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Equipment Design Maintenance Engineering, Metal rolling mills, Aluminum Production,Building Maintenance,Circuit Breakers & Transformers,Electric Arc Furnaces,Electrical Control Equipment,,Electrical Control Systems, Electrical Distribution Equipment, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Grounding, Electrical Injuries & Fatalities, Electrical Substations, Electrocutions, Equipment Malfunctions, Equipment Non-Performance, Forensic Engineering, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Controls, Industrial Furnaces,Industrial Injuries & Fatalities, Industrial Equipment Performance Analysis, Industrial Maintenance, Industrial Zoning Analysis, Mechanical Engineering, Metal Processing Lines, Metal Rolling Mills, Metal Slitting Lines, NY State Labor Law Safety Infractions, OSHA Infractions, Patent Infringement Analysis, Personnel Safety, State Labor Law Infractions, Steel Annealing & Annealing Furnaces, Steel Production, Workplace Injuries & Fatalities

Expert Witness No.2787

New York


MS Engineering Administration, Syracuse University, 1968

BS Electrical engineering, Carnegie-Mellon University, 1950

Registered Professional Engineer in New York, Illinois, and Arkansas


Member of Tau Beta Pi Engineering Scholastic Honorary Society

Member of Eta Kappa Nu Electrical Engineering Honorary Society


Experienced in the design, specification, procurement, installation, start-up, education of personnel, and maintenance of equipment in highly technical metal processing facilities.  Has repeatedly carried out multi-million dollar projects from the original idea to the successful completion and operation.

Now retired, is doing industrial consulting, such as supervising start-ups, trouble shooting of operating problems, field service engineering, educating operators, acting as expert witness, etc.  Also active as Chairman of the Board of Assessment Review in Annsville, NY, Past Treasurer of Rome Rotary Club, and member of the Rome Family YMCA Board of Trustees.


1993 to Present, Self-Employed

Supplies expert technical and engineering services for the sales, service, start-up, field service engineering, and trouble-shooting of industrial equipment, and forensic engineering to determine cause of failure.  Provides expert witness testimony for the litigation of industrial accidents, machine performance, product liability, etc.  These services are available worldwide, and, to date, have dealt with projects as follows:

In the USA

Designed electrical distribution systems

Performed utility cost analyses

Acted as user expert in the sale of annealing furnaces

Tested annealing furnace atmospheres

Educated prospective Chinese buyers in the operation of slitting lines

Tested the electrostatic application of lubricant to aluminum punching equipment

Assisted in the start-up of an electrostatic powder paint coating line for strip steel

Tested the electrostatic application of powder to chewing gum base

Acted as expert for an Ohio steel mill defendant being sued for non-payment and breach of contract in the purchase of eight bell annealing furnaces.  The client was successful in an out-of-court settlement, based on my deposition.

Acted as expert for an equipment purchaser plaintiff in a lawsuit involving the performance of a leveling and cut-to-length line in Wisconsin.  The adversary to my client declared bankruptcy in the face of my deposition.

Acted as expert for an equipment manufacturer defendant in a personal injury lawsuit concerning an accident in a steel rolling mill in New York State.  The client was successful in an out-of-court settlement.  This was based on my opinion, but before deposition or trial.

Finished the installation of and started up electrostatic combination powder/oil deposition equipment on a steel rolling mill

Acted as expert for the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit where a worker was severely injured by coming in contact with 4160 volts.  This was settled out of court before deposition or trial.

Acted as expert for the defense in a personal injury suit where the plaintiff was severely injured by coming in contact with 13,800 volts.  This was settled out of court before deposition or trial.

Participated as an expert for the defendant employer in a case where a worker was injured in the winder area of an aluminum leveling and rewind line in West Virginia.  Was removed from the case when my opinion became contrary to that of the defendant’s.

Acted as an expert for the plaintiff in a personal injury case that involved a worker getting injured on a paper stacking machine in New York State.  This was settled before trial before deposition or trial.

Acted as an expert for the plaintiff in a personal injury case that involved a worker getting injured on a piece of metal fabricating machinery in a machine shop in New York State.  I discovered the problem in the machine that proved that the worker was not at fault.

Involved in a suit involving a customer being injured by contact with the electrical elements of a neon advertising sign in a restaurant.

Supervised the conduct of a test of equipment that electrostatically applied oil to cut sheets of steel being formed into automobile door panels in a large stamping plant in New York State.

Acted as expert in calculating the relative positions of two automobiles involved in an accident.

Analyzed the operation of and recommended remediation for a steel slitting line in Dallas, Texas.

Did testing and experimenting of electrostatic powder application on a steel rolling mill in Columbus, Ohio.

