Fire Cause Origin Explosion Investigator Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Fire Cause Origin Explosion Investigator, Board Certified Fire Explosion Investigator, Certified Fire Scene Investigator, Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator, Certified Explosion Investigator, Certified Fire Investigator Instructor, Certification in Burn Pattern Recognition, Certification in Burn Identification, Fire Investigation, Arson Investigation, Explostion Investigation, Field Fire, Fire Scene Evidence Removal, Explosive, Fire Science, Live Oil Well Fires, Certified Fire Investigator,


A second-generation fire investigator with over 32 years of experience in fire investigation for the insurance industry Expert 2750 trained primarily under the direction of a former Tennessee State Fire Marshal/Certified Fire Investigator. Registered nationally as a Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator (C.F.E.I.) through the National Association of Fire Investigation (N.A.F.I.) as well as a Certified Fire Investigator Instructor (C.F.I.I.) and Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator (C.V.F.I.) through N.A.F.I. Expert 2750 is also a Certified Fire Investigator (C.F.I.), (C.F.I.-V) Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator, and Fire Investigation Technician (F.I.T.) through the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI). He is registered multiple times with the National Board for Fire Service Professional Qualifications (ProBoard) as a Certified Fire Investigator and is a graduate of both the National Fire Academy and the Virginia Department of Fire Programs Fire Marshal Academy. Expert 2750 is also a Certified ASE technician (Forensic Mechanic) in reference to automobiles and light trucks. Has testified as an expert witness in both state and federal criminal and civil courts in various states. 22 years as a self-employed fire investigator trading as Fire Analysis Consulting Group LLC in the State of Virginia. Took control of Southern Fire Analysis LLC. in 2017


Served as an Evidence Technician for SEA out of Tampa office and as an Evidence Technician 2 years and a Certified Fire Investigator for Southern Fire Analysis for thirty years and has been a Private Investigator in the State of Virginia since 1998. He has personally, investigated thousands of fires throughout the States of Tennessee, Virginia, Delaware, New York, Maine, Connecticut, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi Texas, Arkansas, Iowa, California. Wyoming, Kansas, Florida, and Colorado ranging from vehicle fires to complex and large loss examinations that have included Commercial, Industrial and Residential fire losses of all sizes and types including auto, heavy equipment, semi-trucks and trailers, boats and personal water craft, live oil well fires, CSST/gas line fires, restaurant fires, suppression hoods and systems, stoves and appliances, water heaters and furnaces, gas fires, electrical fires, fireplace fires, product liability fires, explosions, heating fires, arson fires, subrogation related fires and accidental fires. Expert 2750 in one of but a few fire investigators in the US to hold all certifications in fire as well as the ASE designation (Forensic Mechanic) Has investigated approximately 5000 fire scenes to date and of those approximately 1700 have involved vehicles, heavy equipment, etc.


Since 1987 has received thousands of hours of instructional fire and explosion investigation training from nationally registered and recognized organizations as well as OJT (see attached list).


Has been registered as a Certified Fire Investigator Instructor since 1999, was also one of the first instructors in 2001 for the I.A.A.I. Witness Testimony Course (train the trainer) and has taught numerous fire related subjects to the State of Kentucky Fire School, Chesterfield County Public Schools and multiple claim associations and insurance companies (see attached list).


Leto High School, 1981-1983
Madison High School, 1983-1984
Lloyd C. Bird High School, 1984-1985, graduated with a standard diploma
Constitutional Law John Tyler Community College 1987
Eastern Kentucky University, 1988 – 1989, Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator
Virginia State Fire Marshals Academy School, 1998, Certified Fire Investigator for the State of Virginia


Certified Fire Investigator – I.A.A.I. – License
Certified Motor Vehicle Endorsement IAAI (V)
Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator – N.A.F.I. – License
Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator – N.A.F.I.
Certified Fire Investigator Instructor – N.A.F.I.
