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Ph. D., Chemical Engineering; Dissertation in Physics Dept. entitled
Explosive System Design for Magnetic Flux Compression by Implosion
M.S., Gas Engineering, thesis on petrochemical processing
B.S., Chemical Engineering
All at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL 60616


Independent consultant for US Government and industry on explosive systems. Clients have included Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory, Foster-Miller (now Qinetics USA)

Hazards & Explosives Research and Education, LLC (HERE, LLC), Narragansett, RI
Partner with Prof. Jimmie Oxley of Univ. of RI, 2003-Present
Short courses (~150) for Govt. agencies and contractors on energetic materials and applications

Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM, 1989-2004
Project leader for advanced development projects on high-power detonators
Electrical slapper and laser detonator development
Miniature firing system development for slapper detonator use in electronic safing, arming and firing systems
Microdetonics studies for miniature munition applications
Insensitive explosive formulation studies
Developments of miniature high-voltage firing circuits for military fuzes, a high-power laser-driven detonation system, and the study of microdetonics have enabled new capabilities such as multi-mode and miniature munitions, and lightning-safe detonators.

Explosives Technology Inc., Fairfield, CA, 1986-89
Director of Advanced Technology, responsible for
Advanced explosives system design, manufacturing troubleshooting, chemical laboratory analysis, test firing for product lot acceptance
Expanding tube separation system that successfully released communication satellite payloads in space, without producing any contaminating detonation product debris.

Computational Mechanics Associates, Baltimore, MD, 1987- 1997 (occasional)
Team-taught short courses on detonation physics, explosive technology and applications of explosives on 12 occasions

Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM, 1968-86
Supervisor, Detonating Components Group, 1976-86
Modeled slapper detonators and reduced firing energy requirement 25-fold.
Responsible as design agency leader for explosive detonators for weapons
Researcher, Explosives and Shock Wave Physics Group, 1968-76
Extended and applied Gurney model for explosive output in combination with other physics
Gas-gun impact experiments measured shock-wave evolution in shock initiation of solid explosives for first time in U.S.

IIT Research Institute, Chicago, IL, 1959-68
Research Engineer, Explosives Research Section
Led project for undersea detonation of large 10-250-ton explosive charges to produce a seismic disturbance that traveled around the earth.
Modeled crushing impact ignition of explosives as a hazard response

US citizen
Conference Leadership
Cochair, 29th International Pyrotechnics Seminar, 2002
Chair, 27th International Pyrotechnics Seminar, 2000
Cochair, Eleventh Symposium (Intl.) on Detonation, 1998
Cochair, three international conferences on Life Cycles of Energetic Materials, 1993-96.
Coeditor, Behavior and Utilization of Explosives in Engineering Design, Proc., 12th Annual Symposium of N. M. Section of A.S.M.E., Albuquerque, March, 1972.


Awards at Los Alamos National Laboratory for distinguished performance (2), collaboration with industry, and patents (2), 1993-2004.
National Science Foundation Competitive Engineering Fellowship, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, 1963-64 for Ph. D. study.
Institute of Gas Technology Cooperative Work-Study Fellow, Chicago, 1957-60 for M. S. study.

Selected Publications:
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