Federal Probation Parole Officer Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Federal Probation, Federal Parole, Community Corrections, Offender Supervison, Presentence Investigations, Sentencing, High Risk Offenders, Reentry, Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy, Firearms, Safety, Probation, Parole Officers, Witness Protection Offenders, Successful Supervison, Violations, Senior Management


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Work Experience

Sr. Deputy Chief U.S. Probation Officer
U.S. Probation Office – Newark, NJ
December 2005 to June 2016
Direct oversight of all staff, including 11 supervisors and 60 officers
Direct oversight of IT, human resources and budget personnel
Close work with the Court relative to all supervision matters
Manage treatment budget of $1.5 million annually
With other senior managers, planned, initiated and implemented total paperless file system
Directly involved in all personnel matters, including hiring, promotions and disciplinary actions
Develop and maintain outstanding relationships with various community partner agencies
Maintain presence at all office and courthouse locations throughout district
Deliver in-service training to staff throughout the year
Conduct ongoing reviews/audits of our supervision case work
With Chief, oversee securing and planning of, and actual moves to, new office space
WITSEC coordinator for district
Active leadership within District’s Reentry Court initiatives
Active participant in law enforcement intelligence sharing initiatives regionally
Head COOP committee
Lead district’s Second Chance Act funding policies and practices
Continuously developing numerous offender success initiatives or programs
Lead district’s training for Moral Reconation Therapy and subsequent MRT groups
Member – Decision Support System Working Group with Administrative Office of Courts
Member – Reentry/Second Chance Act Expert Working Group with Administrative Office of Courts
Member – District Review teams in Guam, Massachusetts, Northern West Virginia and Northern Alabama
Work closely with senior managers from other districts throughout the country
With senior managers, effectively navigated district through significant budgetary cuts 2010 to 2015
Oversee district’s firearms, safety programs and office safety/security protocols

Part Time Consultant/Investigator
Crossroads Regional Office – North Brunswick, NJ
1998 to 2014
Conducted investigations and prepared initial assessment reports on ISP applicants in the Crossroads Regional Office

Supervising U.S. Probation Officer
U.S. Probation Office – Trenton, NJ
2002 to 2005
Assign presentence, prerelease, reentry and supervision investigations Supervised units of presentence and supervision officers Accompanied officers in field work and at violation hearings Work directly with officers in the supervision of federal offenders Prepared performance evaluations for all officers Maintained close working relationships with all federal agency partners Worked closely with all related social service and law enforcement community partners

Senior U.S. Probation Officer
U.S. Probation Office – Trenton, NJ
1994 to 2002
Investigated and supervised high risk and high profile federal offenders Developed district special offender supervision manual Maintained knowledge and expertise with all district and national supervision policies Expert in matters of supervised release, probation and parole violations and revocations WITSEC assistant and trained supervision/PSI staff on WITSEC issues Liaison between staff and variety of law enforcement agencies Worked closely with counterparts in several other districts Trained new officers Practiced effective reentry supervision techniques throughout tenure as a senior officer

U.S. Probation Officer
U.S. Probation Office – Trenton, NJ
1992 to 1994
U.S. Probation Officer Supervised a general caseload of federal offenders in the Monmouth County vicinage Conducted presentence, prerelease and collateral investigations

Probation Officer
Monmouth County Probation Office – Asbury Park, NJ
1986 to 1992
Supervised caseload of Asbury Park juveniles and worked closely with all related social service agencies, the Family Court and law enforcement personnel


M.A. in Criminal Justice
School of Criminal Justice, Rutgers University – Newark, NJ
1994 to 1998

B.A. in Criminal Justice/Sociology
Monmouth University – West Long Branch, NJ
1980 to 1985