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Firearms Crime Scene Reconstruction Gun Shot Residue Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Firearms, Toolmark Identification, Firearms Forensic, Laboratory Identification of Firearms, Forensic Comparison Microscope, Microscopy, Comparative Examinations of Bullet Specimens, Fired Cartridge Cases, Ballistics, Firearms Microscopic Analysis, Firearms Comparative Analysis, Bullet Cartridge Case Analysis, Crime Scene Reconstruction, Gun Shot Residue, Gun Shot Distance Determinations, Insurance Investigations, Homicide Investigation, Suicide Investigation, Accidental Death Investigations, Product Liability, United States International Services, Criminal Litigation, Civil Litigation, Case review, Ammunition Analysis, Serial Number Restoration, Photomicrography, Serial Number Restoration

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Education & Experience

1961 police department in Pennsylvania, Training Academy, successfully completed all subjects including training in firearms.

1970, police department in Pennsylvania, re-assigned to the “Ballistics Laboratory”, Firearms Identification Unit. Training included but not limited to; the laboratory identification of firearms, microscopy, comparative examinations of bullet specimens, fired cartridge cases, and related evidence, photomicrography, serial number restoration, report writing, and other related subjects.

U.S. Army Ordinance, Frankford Arsenal, Pennsylvania, Small Arms Seminar.
U.S. Army Ordinance, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, Small Arms Seminar.

1973 Association of Firearms and Tool Mark Examiners, Accepted as a regular member

Winchester Firearms Manufacturing Co., Connecticut, Studied manufacturing techniques and processes, interformed barrel manufacturing process

New Jersey State Police, Training seminar “Avoid tunnel vision in firearms identification work”

1974 Garcia Firearms International, Maryland, Introduction of the “Colt Pony”, 380 Automatic pistol. Observe and study manufacturing techniques and processes

Washington DC, Metropolitan Police Department, Seminar, Microscopy and fired cartridge case identification.

Philadelphia Police Department, successful completion of the written Civil Service examination for Supervisor, Police Ballistics Laboratory, followed by an oral board consisting of Police Laboratory Directors from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York State Police

1975 Conduct classes and lectures, re: Laboratory Identification of Firearms, for Temple University, Philadelphia Community College, Offices of the Philadelphia District Attorney,  Philadelphia Defenders Association and Philadelphia Police Training Academy

1975 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Instructors certificate Municipal Police

1976 Winchester Canada Limited, manufacturing plant, Ontario, Observe and study manufacturing techniques and processes

1977 Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Academy, Virginia, Gun powder and primer residue course

1978 Sturm Ruger Company Inc., Connecticut and New Hampshire, Pine Tree Casting Co.

Completed investigations concerning firearms identification for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Treasury, Department of U. S. Naval Intelligence, Bucks, Chester and Montgomery Counties as well as Cape May, New Jersey.

1981 Became member of Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners

1983 Massachusetts State Police, Massachusetts, served on the Select Committee for the re-examination of the evidence in a high profile Murder case

1984 Beretta U.S.A., Maryland, Firearm manufacturing plant, Armorer Training Course

1984 Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Academy, Virginia, Specialized techniques in firearms identification

1985 Charter Arms Co., Connecticut, Firearms Familiarization course

Action Arms Co., Pennsylvania, UZI Firearms familiarization course

Mossberg Firearms Manufacturing Plant, Connecticut, Basic Armorers Course.

Wilson Arms Co., Connecticut, Custom and production manufacturer of barrels, observe and study manufacturing techniques and processes

1986 U.S.Army Training, New Jersey,  M16/AR15 Armorers Course

1988 Glock Company Inc. Georgia, Police Service Division Armorers Course

1991 police department in California, Contract employee, Consultant to Scientific Investigation Division/Firearm Analysis Unit, Assist in completion of case work and train Criminalist in Laboratory, Identification of Firearms

Ruger Firearms Company, California, Firearms Workshop

1992 Bar-Sto Precision Machining, California, Observe and study manufacturing techniques employed in the production of handgun barrels

Bruel & Kjaer Instruments Inc., California. Seminar “Principles of acoustics and measurement of sound”

1992 U.S. Army Proving Grounds, Arizona. Testing and evaluation of small arms and ammunition, including Black & Smokeless powder, long range bullet energy, trajectories, velocities and flight data

1993 California, International Wound Ballistics Association, Annual Training Seminar

1994 California, Phoenix Arms Co. Observe manufacturing techniques and processes

California. Smith & Wesson Armorers Training Course, SIGMA pistol, Savage Arms Co. Armorers Training Course

California, Forensic Wound Pathology

1996 California Department of Justice, Commission on Peace Officers Standard and Training, conduct class training for Officer Involved Shooting, Homicide Detective Training Course

1996 Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Academy, Virginia, Shooting Crime Scene Processing & Reconstruction Seminar

1997 medical center, Trauma Unit, Lecture/Wound ballistics

Colt’s Pt. F.A. Mfg. Co., Montana, Armourers Course AR 15 / M16 Rifle

California Association of Translators, Lecture / Laboratory Identification of Firearms

1998 Beretta U.S.A., Armourers Course, Florida, Florida Department of Law Enforcement

County of Los Angeles, Department of the Coroner, Conduct Forensic Science Seminar, Mechanical Functions of Firearms/Safety, Mechanical markings of fired ammunition components and gunshot residues

Associated Television International, Texas, Technical lead in laser trajectories and crime scene reconstruction for the documentary “John F Kennedy files”

1999 Sheriff’s Department in California, Firearms Unit, Contracted perform case work, serve as a consultant in Firearms Analysis

Sheriff’s Department in California, Conduct case work and serve as a consultant in firearm analysis

2000 Forensic Technology WAI Inc., Canada, Contracted to serve as a consultant and technical advisor in firearms Identification Research

Heckler & Koch Firearms Co. Missouri Police Armourers Course

2001 California 40 hours annual training seminar

2002 Police Department in Nevada, contracted to perform firearm analysis case work and serve as a consultant

2003 Cailfornia Sheriff’s Office, Crime Laboratory, conduct 20-hour training seminar for the assigned Criminalist in Gun Shot & Primer Residue analysis

Police Department in California, Attend & successfully complete the “Gunpowder & Primer Residue Course”

2007 San Diego Sheriff’s Office Regional Crime Laboratory, Conduct Case work and serve as the training officer, assignment completed 11/2008