediation

Soil Science and Restoration Projects

Teaching Experience

National Ground Water Association

California Integrated Waste Management Board

UCLA Department of Environmental Engineering

University of Washington, Soil Science Program

U.C. Berkeley, Environmental Science Program

Large Projects Awarded

Southwest Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command. Managed $10M of Navy Clean 2 Federal Funds. Goal: To clean up of PCBs, chlorinated solvents and lead from Treasure Island in San Francisco.

Kinder Morgan Energy Partners Managed $2.5M restoration project at Camp Pendleton. Planted 108 acres of land after installation of a 26-mile petroleum pipeline through Camp Pendleton.

Academic Grants Awarded

California Integrated Waste Management Board

California Integrated Waste Management Board

Synagro Technologies, Corona California

King County, Department of Research and Technology, Washington State

Northwest Biosolids Management Association, Washington State

James River Corporation, Oregon

United State Forest Service, Tahoe National Forest

Kelloge Foundation, Washington D.C.

Professional Affiliations

UCLA (research associate with Institute of the Environment)

California Redevelopment Association

National Groundwater Association

International Groundwater Association

Soil Science Society of America

Water Environment Federation

California Resource Recovery Association

Publications and Presentations

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