Certified Fire Investigator – State of Virginia Department of Fire Programs – License
Certified Fire Investigator – National Board of Fire Service Pro Qualifications – Certificate
Certified Evidence Collection Technician – I.A.A.I. – Certificate
Certification in Burn Pattern Recognition & Identification – Public Agency Training Council
State of Virginia – Private Investigator License
ASE Automotive Service Excellence Certification for automobiles and light trucks


Founding Member of the Tetrahedron Committee – 2007 (A Pro-bono fire review panel utilizing recognized experts from around the world to view questionable fire & Arson claims/convictions)

Member of International Association of Marine Investigators
Member of International Association of Arson Investigators
Member of International Association of Arson Investigators – Tennessee Chapter
Member of International Association of Arson Investigators – Georgia
Member of International Association of Arson Investigators – Kentucky
Member of International Association of Arson Investigators – West Virginia
Member of International Association of Arson Investigators – Taiwan
Member of National Association of Fire Investigators
Member of International Fire Investigation Research Institute
Board Member of the International Fire Investigation Research Institute (IFIRI)
The National Fire Academy Alumni Association
Member of The American College of Forensic Examiners
Tennessee Advisory Committee on Arson

*Memberships may or may not be current pending on organization procedures *


2016 – Present: From the Ashes Newsletter sent to 800+ insurance professionals throughout the industry
2001 – 2004: Fire Analysis Consulting Group Company Newsletter
Present: Fire Findings Fire Investigation Newsletter
Present: Drew, Eckle & Farnham Insurance Claims Law Journal
Present: I.A.A.I. Fire & Arson Investigator Magazine
Present: Virginia Department of Fire Programs Quarterly Magazine
Present: N.A.F.I. The National Fire Investigator Magazine
Present: Fire Engineering Magazine
Present: N.F.P.A. Journal
Present: The Warren Group Investigation & Engineering Newsletter
Present: F & R Engineering Newsletter
Present: The Forensic Examiner
Present: P.I. Investigative Magazine
Present: NASP Magazine

*Items may or may not be current pending on organization procedures*


Sept. 2020, One-hour webinar, NASP, The New Impact: NFPA 921, 2021 Ed., and NFPA 1033 2022 Ed.
Sept. 2020, 3 hr. seminar,, Preventing Occupational Exposures to Carcinogens at the Fire Scene
July 2020, Two-and-a-half-hour webinar, PATC, What is Evidence at a Fire Scene
June 2020, One-hour virtual class, Carquest CTI Online, Auto Electrical Foundations for Reliable Diagnostics
June 2020, Two-hour training webinar, IAAI, NFPA 921 2021 Edition: Updates and Fire Patterns untested
January 2020, Eight-hour training seminar, MFEIA, Kitchen Hood Systems, Fire Alarms, and Sprinkler Sys.
January 2020, Three-hour class,, Introduction to Appliances
December 2019, Eight-hour training seminar, SWVFIA, Legal Update
November 2019, 67 Hr. hour tested program,, Principles of Fire Investigation Multi-Program
November 2019, 41 Hr. tested program,, Fire Investigation for Fire Officers Multi-Program
November 2019, Four-hour class,, Introduction to Fire Dynamics and Modeling
October 2019, Eight-hour class, MEFIA, – Arson Case Studies
October 2019, One-hour test, – Fire Investigation Technician test (Passed)
September 2019, CFI – Podcast: Electric Car Fires
August 2019, 3 hr. – Critical Evaluation & testing of Commonly Reported Accidental Causes
August 2019, 32 hr. tested, TN IAAI Chapter Annual Seminar, Fire Chemistry, Gas Service & Fire Investigation, Electrical Failure, Fire Investigation Health & Safety, Case Study: Homicide/Arson Case
April 2019, Asbestos Standard for the Construction Industry
February 2019, Three-hour seminar,, Charting Your Career in Fire Investigation
February 2019, One-hour webinar, AM Best, The Future of Claims Management
November 2018, 20-hour seminar, AL Association of Arson Investigators, Recognizing and Investigation the Natural or LP Gas Incident, Fire or Explosion Scene Processing, Procedures, & Techniques, Creating and Maintaining Investigative Notes and Sketches, Fire Scene/Crime Scene Photographs, Panel Discussion
September 2018, 20-hour seminar, ATF/Washington Field Division, Spoliation, Negative Corpus, Case Study, NFPA 1033 & 921, Fire Dynamics, and live burns.
September 2018, Eight-hour class, IAAI, NFPA 921 & 1033, Fire Dynamics, Fire Development & Decay, Ventilation, Fire Growth, and Fire Modeling
August 2018 ASE studies for ASE Certification in Automotive systems covering Brakes, Steering &Suspension Heating & Cooling, Electrical, Transmission, and Engine systems over 150 hours of training for exam.
