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Fire Arson Investigation Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Fire, Explosions, Arson Defense, Arson Prosecution, Explosion Investigator Certified, Electrical Fires, Gas Explosions, Vehicular Fires, Structure Fires, Fire Deaths, Injuries, Building Codes, Fire Codes Fire Code Violations, Building Code Violations, Life Safety Code Violations, Smoke Detector Issues, Fire Spread Issues, Fire Prevention Analysis, Fire Department Practices, Fire Department Operations, Fire Department Practices, Fire Department Management, Firefighter Deaths, Firefighter Injuries, Firefighter Safety, Discipline Issues, Termination Issues, gas, explosion, Fire Department Operations procedures, Firefighter fatalities

Expert No. 3705

As a member of the Fire Department for twenty-eight years, Expert 3705 progressed from a Firefighter/Paramedic to the position of Deputy Fire Chief. Expert 3705 has extensive experience in fire and arson investigation; fire prevention and life safety codes; fire department management, operations and safety; and firefighter fatalities and injuries.  Expert 3705 has responded to hundreds of major fire and crime scenes and has testified in court on the conclusions of his investigations.  His investigations have led to successful criminal indictments and convictions.

Expert 3705’s fire department responsibilities included the review of all construction plans for compliance to fire and building codes. His expertise in building construction and fire code compliance, coupled with his knowledge of firefighting techniques and fire spread, lends a unique blend to his fire investigation capabilities.

In addition to his fire department exposure to hundreds of fire investigations, Expert 3705 has extensive experience in the private sector also. Over the past eighteen years Expert 3705 has conducted over fifteen hundred fire related investigations as a private fire cause and origin investigator. He has provided loss reviews, fire investigations, technical expertise, and litigation support for numerous major insurance carriers and attorneys throughout the U.S.  Responsibilities include complete report writing, evidence collection, still and video photography, interviewing of witnesses, and deposition and expert witness appearances. Expert 3705 has testified in both state and federal courts for both plaintiff and defense clients.

Practice areas include:

Fire and Explosions   
Arson defense/prosecution; electrical fires; gas explosions; vehicular fires; structure fires; fire deaths/injuries.

Building and Fire Codes
Fire/Building code violations; Life Safety Code violations; smoke detector issues; fire spread issues; fire prevention analysis.

Fire Department Practices
Fire department operations/practices/management; firefighter deaths/injuries/safety; discipline and termination issues.   

Expert 3705 has an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science and Technology.  He is also certified as a fire and explosion investigator.

September 2009
International Assn. of Arson Investigators   
Illinois Chapter-Urbana, Illinois
Fire Investigation Training Seminar

September 2008
International Assn. of Arson Investigators   
Illinois Chapter-Urbana, Illinois
Fire Investigation Training Seminar

December 2006
International Association of Arson Investigators   
Certified Fire Investigator (CFI)
(Tested Certification)

June 2005
National Association of Fire Investigators   
Sarasota, Florida
Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator
(Tested Certification)

June, 2005
Fire & Life Safety Compliance Seminar   
National Fire Protection Association
Chicago, Illinois

September 2004
International Assn. of Arson Investigators   
Illinois Chapter-Urbana, Illinois
Fire Investigation Training Seminar

May 1999
FireFindings Laboratories   
Benton Harbor, Mich.
(Gas & Electrical Appliance Fires)   

Fall 1996 to 1998
Oakton College   
Des Plaines, IL
(Automotive Technology Program)

March, 1995
Barker & Herbert Analytical Labs   
New Haven, Indiana
(Gas & Electrical Appliance Fires)

December, 1994
Oakton College   
Des Plaines, IL (date of completed degree)
(Associate Degree in Fire Science & Technology)

October, 1994
Illinois State Fire Marshall Office
Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Vehicle Fire Investigation

December, 1993
Illinois Fire Service Institute   
(various Illinois locations)   
(Certified Fire Officer II, 200 hours)

August, 1993
Schulte & Associates, Inc.   
Des Plaines, Illinois
(BOCA National Building Code)   

