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Explosives, Pyrotechnics, Propellants, Energetic Materials, Chemicals, Stability, Chemical safety, Thermal Stability, Explosions


Professor of Chemistry at the University of Rhode Island (URI), the former co-Director of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Center of Excellence (CoE) in Explosive Detection, Mitigation, and Response, and co-Director of the Forensic Science Partnership of URI. Expert earned a Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia (Chemistry) and joined the faculty of New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology (NMT) where she founded a Ph.D. program in explosives and created a Thermal Hazards Research group. In 1995 she and her research group moved to URI, where her lab specializes in the study of energetic materials—explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics.

Expert has organized numerous symposia and short courses for government and industrial laboratories on topics ranging from hazards analysis to bomb threats: Sandia and Los Alamos National Labs; NAVSEA, Indian Head & Stumpneck; US Army R&D (WES) & Picatinny Arsenal; Edwards & Eglin Air Force Bases; CIA; Defense Nuclear Safety Board; DHS & Transportation Security Administration; Raytheon; Lockheed; AS&E; Implant Sciences. Expert is the past chair of the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Energetic Materials; co-founder of Life Cycles of Energetic Materials and the GRC on Illicit Substance Detection. She is an elected fellow of the North American Thermal Analysis Society and a reviewer for the FBI, NSF, Department of Justice, and National Academy of Sciences (NAS) National Research Council (NRC). Expert has served on seven NRC panels/committees In 2015 Expert was given a 2-year appointment to the NIST Organization of Scientific Area Committees on Fire Debris and Explosives.  She will begin a 3-year term on the DoD strategic Environmental R&D Program Scientific Advisory Board. She is on the editorial boards of Forensic Chemistry and Central European Journal of Energetic Materials.

Expert has authored over a hundred papers on energetic materials (explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics). She has worked on law enforcement issues [with the FBI simulating the World Trade Center bombing (1993), with FEL examining large fertilizer bombs, and with ATF studying the behavior of pipe bombs]; however, her main research interest is hazard analysis. Studies include kinetics, analysis and prediction of stability, safety issues, synthesis of energetics, and analytical protocols. Her study of ammonium nitrate stability and terrorist usage has led to an invitation to testify before a subcommittee of the House Homeland Security Committee (Dec. 2005) and her work on explosive detection before the House Science & Technology Committee (April 2008). Oxley has studied most classes of energetic materials including improvised explosives such as, hydrogen peroxide, TATP, and HMTD. The later has resulted in safe-scent canine training aids, licensing in progress. Work has been performed for a variety of companies (BASF, Battelle, Dow Chemical, DuPont, Exxon, Honeywell, Raytheon) and government agencies (U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, FAA, TSA, DARPA, and Sandia & Los Alamos National Labs). Oxley’s URI laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instruments: calorimeters, chromatographs, and mass spectrometers.  Her labs also include TSA explosive detection equipment: IMS, conventional X-ray & CT; and she maintains a 30-TNT eq licensed range equipped with various high-speed cameras. She holds DOE & DoD secret clearances.


Ph.D., Chemistry, University of British Columbia, Vancouver;

M.S.,  Chemistry, California State University, Northridge, CA;

B.A., University of California, San Diego, CA.


2002 to present  University of Rhode Island (URI) Professor

1999 to 2002     University of Rhode Island Associate Professor:

1998 to present  URI Forensic Science Partnership Co-Director

1995 to 1999     University of Rhode Island Adj. Associate Professor

1995 to 1998  Gordon Research Conferences Deputy Director

1989-1995  New Mexico Inst. of Mining & Tech. (NMIMT) Associate Professor

1984-1989  NMIMT, Socorro, NM Assistant Professor

1987-1995  Los Alamos National Laboratory Visiting Scientist

1983-1984  Petroleum Recovery Research Center, NMIMT Postdoctoral Fellow


2015, 2014; 2013 IP Award with various co-inventors

Outstanding Researcher Arts & Sciences, Dec. 2015.

First-Place Team 8th Annual National Security Innovation Contest; April 2014.