August 2018 24-hour seminar, Tennessee Chapter I.A.A.I. – Live burns, CPSC Research, Legal Search for Investigation, Use of Damage in Fire Investigations, NFPA 921 – Chapter 18 Origin Determination
April 2018, One-hour webinar, ICAC/IAAI – Arson in Vacant/Abandoned Buildings
March 2018, 24 Hr. sem, IAMI Annual – Maritime Law, Live burns, Legal Aspect, Marine Electrical
March 2018, One-hour Webinar, NASP – Fire Dynamics for Beginners
February 2018, Explore Lab Module, National Institute of Justice, Module in Fire Forensic, Claims & Evidence
January 2018, half an hour Podcast,, Smart homes and Digital Data Gathering Issues
January 2018, Six-hour class, Insurance Committee for Arson Control Online Academy, Fire Loss Specialist topics including Fire Scene Documentation, Origin & Cause, NFPA 921 & 1033, Ethics
September 2017, Three-hour class, – Discovery in Civil Cases
September 2017, Sixteen-hour seminar, John DeHann – Fire Deaths, Explosions & Scene Investigation
August 2017, Sixteen-hour seminar, PATC – Managing the Evidence & Property Room
August 2017, One-hour webinar, NASP – Fire Investigation from Insurance Perspective
August 2017, Three-hour class, – Discovery in Criminal Cases
August 2017, TN IAAI Annual Seminar – Kitchen Fires, NFPA 921 & 1033, Negative Corpus & POE
July 2017, One-hour Webinar, Insurance Committee for Arson Control – Subrogation Part 2 – The Defense
July 2017, One-hour Webinar, Insurance Committee for Arson Control – Subrogation Part 1 – The Plaintiff (Items covered – Large loss, protocols, Letter of Intent, & experts)
July 2017, Eight-hour class, MFEIA – New Technology in DNA & Gas Fired Appliances
June 2017, Three-hour class, – What the Ins. Prof. Needs to Know About Fire Investigation
June 2017, Toyota Sealed Transmission Maintenance and Service Webinar
June 2017, Three-hour class, – Motor Vehicles: Transmission, Exhaust, Brake, & Accessory Sys
April 2017, Three-hour class, – Motor Vehicle Engine, Ignition System, Electrical & Fuel Sys.
March 2017, Two-hour class, VA State Fire Marshal – Comm. Kitchen Exhaust Hood & Suppression Systems
March 2017, Twenty-hour seminar, International Assoc. of Marine Investigators – Annual Training Seminar
February 2017, Eight-hour class, – Knowledge 1 Motor Vehicle Fires Tier 1
February 2017, Four-hour class, – Investigating Motor Vehicle Fires (Refresh)
January 2017, Three-hour Module, – Thermometry, Heat & Heat Transfer
January 2017, Four-hour class, MFEIA – Fire Dynamics case reviews
October 2016, One-hour Webinar, The National Assoc. of Subro Professionals – Pursing Claims Against State & Federal Government
August 2016, One-hour Webinar, The National Assoc. of Subrogation Professionals – A Guide to Subrogating a Commercial Restaurant Fire Loss…Focus on the Ansul System
August 2016, Two-hour Webinar, International Assoc. of Fire Investigators –Battery and Vehicle Electrical Fire
August 2016,, Podcast – Martin Painter Arson Case Study
August 2016, Seventeen and a half hours’ seminar, Tennessee Chapter I.A.A.I. Internet Profiling & Intelligence Gathering, Extreme Alarm Science Bootcamp
July 2016, Two hour tested Webinar, International Association of Fire Investigators Professional Training Institute – Large Loss Fire Investigations
June 2016, One-hour Webinar, The National Associations of Subrogation Professionals (NASP) – Internet Profiling and Intelligence Gathering
June 2016, Three-hour class, – Ethical Duties Beyond the Fire Scene
June 2016, Three-hour class, – Legal Aspects of Youth-Set Fires
May 2016, 16-hour class, MFEIA/MD I.A.A.I. – Auto Fire Investigation Seminar with Live Burns
April 27, 2016, 5-hour practicum – I.A.A.I. ITC – Orlando, FL – Certified Evidence Collection Technician 334
April 2016, Thirty-two-hour seminar, I.A.A.I. ITC – Orlando, FL – Topics – Boat Fires, 1033 Challenge, Thermodynamics, Soil Gas Migration & Natural Gas Fires, Lithium Ion Batteries, Arc Mapping Updates
April 2016, Three-hour class, – Introduction to Youth-Set Fires
March 2016, Study and review of heavy equipment manuals
March 2016, Two-hour class, – The Practical Application of the Relationship between NFPA 1033 and NFPA 921
February 2016, Three-hr. class, – Investigating Fire & Explosion Incidents Line-of-Duty Death
January 2016, Three-hour class, – Accreditation, Certification and Certificates
January 2016, Review of ASE Automotive Manuals for General Repairs and Light Duty Trucks
December 2015, Podcast – Investigation of Marijuana Grow Houses
December 2015, Seven-hour class, MFEIA Training Seminar, Fatal Fire Investigations
November 2015, One-hour class, videos on understanding Diesel Regeneration Process
