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Expert Consulting
Senior consultant, domestic and international, in the following major areas:
1. Classical chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology, especially the separation, purification,
characterization and analysis of small molecules, enzymes and proteins and related processes. Adept
at assessing and evaluating current processes and procedures!
2. Chemical and biochemical processes, their development, evaluation, optimization, including
biocatalysis and applied biotechnology
3. Environmental science, especially bioremediation and related treatment chemistries and
4. Microbiology & fermentation science
5. Regulatory compliance (OSHA, EPA, Groundwater, USDA, Food Safety, Homeland Security,
6. Expert witness & consultant; patent infringement, claim construction, trade secrets · Inter
partes review
Broad experience and understanding of physical, chemical and biochemical processes and related analytical
methods (assay development) and: spectroscopy, electrophoretic and chromatographic separations, protein
modification, ligand binding, enzyme assay and kinetics, thermodynamic calculations, polymer chemistry and
polymerization processes, etc.
• Analytical chemistry 
� Bioassays and separations science (especially chromatography, liquid-liquid extractions, countercurrent
separations; electrophoresis)
� Environmental
• Biochemistry and biophysics combined with physical chemistry, especially through the use of UV/Vis
(Ultraviolet / Visible) Spectrophotometry
• Small molecule binding studies, ligands, inhibitors especially involving enzymes
• Separations technology for purification and analysis of numerous small molecules, proteins, peptides,
carbohydrates, and natural products used in commercial applications; adsorbents, ion exchange and activated
• Separations science experience includes extensive application of:
� Chromatographic separations (column chromatography, liquid chromatography): proteins, enzymes,
small molecules
� DEAE cellulose
� CM cellulose
� DEAE Sephadex
� CM Sephadex
� CG-50
� Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC)
� Sepharose
� Size exclusion (Sephadex)
� Hydroxyapatite
� Centrifugal separations
� HPLC (reverse phase, etc.)
� Ion chromatography
� Detectors (esp. UV/Vis)
� SORBEX: Industrial-Scale Adsorptive Separation
� Supervisory experience with GC-MS and LC-MS.
� TLC (small molecules, e.g., hemes, dyes, amino acids)
� Alumina
� Silica
� Polyamide
� Electrophoresis
� Polyacrylamide gels (PAGE)
� Cellulose acetate
� pH-stat and autotitrator operation (enzyme assay)
� Membrane separations
� Reverse Osmosis
� Ultrafiltration
� Microfiltration
� Liquid/liquid, liquid/solid separations, supercritical fluid extractions
� Enzyme purification via precipitative processes using…
� Chaotropic agents (altering solubility, salting out, precipitations)
� Salts, esp. (NH4)2SO4
� Organic solvents (acetone, ethanol)
• Polymers
� Polymerization process
� Polyimines, acrylates and methacrylates; cellulose acetate, starch dialdehyde, etc
� Conjugation, crosslinking, derivatization and surface application of monomers and polymers
• Surface modification
� Functionalized silanes for surface modification3
� PEI/Glutaraldehyde
• Adept at evaluating current processes at customer facilities in the Chemical, Biochemical,
Microbiological and Food industries and suggested improvements to increase efficiency and reduce
Expert in applied industrial chemistry, enzymology, biocatalysis, biotransformations & bioprocessing,
especially low-waste “green” systems and thermostable enzymes; emphasis on practical aspects of research,
development, scale-up, pilot plant and commercialization. Adept at working with both laboratory personnel
& development engineers; hands on when needed.
• Applied enzymology: Marriage of organic chemistry and enzymology… use of enzymes to make
products in high yield with little waste (see examples below).
• Industrial enzyme projects include mostly “green” and thermostable industrial processes; Expert in
continuous, heterogeneous biologically catalyzed processes (immobilized enzymes and immobilized
whole cells).
o Preparation and application of immobilized whole cell hydantoinase suite of enzymes for industrial
biotransformation process for production of enantiomerically-pure amino acids
o Pilot-scale immobilization of pig liver esterase (ImPLE) for production of anti-AIDS drug and subsequent
project management for scale-up
o Development of full-scale commercial process for ImPLE (above); implementation and supervision of
production, quality control and international shipping
o Employing a statistical DOE approach for optimizing coupling of a peptide with a microbial polysaccharide for
commercial vaccine production (Tetanus Toxoid)
o Employing a statistical DOE approach for optimization of conditions for efficiently coupling of enzyme to
chemically-modified polymer surface
o Optimization of ethanol precipitation of plasma proteins for industrial plasma fractionation
o Acetone precipitation and purification of proteins
o Use of salts for commercial enzyme/protein purification
o Development and testing of novel hydrophobic enzyme support for industrial lipase, esterase application in
production of pharmaceuticals
o Fermentation, E. coli producer strain, optimization of cell yield
o Immobilization and application of genetically modified Pseudomonas sp lipase for enantioselective hydrolysis
of pharmaceutical intermediates
o Research and commercial development of novel, incompressible, high-throughput immobilized
enzymes (food industry).
