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Explosive Consultant Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Explosions, Explosives, Blasts, Blast Damage, Explosion Damage, Explosive Manufacturing, Explosive Safety, Mine Explosions, Fuses, Perimeter Blasting, Counter Mine, Electronic Initiating Systems, Fuse Technology, Explosive Properties, Explosives Manufacturing, Explosives Research,

He has been working virtually full time in explosives related research, teaching and consulting since 1978. His research interests also include blast disturbance/damage, perimeter blasting, counter-mine, explosives safety, electronic initiating systems and fuse technology, explosive properties, fragmentation and the manufacture of new explosives.  In addition to his expertise in explosives, he has a broad background in Mining and Geotechnical Engineering with emphasis in Rock Mechanics, Excavation and Slope Engineering. He is responsible for many new innovative courses including firsts in the nation in commercial pyrotechnics and demolition.  He is a Certified Blaster and Licensed Pyrotechnician. He is a Chartered Engineer listed on the Engineering Council Register, United Kingdom (November 1990) and a FENI registered group 1 European Engineer.


BS, University of Bristol, Applied Geology, Class IIi, 1977

MS, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Rock Mechanics and Excavation Engineering, 1978
Thesis Title: Reappraisal of design criteria for the Selby project spine roadways.

PhD, Mining (Explosives) Engineering, 1981
Thesis Title: Geotechnical factors affecting the application of pre-split blasting to rock slopes.

Activities and Honors

Presidents award International Society of Explosives Engineers 2002.

Best paper award, International Symposium on Energetic Materials Technology, ADPA #450, March 1994.

Sustained Excellence in Teaching Award, School of Mines and Metallurgy, UMR, 2002-2003.
Sustained Excellence in Teaching Award, School of Materials, Energy and Earth Resources, UMR, 2004-2005.

Sustained Excellence in Laboratory Instruction  Award, School of Materials, Energy and Earth Resources, UMR, 2003-2005

Outstanding Teaching Commendation Award, School of Extended Learning, UMR, April 2005.

Outstanding Teaching Award, School of Extended Learning, UMR, May 2006.

Outstanding Advisor Award, MSM-UMR alumni association, October 2005

Chartered Engineer listed on the Engineering Council Register, United Kingdom (November 1990-present)

ISEE Mississippi Valley Chapter: Board of Directors (1997-99), Secretary (1999-present )

Examiner, Missouri Limestone Producers Association Blasters Certification program (1990-present)

Examiner, Missouri Department of Transportation Blasters Certification program (2000-present)

Technical paper reviewer on blasting, Society of Mining Engineers, Mining Engineering Journal (2000-)

Technical proposal reviewer, Department of State ISTC/CRDF program (2002-).

Referee, technical papers, Mining Resources Engineering Journal (2000-)

LLNL ISTC Proposal reviewer (2001-2002)

Teaching Experience

Explosives and rock mechanics related teaching and laboratory instruction of both B.Sc. and M.Sc. candidates at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. + Parachute Instructor, over 1,000 students trained and dispatched.

Classes at UMR
BE 50 – Statics (Basic Engineering)
Mining 110 – Surveying for Mineral Engineers
Mining 224 – Underground Mining Methods
Mining 351 – Demolition of Buildings and Structures*** (new for 2005)
Mining 307 – Principles of Explosives Engineering
Mining 308 – Drilling & Blasting
Mining 309 – Commercial Pyrotechnic operations** (new for 2002)
Mining 343 – Coal Mine Development & Production
Mining 350 – Blasting Design & Technology *
Mining 402 – Environmental Controls for Blasting *
Mining 406 – Instrumentation for Explosives and Blasting *
Web based Mining Engineering program
Advisor: Explosives Emphasis in Mining Engineering and Minor in Explosives Engineering

Classes at UFRGS, Brazil (2006)
Desmonte de Roches (undergraduate)
Postgraduate blasting class

Extension and Other Related Activities

Available Upon Request

Funded Research Contracts (at Univ MO Rolla)

He has been involved in extensive research at the Rock Mechanics and Explosives Research Center.  He has in excess of three million dollars of research to his name as Principal Investigator, and was largely responsible for the acquisition, management and research of, or of a substantial portion of the following research contracts.