October 2015, Eight-hour class, I.A.A.I. VA Chapter – Post Flashover & ATF Case Review MD Mansion Fire
Sept. 2015, Fifteen and half hour seminar, P.A.T.C. – Internet Tools for Criminal Investigators
August 2015, Eleven-and-a-half-hour class, Tennessee Chapter I.A.A.I. – Live Burn Cells
June 2015, Three-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Investigating Natural Gas Systems
May 2015, Sixteen-hour seminar, P.A.T.C. – Cell Phone Technology
March 31 – April 1, 2015, Sixteen-hour class, M.F.E.I.A. – Fire Scene Evidence, Live Burns & Labs
March 2015, Three-hour class, I.A.A.I. – The Deposition Part 2
February 2015, Three-hour class, I.A.A.I. – The Deposition Part 1
September 2014, Three-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Process of Elimination
August 2014, Thirty-two-hour seminar, Tennessee Chapter I.A.A.I. Seminar, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
June 2014, Three-hour class, I.A.A.I. – NFPA 921 & 1033 2014 Editions: Important Revisions
June 2014, Three-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Ethics & Social Media
May 2014, 10 Part Series related to Recreational Vehicle Refrigeration fires, Dometic, Norcold & Atwood
August 2013, Thirty-hour seminar Tenn. Chapter I.A.A.I., Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
May 2013, Thirty-six-hour seminar, I.A.A.I. General Meeting Seminar, Orlando, FL
October 2012, Two-hour class, I.A.A.I. – NFPA 1033 and Your Career
August 6-10 2012, Thirty-hour seminar Tenn. Chapter I.A.A.I. on Appliance fires, RV fires, NFPA 921 & 1033
July 2012, Three-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Writing the Initial Origin & Cause Report
July 2012, Two- hour class, I.A.A.I. – Using Resources to validate your Hypothesis
April 2012, Thirty-eight-hour seminar, I.A.A.I. General Meeting Seminar, Dover, Delaware
March 2012, Sixteen-hour seminar, Virginia Chapter I.A.A.I. Seminar, Waynesboro, Virginia
October 2011, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Value of Electronic Evidence in Fire Investigation
August 2011, Forty-hour seminar, Tennessee Chapter I.A.A.I. Seminar, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
June 2011, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Charleston Sofa Super Store Fire
March 2011, Sixteen-hour seminar, Virginia Chapter I.A.A.I. Seminar, Waynesboro, Virginia
March 2011, Twenty-hour seminar, P.A.T.C. – Hands-on Vehicle Fire/Arson Investigation Seminar
March 2011, Three-hour class, I.A.A.I. – DNA
July 2011, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Explosion Dynamics
July 2011, Three-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Fire Protection Systems
June 2011, Two-hour class, I.A.A.I. – How First Responders Impact the Fire Investigation
January 2011, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Search & Seizure
January 2011, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – The Fire Investigator & The 2011 NFPA 921 Changes
September 2010, Eight hours research, Vehicle and Training fires, Arson and Depositions
August 2010, Two-hour class, I.A.S.I.U./National Insurance Crime Training Academy Seminar – Ethics
August 2010, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Interviewing
August 2010, Three-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Electricity & Electrical Safety
August 2010, Forty-hour seminar, Tennessee Chapter I.A.A.I., Modern Techniques in Fire Investigation
July 2010, Five-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Wildland Fire Investigation
June 2010, Three-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Residential Building Construction
February 2010, Thirty-two-hour seminar, I.C.A.C. Seminar – Savannah, Georgia
February 2010, Four-hour class, OSHA Hazmat Standards Training (HAZWOPER) – 29 CFR 1910.120
January 2010, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Lab Procedures & Evidence at the Lab
November 2009, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Preparation for the Marine Fire Scene
October 2009, Thirty-six-hour seminar, North & South Carolina I.A.A.I. – Fire Investigative Approaches
October 2009, Eight-hour class, North & South Carolina I.A.A.I. – Post Flashover & Ventilation Effects of Fire
September 2009, Three-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Effective Investigation & Court Testimony
August 2009, Forty-hour seminar, Tennessee Chapter I.A.A.I. – Fire Investigation Techniques
August 2009, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Arc Mapping
July 2009, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Motive, Means & Opportunity in Arson Cases
April 2009, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Digital Photograph & Fire Investigation
