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Engineer, Firearms, Ammunition, Identification, Ballistic Matching, Toolmark Identification, Gun, ammunition, gun accuracy function, design manufacturing defect identification analysis, design evaluation, weapon failure analysis, storage deterioration, ammunition component analysis, ammunition reloading issues, shooting scene reconstruction, shooting accident analysis, determination of range, direction position of shooter, terminal effects against inanimate objects, wound ballistics, gun victim distance determination, trigger pull safety device operation analysis, trajectory determination,

Supplementary Education And Training

Various military technology and tactics training courses undertaken at Royal Military College of Science (RMCS) England These included explosives technology, ordnance and munitions design, and extensive training in ballistics (internal, intermediate, external, and terminal – including wound ballistics).

Trained in radiography, ultrasonic, and other non-destructive testing techniques.

4 year engineering apprenticeship with British Steel Corporation. (CGLI qualification)

NRA Certified Firearms & Personal protection Instructor
NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

Academic Qualifications

MBA from Brunel University, London, United Kingdom
Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (BEng: – with First Class Honors) from University of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom (ABET accredited in USA)

Employment Experience

Before becoming an independent consultant worked for department of defense as scientist / engineer responsible for research, design, development, assessment, and reverse engineering of weapons systems (guns, ammunition, missiles, explosives). Author of over 20 scientific research papers and several patents

Firearms and Ballistics Duties

Trigger mechanism testing & comparison for criminal trials
Safety and function testing for criminal trials
Accuracy and consistency testing for criminal trials
Produce gun function videos for criminal trials
Production of shooting incident reconstruction calculations and diagrams for criminal trials
Acted as an expert consultant/witness in over 200 legal cases between 1995 and 1999
New gun and component design
Firing trials design, instrumentation specification, trials execution and supervision, plus subsequent microscopic analysis and NDE evaluation of components, data analysis, and report production
Foreign weapon assessment, including vehicular platform where appropriate – reverse engineering, materials analysis, microscopic analysis and comparison to NATO equivalents.  Performance assessment (including firing trials design, execution, data analysis, and reporting).  Final Assessment reports distributed to military intelligence agencies in many countries.
Identification and rectification of production, material, and performance problems relating to in-service guns
Provision of technical advice and reports to UK Government, Commonwealth nations, NATO alliance countries etc
Technical input to answers given in response to ‘master questions’ asked in UK Parliament
Application of advanced materials in gun design
Gun and component design optimization from a reliability and durability perspective – feeding, ignition, extraction, and ejection
Gun and component design optimization from a safety and durability perspective – drop, knock, and vibration testing
Gun design optimization from an accuracy and consistency perspective – sighting and grouping
Managed research program on gun barrel wear and erosion
Blast overpressure analysis and its effects on personnel.  Developed computer software to accurately analyze blast overpressure trial results and predict maximum human exposure results under various operating conditions
Microscopic examination of fired ammunition components to determine weapon design effectiveness and quality of manufacture – extractor and ejector operation
Selection of most appropriate materials and processes to optimize gun performance (polymers. Polymer composites, metals, metal matrix, composites, mineral composites, heat treatment techniques etc)
Microscopic comparison and analysis of failed gun components

Professional Qualifications & Memberships

Admitted to American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS)
International Affiliate of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE)
Member of the International Society of Explosives Engineers
Professional Licensed Member of National Society of Professional Engineers (LMNSPE)
Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Mem.ASME)
Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (FIMechE)
Founder Member of the Expert Witness Institute (MEWI)
Qualified as a Corporate Member of the Chartered Management Institute (MCMI)
Vetted by the UK Law Society to appear as an expert witness in court cases.
Qualified as a Corporate Member of the Institute of Materials (MIM)
Qualified as a Chartered Professional Engineer (PE) with the British Engineering Council (CEng)


Professional engineer with 20 years experience in the guns and munitions business as a consultant and government scientist / engineer, One of the youngest people to be elected to Fellowship of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Author of several patents relating to munitions design, Author of over 20 scientific papers, presented numerous training seminars in forensic firearms & ballistics. Worked on hundreds of legal cases for prosecution / plaintiff and defense. Court qualified in firearms, ballistics, and wound ballistics in KS, KY, IL, IN, FL, US Federal Court. Certified firearms & personal protection instructor, and range safety officer.

Research Papers

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Conference Presentations and Training Seminars Delivered

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Visits to Manufacturing, Test, and Research Facilities

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Continuing Education, Training, and Development

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Other Achievements and Activities

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Member of the Following Institution of Mechanical Engineers Special Interest Groups

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