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Fire Protection Engineer Cause Origin Investigation

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Fire cause origin Investigation, life Safety Hospitals, fire service Schools, refinery fire safety inspections, Pipeline fire Safety, flammable Vapor Recovery, Combustible Vapor Recovery, Disaster Planning, Hazardous Materials Management, Worker Safety, Fire Extinguisher Design Manufacturing, Fire Extinguisher Service, Fire Accident Investigation, Fire Code Implementation, Fire Codes, Explosives, gross negligence, fire protection, fire investigation, fire prevention, Safety, munitions handling,munitions storage, explosives, HAZWOPER experience, HAZMAT,

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Mission Statement

To provide comprehensive understanding of building and fire code regulations, safety laws, standards of practice for construction and fire prevention and fire protection engineering.  Provide training and consulting programs to deliver a product that is useful, practical and cost effective.

Experience Overview

As a former Deputy State Fire Marshal, Consultant, and Contract Fire Protection Engineer for the City of Sacramento Building Department and former police officer; I have been involved in fire protection, fire investigation and fire prevention for over 30 years.  The bulk of my career has been in fire prevention, plan review and fire investigation for the Office of the California State Fire Marshal. I also have extensive training in fire prevention with emphasis on the California Building Code and California Fire Code, application and interpretation.  I have also conducted numerous fire and accident investigations, hazardous materials management and fire protection system design and maintenance, refinery fire safety inspections and interstate pipeline safety inspections.

Education & Certifications

Bachelors of Engineering Sciences, Buxton University, London England       

Associate of Science Degree, Allan Hancock College, Santa Maria CA       

Certificate Program, UCLA, Fire Protection Engineering Los Angeles CA   
Business Management Program, University of Phoenix, Sacramento CA       

US Air Force Certificate in Disaster Planning, Anniston Alabama           

US Air Force Certificate in Training/Instructor                   


A Company and Associates
Forensic Fire Expert. California Licensed C-16 Contractor. Court accepted expert witness. Expert in the International Building and Fire Codes and codes and standards published by the National Fire Protection Association. Experienced in fire cause and origin investigations, fire cause analysis and determining contributory factors and code compliance. Conducted extensive research into fires involving flammable liquids ignited by elevated and non-elevated residential water heaters.  This is the area where the majority of depositions were given. Other cases included two criminal defense cases and approximately 12 civil cases.

The McMullen Company
March 2006 – 2010
Davis California
Director of Operations
Building and Fire code consultant, expert witness, senior research associate, contract fire marshal, contract plan review, safety expert, fire sprinkler contractor.

OSHPD (Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development)
December 2000 to May 2005
Code Development Coordinator
Write and coordinate code change requirements and proposals for the design and construction of hospitals within the State of California.

A Company and Associates
March 1997 to 2000
Business Owner/Consultant
Building and Fire code consultant and contract fire protection engineer for     the City of Sacramento Building Department.

Office of the State Fire Marshal
March 1984 to March 1997
Deputy State Fire Marshal, Supervisor
Inspection and plan review of state owned and occupied buildings, supervise up to 10 deputies, conduct fire investigations, assist local fire departments and manage the budget of the Northern Region Division.

El Segundo Fire Department
May 1979 to March 1984
Fire Safety Inspector
Inspection of new and existing occupancies for code compliance including Chevron Refinery, El Segundo, 26 High Rise buildings, public education, fire investigation and safety committee coordinator.


1995 to 2001
California Air National Guard, 149th Combat Communication Squadron Civil Engineering Division
January 1974 through January 1979
United States Navy Reserve-Radar Operator, USS Forrestal CVA-59             

Certificates & Licenses

June 2010
Fire Point Systems, qualifying partner California Fire Sprinkler Contractor C-16   

Fire Protection Engineering through UCLA

September 1981 – Explosions and Hazardous Materials

March 1983 – Smoke Measurement and Control

June 1983 – Fire Analysis and Behavior   

SFM, ICC & NFPA Certificates

June 2007, Certified Fire Code Inspector by Uniform Fire Code Association
May 2007, Emergency Vehicle Operations (Co-Instructor)           
March 2007, Fire Retardant Wood (Urban Wildland Interface)           
June 2005, Critical Incident Stress Management
March 2003, Life Safety Code Certification (NFPA 101) 
March 2003, Advanced Health Care Facilities                   
December 2001, Wildland Fire Investigation                       
February 2001, Fire & Life Safety Code Training                   
August 1997, Disaster Planning (US Air Force Reserve)               
April 1997, Fire Prevention 1C                           
May 1996, Wildland Urban Interface                       
April 1996, Fire Prevention 1B                           
March 1995, First Responder Operational                   
May 1995, Introduction to ICS                           
March 1995, UL 300 Requirements                       
January 1995, SEMS Introductory Course                       
January 1994, Fire Sprinkler Plan Review                       
April 1993, Life Safety Code Evaluation                   
December 1993, Tire Fire Prevention                           
February 1992, Pipeline Safety Report Writing                   
February 1991, Fire Sprinkler Design 1                       
February 1991, Fire Sprinkler Design II                       
May 1991, Fire Sprinkler Design III                       
May 1991, Fire Sprinkler Design IV                       
February 1990, Government & dealing with difficult clients           
December 1990, State Building Code Inspections                   
December 1990, State Owned and Leased Laws and Regulations       
December 1990, Hospital Plan Review                       
June 1997, POST Basic Academy                       
November 1989, Hazardous Materials Management               
June 1988, Building Code for Jails and Prisons               
June 1988, Pipeline Safety Laws and Regulations               
June 1988, Code Facilitating                           
June 1988, Fireworks Enforcement                       
June 1988, Code Writing Skills                           
June 1988, Prison Plan Review                           
March 1988, Public Speaking & The Legislature               
December 1987, Incident Command ICS 220                   
September 1987, Laws Relating to Fires                       
November 1986, Automatic Systems Laws and Regulations           
August 1986, Fire Extinguisher Laws                       
October 1985, Arson Investigation 1B                       
April 1985, Life Safety Code Plan Review                   
May 1985, Fire Works Enforcement                       
May 1984, Automatic Systems Plan Review                   
March 1983, Fire Investigation III                           
August 1980, Fire Investigation 1A                       
June 1981, Hazardous Materials Awareness                   
December 1980, CA Title 19 Training                           
June 1981, Defensive Driving Instructor Training               
September 1979, ICBO Plan Review                           
January 1978, Firefighter One Certificate                       

Origination Memberships

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

International Code Council (ICC), Associate Member

National Code Services Association (Uniform Fire Code) Interpretations Committee

Institution of Fire Engineers, USA Branch & London England

National Association of Certified Home Inspectors