November 2008, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Fire & Explosion Investigation Utilizing NFPA 1033 & 921
November 2008, Two-hour class, I.A.A.I. – MagneTek: A Case Study in Daubert Challenge
November 2008, Three-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Fire Investigator Scene Safety
November 2008, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Post Flashover Fires
October 2008, Three-hour class, C.V.F.M.A. class – Commercial Restaurant Hood Systems & Fires
September 2008, Four-hour class, Ventilation and its Impact on Building Systems and Fire Development
September 2008, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Types of Fire Scene Evidence
September 2008, Three-hour class, Virginia State Police – Investigation of Motor Vehicle Fires
September 2008, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Investigation of Motor Vehicle Fires
September 2008, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – An Analysis of the Station Nightclub Fire
September 2008, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Documenting the Event/Fire
September 2008, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Understanding Fire through Candle Experiments
September 2008, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Managing Complex Fire Scene Investigations
September 2008, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Vacant & Abandoned Buildings as a Fire Hazard
August 2008, Twenty-hour seminar, P.A.T.C. Seminar – N.C.J.P.S Hands-on Electrical Fire
August 2008, Training for Ladder, Self-Rescue & Construction Safety – Barnhart Construction
March 2008, Eight-hour seminar, Virginia I.A.A.I. Seminar – Fire Investigation of Farm Equipment Fires
January 2008, Cedars Sinai Hospital Operating Room Fires Safety Training Program
August 2007, Twenty-four-hour seminar, P.A.T.C. – Arson Case Management
April 2007, Sixteen-hour seminar, P.A.T.C. – Arson Scene Search Topics
March 2007, Twenty-four-hour seminar, Virginia I.A.A.I. – Investigation of Gas & Electric Appliance Fires
January 2007, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Preparing for Trial
January 2007, Four-hour class, I.A.A.I. – Analyzing Insurance Documents
September – December 2006, National Fire Academy – Coffee Break Training
July – August 2006, Forty-hour seminar, Tennessee Chapter I.A.A.I. Seminar – Fire & Fraud Investigation
July 2006, Twenty-two-hour seminar, National Crime Justice – Certification in Fire Pattern Recognition
October 2005, Thirty-six-hour seminar, Virginia Chapter I.A.A.I. – NFPA 921, Vehicle Fires & Legal Updates
August 2005, Forty-hour seminar, Tennessee Chapter I.A.A.I. Seminar – Fire & Fraud Investigations
August 2005, Four-hour class, NM Tech. & Energ. Materials Center – Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings
April 2005, Eight-hour seminar, I.A.A.I. General Meeting/Seminar – Arlington, Virginia
September 2003, Forty-hour seminar, MD/DC Chapter I.A.A.I Seminar – Fire & Fraud Investigations
September 2003, Twenty-four-hour seminar, National I.A.A.I. & WV I.A.A.I. Seminar – Vehicle Fire Invest.
June 2003, Four-and-a-half-hour class, V.S.C.A. – Subrogation, Case Law & Hazardous Materials
March 2003, Sixteen-hour seminar, Virginia Chapter I.A.A.I. – NFPA 921, Fire Investigation & Post Blast
September 2002, Twenty-four-hour seminar, N.A.F.I./Fire & Safety Engineering Technology & Eastern
Kentucky University – Vehicle Fire, Arson & Explosion Investigation Science & Technology
September 2002, Forty-hour seminar, State of Kentucky Fire Investigation School
September 2002, Eight-hour class, Career Institute Tech Center – Traffic Collision Investigation
September 2002, Eight-hour class, Career Institute Tech Center – Fire & Arson Investigation
March 2002, Eight-hour seminar, Virginia Claims Association – Virginia Insurance Law
October 2001, Sixteen-hour seminar, Virginia Chapter I.A.A.I. – Electrical Appliance Fires
September 2001, Forty-hour seminar, Kentucky Fire & Homicide Investigation School
July 2001, Twenty-four-hour seminar, Virginia Chapter I.A.A.I. – Fire Investigation
May 2001, Forty-hour seminar, New Jersey Chapter I.A.A.I. – Annual Seminar
May 2001, Sixteen-hour seminar, I.A.S.I.U. Seminar – Insurance Fraud Class on Arson Investigation
May 2001, Eight-hour class, P.I.A. – Fraud, Photo Surveillance & Legal Ramifications
March 2001, Eight-hour class, Virginia Insurance Day Seminar – Surveillance & Privacy Issues
February 2001, Twenty-four-hour seminar, National Fire Academy & I.A.A.I. – Witness Testimony
September 2000, Eight-hour class, 3rd Annual Virginia Works Compensation Seminar for Claims Professionals