o Invention, application, and development of new method for enzyme stabilization applied to starch
and sugar converting enzymes (glucoamylase, alpha amylase) for corn syrup production
o Invention of novel magnetic support for enzyme immobilization
o Commercial application of thermodynamics of activation vs. deactivation (Arrhenius plot) to
increase industrial enzyme process efficiency by 20-30%
• Other industrial bioprocessing, enzyme transformation and biochemical projects include:
o Purification and characterization of numerous enzymes, especially those relating to carbohydrate
o Chemical modification of hydrocolloids for metal binding application (food and environmental
o Hydrocolloids for enzyme immobilization (food application)

o Lipases for making synthetic cocoa butter
o Lipases for mono- and diglyceride production and transesterification into value added products
(especially involving ferulic acid)
o Lipases (Cal B; thermostable) for transesterification of ferulate for increased lipophilicity
(topically-applied sunscreen and skin care consumer product application), especially employing
soy/soya lipids/oils and fish oils.
o Lactase /protease combination employed for whey treatment
o Yeast alcohol oxidase for methanol oxidation
o Horseradish peroxidase for enzyme stabilization
o Glucose oxidase for production of D-glucono-δ-lactone
o Glutaraldehyde as sterilant for food applications
o Biochemical fuel cell
o Microbiology, especially fermentative production of enzymes
• Pharmaceutical industry: Use of applied enzymology for the production of pharmaceutical
intermediates; patent holder, peptide-based anti-microbial pharmaceuticals employed in wound dressing
• Commercialization: Multiple patent holder, biologically-based reactor development and
commercialization (especially fixed-film reactors).
• Nationally recognized consultant in biological and chemical treatment of hazardous waste, hazardous
chemicals, water pollution, drinking/potable water
• Microbial ecology approach to waste treatment and bioremediation
• Extensive field experience… pilot plant direction, data analysis, scale-up estimation
• Developed structured adsorbent used as microbial support in bioremediation of industrial effluent,
groundwater and vaporous emissions (patented/commercial)
• Remediation and bioremediation of wide range of pollutants, including petroleum, coal tar, halogenated,
chlorinated (esp. TCE, PCBs), aromatic compounds
• Developed mixed media employed as plugging-free microbial support in bioreactor packing
• Developed in situ-ex situ bioremediation method for detoxification of metals, especially hexavalent
chromium, Cr(VI), by combining inorganic chemistry and microbial ecology (sulfate reducing bacterial
consortia); patented
• Chemically modified natural polymers for use as heavy metal adsorbers.
• Developed Biological Air Treater (BAT) for low-cost destruction of vaporous organics, air pollution
• On-Site international experience (China [PRC], Taiwan [ROC], UK)
• Designed and implemented numerous waste treatment and remediation strategies for diverse industrial
effluents, impacted groundwaters, drinking water, soils, and air emissions
• Supervised replacement of PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) -Transformer and replaced with non-toxic,
biodegradable electrolyte-containing transformer
• Starches and starch metabolizing enzymes (amylases)5
• Fish oil and Omega-3 fatty acids
o Patent infringement involving DHA purification and analysis
o New product technology (transesterification) involving vegetable oils, fish oils (triacylglycerides)
and anti-oxidants
• Vitamins, especially B vitamin protection against reperfusion injury (ischemic stroke and heart attack)
and anti-inflammatory effects of riboflavin (vitamin b2)
• Food storage and handling
• Odor reduction and sanitation using chlorinated chemicals
• HACCP plans (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and process flow charts, especially for
ready to eat foods [9cfr PART 417]
• SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures); Regulatory requirements under the federal meat
inspection act and the poultry products inspection act, especially 9cfr PART 416—SANITATION)
• Multiple private consulting projects to achieve compliance with Federal & State regulations, including:
⇒ OSHA 1910.119, Process Safety Management (PSM)
⇒ EPA 112r, Risk Management Planning (RMP);
⇒ SARA Title III Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA);
⇒ TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) 40cfr §761 Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)
⇒ Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP).