October, 1991
Merchut & Merchut, Inc.                                                        
Fire Safety Consultants Inc.
(Non-Structural Plan Review & Systems)

December, 1990
Illinois Fire Service Institute   
(various Illinois locations)
(Certified Fire Officer I, 200 hours)

November, 1990
Certified Investigative Photographer   
Illinois Inspectors Association
Palatine, IL (40 hours)

July, 1990
Fire Marshals Association of North America    
Fire Protection Institute
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL   
(Fire Protection Principles, 40 hours)

April, 1989
Illinois Fire Service Institute   
Skokie, IL
(Hazardous Materials I, 40 hours)   

September, 1986
National Fire Protection Association            
Chicago, IL
(Life Safety Code, 40 hours)

March, 1984
National Fire Academy
National Emergency Training Center   
Emmitsburg, Maryland
(Advanced Incident Command-80 hours)

Illinois Department of Law Enforcement           
Illinois State Police Academy
Springfield, IL
(Certified Arson Investigator-200 hours

December, 1981
National Fire Academy           
National Emergency Training Center
Emmitsburg, Maryland
(Fire/Arson Investigation-120 hours)
(Certified Fire Investigator)

February, 1974 to July, 1974
St. Francis Hospital           
Evanston, IL
(Paramedic Certification School)

Carl Schurz High School           
Chicago, IL

Gordon Technical High School   
Chicago, IL


January 2001 to Present
Expert 3705 & Assoc.                         
Fire Analyst/Owner
Wauconda, Illinois

February, 1990 to July, 2001
Probe, Inc.
Consultant and Fire Analyst

June 1991 to July 1997
Skokie Fire Department
Deputy Fire Chief Division of Fire Prevention
Skokie, IL 60077       

October 1990 to June 1991
Skokie Fire Department
Acting Fire Chief

November 1987 to    November 1990
Skokie Fire Department     
Deputy Fire Chief   
August 1986 to November 1987                  
Skokie Fire Department       
Fire Captain/Shift Commander                                                           

May 1983 to August 1986
Skokie Fire Department
Captain Division of Fire Prevention       

May 1981 to May 1983
Skokie Fire Department
 Lieutenant Paramedic Coordinator
February 1979 to May 1983   
Skokie Fire Department
Fire Lieutenant Div. of Fire Prevention
May 1969 to February 1979
Skokie Fire Department       
Fire Fighter/Paramedic

December 1965 to December 1968
United States Army
(various locations)   


  • EMS Committee (Chairperson)                   
  • Fire Investigation Team (Team Leader)
  • Hazardous Materials Task Force (Chairperson)
  • Incident Command Task Force
  • Public Education, Fire Prevention, Cable Committee
  • Village of Skokie Home Day Care Task Force
  • Village of Lake Forest (Promotional Assessment Evaluator)
  • City of Oak Park (Promotional Assessment Evaluator)
  • City of Peoria (Promotional Assessment Evaluator)
  • City of Matteson  (Promotional Assessment Evaluator)

Professional Societies

  • National Fire Protection Association
  • Fire Marshals Association of North America   
  • International Association of Fire Chiefs
  • International Code Council
  • Fire Investigators Strike Force
  • Illinois Fire Inspectors Association
  • International Association of Arson Investigators
  • National Association of Fire Investigators

Teaching Experience/Lectures/Presentations

Available Upon Request

Project Experience

Fire and building code analysis
Life Safety Code analysis
Investigation of fire fatalities and electrocutions               
Investigation of bombings
Investigation for cause and origin of fires and explosions:
– Incendiary fires
– Boiler and furnace fires/explosions
– LP and natural gas fires/explosions
– Kitchen range fires
– Spontaneous combustion
– Automobile, truck, boats, heavy equipment fires
– Electrical fires
– Home appliance fires
– Fireplace, flue and chimney related fires
– Industrial fires and explosions
– Arson prosecution and defense
– Analysis of Fire Department operations and procedures:
– Firefighter injuries and fatalities
– Improper response or procedure issues
– Discipline and termination issues