August 2000, Forty-hour seminar, Tennessee Chapter I.A.A.I. Seminar – Fire Investigation
July 2000, Sixteen-hour seminar, Virginia Chapter I.A.A.I. Seminar – Fire & Arson Investigation
May 2000, Forty-hour seminar, Kentucky Chapter I.A.A.I. Seminar – Fire Investigation & Live Burns
March 2000, Twenty-eight-hour seminar, Virginia Chapter I.A.A.I. Seminar – Fire & Arson Investigations
August – September 1999, Eighty-hour seminar, National Fire Academy – Fire & Arson Investigation
August 1999, Forty-hour seminar, Tennessee Chapter I.A.A.I. Seminar – Fire Investigation
July 1999, Thirty-four-hour seminar, Virginia Chapter I.A.A.I. Seminar – Arson
May 1999, Sixteen-hour seminar, I.A.S.I.U. – Annual Insurance Fraud Seminar
April 1999, Twenty-four-hour seminar, Eastern Kentucky University – National Advanced Fire & Explosion
Science and Technology Program Fire Science Department
March 1999, Completed Test for I.A.A.I. Certified Fire Investigator
March 1999, Twenty-four-hour seminar, Virginia Chapter I.A.A.I. – Advance Techniques on Fire Investigations
March 1999, Three-hour class, C.V.F.A.A. – Hazmat Storage & Compressed Gases
February 1999, Twenty-hour seminar, Chesterfield Training Academy – Video Surveillance Technique
February 1999, Three-hour class, C.V.F.A.A. – Chemistry of Fire Behavior
January 1999, Two-hour class, C.V.F.A.A. – Code Inspections Update
September – October 1998, Sixty-hour seminar, Private Investigation – Civil/Criminal Law
August 1998, Forty hours, Volunteer Fire Investigator – Petersburg, Virginia Arson Squad
August 1998, Forty-hour seminar, Tennessee Chapter I.A.A.I. – Modern Techniques of Arson Investigation
July 1998, Thirty-six-hour seminar, Virginia Chapter I.A.A.I. – Advance Arson Investigator
June 1998, One hundred Twenty-hour class, Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Academy School – NFPA 921 Guide
to Fire & Explosion Investigation 1998 Edition & NFPA 1033 State Certification as Certified Fire Investigator
October 1997, Forty-hour seminar, North & South Carolina Chapter I.A.A.I.
July 1997, Eight hour class, The National Insurance Crime Bureau – Continuing Legal Education for VA Bar
March 1997, Twenty-four-hour seminar, Eastern Kentucky University – National Advance Fire, Arson &
Explosion Investigation Science and Technology Program
March 1997, Eight hour class, EKU – Determining the Cause & Origin of Fire & Explosions
February 1997, Eight-hour class, Michael J. Cohan Investigations – Private Investigations
August 1994, Forty-hour seminar, Tennessee Chapter I.A.A.I. – Modern Techniques of Arson Investigation
January 1994, Sixteen-hour seminar, Kentucky Chapter I.A.A.I. – Electrical Seminar
August 1993, Forty-hour seminar, Tennessee Chapter I.A.A.I. – Tennessee State Fire School
May 1993, Twenty-four-hour seminar, Tennessee State Fire School
August 1992, Forty-hour seminar, Tennessee Chapter I.A.A.I. – Modern Techniques of Arson Investigation
May 1992, Eight-hour class, Tennessee State Fire School – Fire & Arson Techniques
May 1991, Twenty-four-hour seminar, Tennessee State Fire School – Fire Investigation
August 1990 – January 1991, Residential House Wiring – Nashville Technical Center
July 1990, Forty-hour seminar, Tennessee Chapter I.A.A.I. – Modern Techniques of Arson Investigation
May 1990, Forty-hour seminar, Tennessee State Fire School – Arson in Tennessee
November 1989, Eastern Kentucky University – Received N.A.F.I. Fire & Explosion Investigation Certification
November 1989, Forty-hour seminar, N.A.F.I. – Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator
August 1989 – September 1989, Forty-hour seminar, Georgia Chapter I.A.A.I. Annual Arson Seminar
May 1989, Forty-hour seminar, Tennessee State Fire School – Arson Seminar
August 1988, Eight-hour class, EKU – Determining the Cause & Origin of Fire & Explosions
August 1988, Forty-hour seminar, Eastern Kentucky University – Fire & Arson Investigation
1982 – 1989: Full time and part time OJT under former Tennessee State Fire Marshal
1982/1983: Evidence Technician at S.E.A. Investigations Tampa Fla.


1997 – Successful defense and recovery on $540,000 homeowners claim against a major insurance company which showed instead of the fire being Arson the actual cause of the fire was accidental caused by a bagel left unattended in the toaster.
2006 – Recovered $145,000 from Volvo Motors for vehicle fire that caused damage to a garage. This case was settled after an initial demand of $165,000 was made. After Volvo’s representatives reviewed only the report generated by F.A.C.G., Volvo agreed to pay $145,000 on the strength of the report alone.
