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Expert Latent Print Examiner Expert Witness

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Expert Witness No.1448


Experienced Latent Print Examiner

Originally Trained by the Chicago, Illinois Police Department,
Six week classroom training, two months of practical training – 1963.

1977 successfully completed , Administrated Advanced Latent Fingerprint Class,
FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia (120hours)


Previous Experience

Experienced Latent Print Examiner, 1989-2005
Northern Illinois Police Crime Laboratory, Vernon Hills, Illinois, 1973-1998

Chicago Police Department – Latent Print Unit, 1982-1998
Primary Instructor of all new employees, both Civilians & Sworn.

Chicago Police Department, Latent Print Examiner 1973 – 1998

Evaluate, compare and verify and identify unknown latent prints from crime scenes using inked recorded fingerprints of arrested subjects.  Provided expert testimony as requested.

Chicago Police Department Training Academy – Instructor, 1982 – 1998
Academy course – Fingerprint Theory and Application.

Chicago Police Department, Fingerprint Technician (Sworn Officer) 1969-1973
Assigned to the identification section of department.  Duties included classify and search inked printes of arrested subjects for prior criminal history.

1963 – 1966 Civilian Fingerprint Technician , Chicago Police Department
Classified and searched inked prints of arrested subjects for evidence of prior criminal history.

1966 – 1969, Police Officer, Chicago Police Department, Grand Crossing District

Expert Witness Activities

Served as Expert Consultant for the following Public Defenders Offices:

Cook County,

Kankakee County,

Peoria County,

Federal Defense program in Illinois and Wisconsin,

Qualified as expert in Cook County Court System, U

U.S. Federal Court System for the Northern District of Illinois

Dane County Court System, Madison, Wisconsin


Available upon request