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Administrative Staff Officer/Fire Marshal with twenty one years of extensive experience managing the Fire Prevention Division of a Southern California Fire Department and 35 years overall service in Fire Suppression and Prevention.  As a senior staff member I participated in decision making at the executive level.  Strong interaction with other city departments and professional associations; hands on experience in developing a positive public relations program.


Established the fire department’s Juvenile Fire Setters’ Counseling Program.

Re-organized the fire prevention division’s occupancy filing system to include complexes, as well as individual businesses.

Organized a team approach to coordinating the Fourth of July fireworks demonstration and other special events occurring within a large Southern California city.

Initiated a fire prevention public education program for our elementary schools.

Established a system for documenting and tracking state-mandated requirements for sprinkler systems.

Developed a “Smoke Detector Give-Away Program” and assisted in other similar projects that targeted improved public relations.

Participated in the development of a “Smoke Detector Inspection Program” that included a fee and a method of collection.

Developed an improved method of notifying the media of emergencies and daily fire department activities.

Assisted in the transfer and consolidation of the Code Enforcement Division with the Fire Prevention Division.

Initiated numerous fire code adoptions throughout the twenty years of my tenure as the City Fire Marshal.


General Management:

Twenty one years at the position of Fire Marshal/Battalion Chief.

Inspection, Investigation and Public Education:

Three years at the position of Fire Prevention Inspector/Investigator.


Six years experience with a Southern California Fire Department, and an additional five years with the Orange County Fire Department.  In both Departments, promoted to the position of Fire Engineer


Certified Fire Officer, California State Board of Fire Services

Completion of Fire Command II-A, Crafton Hills College

AA Degree Fire Science, College of the Desert and Santiago Community College

Basic Fire Control, Department of Forestry Academy

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