2008 –Successful recovery for Amica Insurance of claim against an RV manufacture for design defect. Manufacture settled claim on report alone from FACG without proceeding to trial.
2008 – Successful recovery of 100% of claim against Dodge for fire investigation of 2005 Dodge Ram fire for President Ronald Regan era celebrity Col. Oliver “Ollie” North
2008 – Responsible for Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recall of over 500,000 HP fax machines for the risk of fire; Release # 08-313
2009 – Responsible for recall on behalf of Hopewell, Virginia Public School system through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of over 4,500 Vision Blue Bird school buses for risk of fire from throughout Virginia and across the United States
2011 – Successfully defended Amerigas in a $1,000,000 fire loss case. After our investigation and deposition, the case was settled in our client’s favor without the need to go to trial
2011 – Successfully defended our client in the largest payout for a single vehicle fire not involving an accident with burn injuries in U.S. history. A jury returned a “not guilty” verdict for our client after only one hour of deliberation, saving our client $20 million dollars as well as a recovery of $1.3 million dollars in attorney fees.
2011 – Investigated car fire case with new VW Passat. After the joint examination with VW and review of our evidence presented, VW agreed to take full responsibility for the fire, paid the claim and took possession of the vehicle for transport back to their factory.
2012 –Successful recovery of $22,000 for Selective Insurance and recovered $22,000 for fire damage to a rescue squad.
2013 –Successful recovery of $250,000 for Countryway Insurance from Fannie Mae/Freddie Mack and contractor for damage caused to a single-family dwelling due to foreclosure repairs.
2014 –State of WV vs. Claricy Hurt as a result of our investigation pleaded guilty to one count of felony insurance fraud with a $1000 restitution.
2015 – Rodney Adkins v. Toyota Corporation – settled in our favor prior to depositions and trial
2015 – Selective Insurance Company of America (Jerry’s Heating & Air Conditioning) v. General Motors LLC – settled in favor of the insurance company.
2015 – Heritage Garden Apartments and One Beacon Insurance vs. Atlas Roofing – $1,000,000 claim; settled in favor of our client after deposition.
2015 – Farmers Insurance vs. Assurant – settled in favor of our client for approximately $150,000 after a forensic examination of the stove controls showed that the stove was left in the on position. Settlement was obtained on the strength of the joint examination by FACG.
2015 – October 21, Commonwealth of Virginia vs. Ricky M. Thomas – State hired Expert 2750 as expert to represent defendant. Defendant charged with nine separate counts of arson and one count of conspiracy of arson totaling over 100 years in prison. After a two-day trial and Expert 2750’s expert testimony defendant was found Not Guilty on all ten counts.
2015 – MetLife Auto & Home vs. Subaru of America – Positive settlement involving fire in a 2010 Subaru Forester after a joint examination and x-rays.
2015 – Chanticleer Apts vs Tenant and Allstate – Settled in favor of our client (Chanticleer Apt) for over $100,000 after the submission of our report and without going to trial or depositions.
2015 – FCCI Insurance Group vs. Auto Owners – fire involving ten vehicles located at an auto auction in Richmond Va. Fire damage to all ten vehicles was extensive. However, due to FACG’s tireless investigation the fire was narrowed down to the subject vehicle, 2003 Jaguar, that had experienced an electrical fault in the power supply wire for the battery located in the trunk. Subrogation was obtained through the strength of FACG’s investigation without the need of deposition or court.
2017 – Selective vs. Buckeye Trucks & Travelers Insurance – successful recovery for Selective involving a commercial truck fire. Accomplished on the strength of our report alone prior to any depos or court.
2017 – FCCI Insurance Group v. Newberry’s Performance – 100% recovery in our client’s favor from repair shop who performed repairs on antique show truck. (Arbitration)
2017 – Successful recovery on 2010 Subaru Forrester for electrical fire in dash attributed to the manufacture defect settled in our clients favor on strength of report alone.
2017 – Successful recovery on 2007 International truck from shop that repaired vehicle settled on strength of report alone in favor of our client, Hanover insurance.
2017 – September represented Donegal insurance against Bobcat Corp in reference to a 2017 Bobcat S-650 skid steer. After a joint examination with experts of Bobcat as well as the dealership and based on strength of evidence presented Bobcat took full responsibility for the $48,000 loss.
2017 – United States v. Verdon Taylor – Testified as an Expert Witness for the United States government in an Arson for Profit ring stretching back to 1999 in which six defendants were charged with the setting of 27+ fires resulting in over $1,000,000 in insurance payouts from 17 different insurance companies. After one hour and twenty minutes of deliberation the jury returned a verdict of Guilty on all counts with a sentence of 40 years as well as over $950,000 in restitution.