More on this if Requested.

Other Qualifications and Training

British Parachute Association Parachute Instructors Certificate 1979

ICI Explosives Certificate – Appreciation and Application, 4/81

MSHA Underground Metal and Non-Metal Safety Training Certificate, 1981-present

High Pressure Water Jet Short Course, 2nd US. Water Jet Conf., 5/83

Dupont Safe Procedures for Assembly of Component Explosives Certificate, 9/84

Dupont Explosives and Blasting Safety Certificate, 3/85

Dallas Instruments Blasting Seismographs Certificate of Training, 9/85

A.I.Ch.E. Fire and Explosion Evaluation, 11/85

Fundamentals of Trench Blasting and Vibration Control, STL, 10/87

ADPA 2nd Short Course on Ballistic Impact and Penetration, 8/88

FTLW Range and Demolition Safety training, 12/88,1/90,5/91,2/01 good through 02

National Course on Fusing and Initiation, Corpus Christi, 8/90

Radian Corporation CPSPC computer modeling short course 10/91
ISEE Blaster Training Seminar, Orlando, 2/96, Nashville, 2/99

Austin Powder Explosives Safety Seminar, 3/98, 1/00, 1/02, 1/04, 2/06

ASEE National Effective Teaching Institute, Milwaukee, 6/97

CDL with Hazardous Materials Endorsement 91- present

Certified Blaster, Missouri Limestone Producers Association, 12/97- present

Lead Pyrotechnician, Premier Pyrotechnics & State of Missouri, 10/01 – present, PGI Certification

Licensed Pyrotechnic Display Operator in the State of Missouri, August 2004-2007

Licensed Pyrotechnic and Special Effects Operator in the State of Missouri, August 2004-2007

Le Maitre Special Effects Inc.  “Pyrotechnic Training Seminar”, March 30 & 31, 2007

Work Experience

A Company
Sr. Consultant
Technical consulting services and litigation support.

Someone & Associates
Consulting services in Explosives, Propellants, and Pyrotechnics.

LOKI Incorporated
Vice President, 2000-2005
Consulting Services in Explosives, Propellants, and Pyrotechnics.

University of Missouri-Rolla, Department of Mining Engineering
Professor (2001-present)
Instruction of undergraduate, graduate and extension courses in various aspects of mining & engineering (a list of subjects taught is included later).  Research concerning mining related topics.  Lead Professor for the Explosives Engineering emphasis area  and minor within the Mining Engineering degree program.  Directing graduate student research in the area of Explo-sives.  Member University of Missouri Doctoral Faculty (Since 1989).

University of Missouri-Rolla, Rock Mechanics and Explosives Research Center
Senior Research Investigator (1981-present)
Concurrent appointment enabling research into blast fragmentation and casting, controlled blasting techniques and tunnel excavation, development of electronic delay detonators and new fuses, laboratory evaluation of explosive properties, jet penetration and fragmentation, high pressure water jet fragmentation and cutting, demilitarization techniques for various explosives and propellants, the jet initiation of explosives and propellants, and mine clearance. Responsible for explosive storage and handling at center and charge of center explosives research laboratory.  Other civil and defense research using high speed photographic, video and seismographic equipment.

Department of Mining Engineering, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Laboratory Analyst (1979-1981)
Explosives and rock mechanics related research.  Instruction of both undergraduate and graduate students.  Faculty member in charge of explosives emphasis area within mining engineering degree program

Transport and Road Research Laboratory (Scottish Branch)
CASE Industrial Award Recipient Asst. Scientific Officer grade. (1978-1981)
Concurrent appointment from Science Research Council to conduct cooperative industry and academic research.
Extract from job description: Examination and analysis of previous pre-split blasting case histories and visits for on-site observation of the effects of pre-split blasting; design and appraisal of site investigation and design of pre-split blasting in consultation with highway engineers; monitoring of pre-split blasting contracts.