Ran an experimental test of electrostatic oil application at an aluminum stamping plant in Texas

Acted as an expert for the equipment manufacturer defendant in a case where a worker got his hand injured in a rolling mill in New York.

Acted as expert for the insurance company defendant in an insurance claim following a motel fire.

Acted as an expert for the plaintiff in an accident that resulted in the death of the plaintiff’s husband in a steel mill in Kentucky.  This was settled out of court after I gave a written opinion and was deposed.

Acted as an expert consultant for the defendant in a case against the deceased’s employer where the deceased was killed while doing maintenance on a 480 volt switchgear assembly in Buffalo, New York.  This was settled after a mediation conference with no written opinion nor deposition from me.

Acted as an expert consultant for the defendant in a case where a worker was killed by coming in contact with a 110 volt line while doing yard maintenance.

Presently acting as an expert consultant for the plaintiff in a case where the plaintiff lost a leg due to an industrial accident in a steel mill in Pennsylvania.

Acted as an expert consultant to determine the cause of the failure of back-up power in an egg farm that caused the death of 60,000 laying hens.  This was settled by the insurance company with no written opinion nor deposition from me.

In Mexico

Acted as agent for a Japanese client to select a used slitting line in the US to be located in Mexico City

Assessed the operation of an annealing department in a steel mill in Monterrey.

Installed a demonstration electrostatic powder application machine in a steel mill in Monterrey.

In Wales

Investigated the influence that annealing furnaces and their atmospheres had on steel surface quality.

In India

Acted as a user expert to sell annealing furnaces and annealing atmospheres

Acted as a salesman to sell electrostatic machinery to steel mills in various cities in India

In China

Supervised the installation of a leveling and cut-to-length line

In Panama

Supervised the start-up of a slitting line; educated the owner as to its operation; designed new spacers and tooling

In Puerto Rico

Finished the final alignment of the units in a slitting line, and educated the operators in its set-up and operation

Analyzed the operation of the slitting department in a steel warehouse to recommend better processes for correct rewinding

1968 to 1993 (Retirement)

Rome Strip Steel Company, Inc., Rome, New York.

Major producer of low carbon, high carbon, alloy, and high strength-low alloy strip steels, precision cold rolled strip steels in standard coils, traverse wound coils, and cut lengths.

Engineering Manager

Managed the entire engineering function.  Responsible for designing, purchasing, installing, and maintaining all plant operating equipment and facilities.  Supervised four engineers, three foremen, and 21 technicians.  This included recruiting and training personnel, dealing with governmental bodies, engaging and supervising contractors, and acting as the company’s spokesman, especially in dealing with all energy-supplying utilities, the NYS Public Service Commission, etc.  The equipment installed has enabled the company to become the premier cold rolled strip steel producer in the United States.

Significant Projects

Three-stand cold rolling mill; single-stand reversing cold mill; roll grinding machines; Z-mill; 20 batch annealing furnaces; double loop slitting line; traverse-wind coil slitting line; electrical substation; heavy gauge slitting line; cold mill and processing line terminal equipment; specifying and purchasing of overhead cranes; building maintenance; water recycling in order to save on purchased water costs; environmental protection; direct purchasing of natural gas supplies in order to lower heating and process costs; purchasing a 115,000/13,000 volt transformer for electrical cost savings.

1967-1968 , Self-Employed:  Serviced, designed, sold, and built specialty control panels and electrical equipment

1964-1967, Crucible Steel Company, Syracuse, New York; Specialty Steel Rod and Bar Mill
Maintenance Superintendent 1966-1967  Supervised twenty foremen and about 250 workers to maintain the equipment in this specialty rod and bar facility.  Equipment included everything from four electric arc furnaces to a hot blooming mill, continuous hot rod and bar mill, wire drawing machines, annealing furnaces, finishing machinery, and associated plant support equipment such as boilers, substations, cooling water systems, etc.

Plant Electrical Engineer (1964-1966)  Supervised three foremen and about twenty men to maintain all the electrical equipment;  and to design all new electrical equipment.  Significant items were a 115KV electrical substation, a continuous rod and bar mill, and a 15000KVA electric arc furnace.

1952-1964 Reynolds Metals Co

1958-1964,- McCook, Illinois, Aluminum Rolling Mill
Electrical Superintendent   Supervised 85 electricians, eight foremen, two electrical engineers, two draftsmen, and two secretaries.  Designed, installed, and maintained all plant electrical equipment.

1952-1958 –  Arkadelphia, Arkansas and Richmond, Virginia

Electrical Engineer   Designed and maintained all sorts of equipment for the aluminum industry, such as electrolytic reduction cell lines, rolling mill control, and power substations.


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