Outstanding Research Award URI, April 2008

Invited witness, House Science & Technology Committee April 24, 2008

Outstanding Research Award URI, May 2007

Saferstein Memorial Award Lecturer, Northwestern U. March 2005

Invited witness, House Subcommittee Homeland Security on HR3197, Dec. 14, 2005.

National Academy of Science (NAS): National Research Council (NRC)–7 committees:

Chemical Sci. Board for DHS on “Reducing the Threat of IED Attacks by Restricting Access to Chemical Explosive Precursors” (2016-17)

Army Research Lab’s “Armor and Armaments” panel (2009-11)

Naval Studies “Determining Basic Research Needs to Interrupt the IED Delivery Chain (2005-08);

Manufacturing Board–for US military “Advanced Energetic Materials Manufacture” (2001-02);

Military Science Board advising U.S Army–“Chemical Weapon Destruction” (1998-99);

Chemistry Board for BATF “Marking, Rendering Inert, & Licensing Explosives (1996-’98);

National Material Advisory Board for FAA– “Commercial Aviation Security” (Jan’95-98);

Organizer & Chair in nat’l organizations (Gordon Research Conf. Energetic Materials 1994,96;

Calorimetry Conf. 1991-94; Life-Cycles Energetic Materials 1993-98; NATAS 1992-96)

Elected Fellow North American Thermal Analysis Society (NATAS); Sept. 1995.

Vice-Chair of NMIMT Faculty Senate (1993-94)

Chair of New Mexico section of the American Chemical Society ’88; education chair ’85

NMIMT corporate representative to American Assoc. of University Women ’93-85

Reviewer for the FBI, National Science Foundation (NSF), National Academy of Sciences

(NAS) Naval Studies Board & National Research Council (NRC) & Department of Energy

DOE review panel: “Low-Level Mixed Waste Cleanup”; June 1993, Feb. 1994, Ap 1994.

“Recycle, Reuse, & Disposal of Materials DOE’s Decontam. & Decommis. Act.;” Oct. ’92.


How to Detect HME   CBRNE International Conference Lyon, France; May 29-June 2, 2017

Explosive Analysis American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science Central New England;  May 9-11, Providence, RI

Perspectives on checkpoint security” ADSA15; Boston, MA Nov 15, 2016

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Research into Improvised Explosives (HME) 5th Australian Symposium Energetic Materials, Adelaide, AU, Sept 27-29, 2016

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Weslayan University April 29, 2016

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Recognizing Improvise Drug vs Explosive Labs, 23rd Annual Haz-Mat Training Conf. Sept 18, 2014, Plymouth, MA

Energetic Materials Needs and R&D Goals GRC June 2014, ME

Plenary Lecture: “Explosive Detection: How We Got Here and Where are We Going?” International Symposium on Chemical Propulsion & Energetic Materials June 2-6 2014; Poitiers, FR

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“The Explosive Threat” McCabe Lecture Springfield College, MA April 2, 2014

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CT Valley ACS “Explosive Research for Safety and Security” Oct 17, 2013

ISADE “The Explosive Threat: Is there Something New Under the Sun?” Oct 8, 2013 Den Haag, Netherlands

FACSS/SciX “Taming the Peroxide Explosives and Other HME;” Milwaukee; Oct 2 2013

IABTI Regional Meeting; “Explosive Short Course” Colorado Spring; CO Sept 17, 2013

Clinical Lab Science Convention; Providence, May 4, 2011

Wheaton College Chemistry Seminar April 6, 2011

DHS University Summit April 1, 2011

MIT Lincoln Labs Feb 24, 2011

Los Alamos National Lab Feb. 2, 2011

Warwick Rotary Club Warwick RI Jan 6, 2011

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What & Where to Look ; Oakland University, Chemistry, Dept. Detroit, Sept 29 2010

Overview of DHS Center of Excellence; Texas Tech, Chemistry; Lubbock, TX; Oct 27 2010

½ tutorial for UnderSecretary Tara O’Toole, Washington, DC June 11, 2010

1 day Tutorial TSA Bomb Appraisal Officers; Charlotte, NC, Jun 3, July 15, Aug 12, Sept 16, 2010

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Developed & instructed courses on energetic materials safety & security for
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Extensive list of publications available upon request.


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