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1995 - present     President/CEO A PRIVATE COMPANY
Founded company that provides medical and technical expert witness and consultant referrals to attorneys and insurance companies.

•    Developed ground floor business to nearly $2,000,000 in yearly revenue
•    Cultivated client database to over 5,000
•    Grew resource database to well over 10,000 experts and consultants categories

•    Responsible for small group of employees, programmers and large group of independent contractors
•    Decision-maker on all aspects of business consisting of but not limited to marketing, advertising, purchases and hiring

•    Developed and maintain company database and website
•    Provide in-house technical support on companies network
•    Specify, purchase and implement all computer software and hardware

1991 - 1995     Legal Services Director, Tomes, Van Rickley and Associates
Developed concept, implemented plan to create the Expert Witness Department of the Fire and Life Safety consulting company.

•    Created Developed substantial business improvement
•    Increased client database significantly

•    Developed and implemented plan that sectionalized the department, identified strengths of all consultants in the firm to classify for potential case referrals.  Assigned appropriate expert to each case.  Developed standardized billing practices.

•    Worked with various companies and computer programs to develop demonstrative exhibits that experts needed for their cases.
•    Specified computer programs and databases the company needed to capture and manage client information




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