2018 – State of Tennessee vs. Jeffery Neely – was tasked as the sole defense expert to represent Mr. Neely, a Nashville Fire Department Captain that experienced a kitchen cooking fire followed be a rekindle several hours later that destroyed his home only to be charged with Arson and Fraud by the state. After review of the case facts and evidence that involved four prosecution fire investigators for the Tenn. State Fire Marshal’s Office as well as Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and following a review of a technical report writing by Expert 2750 on the fire by the District Attorney of the circumstances and evidence surrounding the fire all charges were subsequently dropped against Mr. Neely.
2018 – Multiple subrogation recoveries for our insureds building and adjacent businesses involving over $1 Million plus loss and damages in regard to a shopping mall in downtown Charlottesville, VA. After the investigation by FACG followed by a joint lab evidence examination, the case was settled in our client’s favor without the need of deposition or trial.
2019 – 2016 Toyota Highlander; After assignment of the claim to another national vendor that came back with an opinion the fire was Undetermined followed by a denial letter from Toyota on a new car with only 175 miles on it FACG was contacted and asked to give a second opinion on the fire. Our investigation proved that the sealed transmission 24 mm fill bolt plug either was not in the transmission when the vehicle left the factory or that it came out shortly after the vehicle left the factory allowing transmission fluid to exit or be expelled from the transmission onto the hot surface of the exhaust during operation of the vehicle resulting in the ensuing fire. After a joint examination with engineers and investigators with Toyota they agreed to settle the claim in our client’s favor.
2019 – Subrogation recovery involving a large loss restaurant hood fire. The case was settled in our client’s favor prior to deposition and after the submission of our experts’ reports.
2019 – Jeremy Fallis vs. J. O’B Specialties, LLC – Hired as expert witness in an explosion that occurred in the North Dakota oil fields. Our client was injured in a boiler explosion. Settled in our client’s favor after consulting work performed by FACG for $550,000 without the need of deposition, reports, or trial.
2019 – Senior First Vs. Travelers Insurance – represented client on 2009 Chevy C 4500 passenger bus successful recovery against repair shop that preformed service that caused fire after joint exam with no reports needed.
2019 – Cincinnati Insurance vs. Progressive; represented landlord vs. tenant; Tenant’s actions caused a fire on the rear deck resulting in approximately $50,000 to $75,000 of damages to the home. FACG’s initial investigation as well as a joint examination proved the tenant liable resulting in the claim being settled in our client’s favor on the strength of the report alone.
2019 – Represented Berkshire Hathaway and Griff’s Restaurant in successful subrogation against a large roofing contractor working on a church steeple that caused damages to the roofs of several businesses including our insureds. Subrogation recovery after joint examination without the need for depositions or trial.
2019 – MetLife Auto & Home vs. Honda Motor – obtained successful subrogation against Honda on a 2015 Honda Odyssey. Proved electrical fire in the engine compartment destroyed the vehicle. Case was settled in our clients favor prior to any deposition or trial with only a one-page Letter of Findings.
2019 – Arnold & Nancy Bennett vs. General Motors & a local repair shop. FACG opined that this fire occurred as a result of an ABS failure on a 2005 Yukon and after joint examinations involving General Motors and others, GM settled the design defect claim without the need for trial or deposition. FACG represented the automobiles insurance company successfully and also was asked to represent the homeowner’s insurance carrier in their subro claim after their fire investigator wanted to call the fire Undetermined for which FACG did not agree. The claim involved a large home and various vehicles including several antique vehicles that was valued at approximately $550,000. This claim resulted in three separate settlements in our clients favor from the Auto manufacture and repair shop insurance for the homeowner’s loss and the Automobiles
2019 – Represented Samlex America, Inc. makers of a converter installed in a 2019 Freightliner. Successful defense in a $200,000+ claim showing that the converter did not cause the fire for which was claimed by the adverse side.
2020 – Settlement in our clients favor for several automobiles that were severely damaged in a fire that resulted from a workmanship defect involving a repair shop. FACG proved that the shop failed to render the ABS module in their attempt to disconnect it which in turn caused a fire that destroyed several cars (See Arnold & Nancy Bennett).
2020 – Settlement in our clients favor for approximately $200,000 for a large home where the initial investigator with another company wanted to call the fire Undetermined. This investigator was asked for a second opinion and this investigator disagreed. With the use of significant amounts of circumstantial evidence, eyewitness testimony, and authoring a full report followed by a deposition caused the adverse side to settle the claim in our client’s favor.







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