• Drinking water standards
• Experienced in all phases of commercialization business, from research to development to marketing and
• Successfully commercialized laboratory scale reactor (biological waste treatment) through rapid
development phase into commercial product; business profitable at 13 months; ten-fold increase in sales.
• Account manager, proposal generation, expert in managing numerous $100K to $1000K projects from
conception to commercialization.
• Budgetary estimation.
• Technical sales presentations directly to customers; responsible for visiting outside customers to
determine their actual needs and then partnering/ bridging with internal experts to achieve technical and
commercial goals.
• Technical marketing and sales, environmental area.
• Excellent communication skills.
• Professional corporate recruiting (fourteen years).
• Long-term experience in TQ approach to solving cross-disciplinary problems with teams of 2 to 10
individuals, on and off site.

• Insurance investigations
• Toxic tort
• Root cause analysis
• Patent infringement
• Claim construction
• Deposition
• Preparation for trial
• Evidentiary hearing
• Jury trial experience
• Inter partes review
• Trade secrets
• Litigation-related experience supplied upon request
• Postdoctoral Fellow under Prof. Quentin H. Gibson, Cornell University, 7/76 – 7/78.
• Postdoctoral Fellow under Prof. Donald E. Hultquist, The University of Michigan, 1/76 – 6/76.
• Ph.D., Biological Chemistry, The University of Michigan, 9/71 – 1/76.
• BA, Chemistry (Honors), Queens College, The City University of New York 5/71.
• HAZWOPPER Emergency response Refresher Training (40 hour initial training, 8 hour Haz. Waste
Operations Management continuing yearly), 1991 to Current (2016).
• Emergency Notification Release Reporting Training, EPCRA 304; CERCLA 103 (EPA Region 5),
• Risk Management Program Assistance (IEMA), 1999
• Basic Ammonia Refrigeration, 1998
• Statistical Design of Experiments (DOE), 1996
• Scorecard Training, 1996
• Convenor, Pollution Prevention Biotechnology, Summer Biotechnology Institute, Northwestern
University Center for Biotechnology, 1995
• Sales Training Workshop (Institute for Business and Interpersonal Strategies) 1995
• Customer Linked Commercialization & Customer Partnering, 1994
• Independent Consultant, President and Member, , 1999 to present
• Independent Consultant, Sole proprietorship, 1995 to 1996 and 1997 to 1999
• Project Leader, AlliedSignal Aerospace Sector, Extended Consultation Assignment (Space Station /
Mars Lander / Lunar Base), Life Support Systems, ‘96 to ’97; manager biotech and environmental
• Manager Biochemical Technology (Technical Marketing and Sales), AlliedSignal Environmental
Systems and Services, ‘94-‘95
• Research Scientist, AlliedSignal Research & Technology, ‘85-‘94
• Research Specialist, Biochemistry, Signal-UOP Research Center, ‘82-‘85
• Senior Research Biochemist, Biotechnology Department, UOP Research Center, ‘78-‘82
• Adjunct Professor (Evening Faculty Member), Columbia College, Dept. of Science, ‘84-‘85.
• Postdoctoral and Teaching Fellow (General biochemistry), Cornell University, Department of
Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology, ‘77-‘78.
• Teaching Assistant (General biochemistry, Medical Technology & Nursing) The University of
Michigan, ‘71-‘75.
• Special (Team) Recognition Award, AlliedSignal (Honeywell), April ‘95
• Special (Individual) Recognition Award, AlliedSignal (Honeywell), May ‘92
• Rackham Dissertation Grant, The University of Michigan, ‘74-‘75
• Graduated (BA, Queens College) with honors, ‘71
• Elected to Beta Delta Chi, Chemistry Honor Society, Queens College, CUNY, ‘71
• New York State Regents Scholarship, ‘67-‘71
• American Chemical Society (elected Director, Chicago Section, 2014 for two year term)
• Appointed Trustee by Cook County Commissioner, Plum Grove Estates Sanitary District, 2005 to
present (2016)
• Water Environment Federation
Authored approximately 22 publications, 3 book chapters, and is an inventor on approximately 15 issued
patents, in biotechnology, chemical, food, pharmaceutical industries, and biological wastewater treatment
areas; co-Editor, John Wiley & Sons, “Biological Treatment of Hazardous Wastes” 1998.