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Certified Fires & Explosion Investigator, Origin & Cause, Fire Behavior & Combustion, First Responder, Arson Laws, Evidence Collection, Vehicle Fraud Fires, Fire Loss Mitigation, Chain of Custody, Evidence Collection, NFPA 921 & 1033, Arson


  • Over thirty six years experience in the fire service with the San Diego Fire Department
  • Over seventeen years private investigation experience with FHFI and EFI



2006 to present


San Diego, California

Owner, Certified Fire Investigator


1999 to 2006


Los Angeles, California

Certified Fire Investigator


1989 to 2014


San Diego, California

Fire Captain, Certified Fire Investigator


1981 to 2017


San Diego, California

Fire Captain, Fire Engineer, Firefighter



Certified Fire Investigator (IAAI-CFI), IAAI (10/17)

Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (expired), (CFEI), NAFI

Certified Fire Investigator (CFI), NFPA / NBFSPQ

Certified Fire Investigator  (CCAI-CFI), CCAI (4-19)

Certified Fire Investigator I  (CFI), CSFM

Certified Fire Investigator II  (CFI), CSFM

Certified Fire Officer , CSFM

Certified Firefighter I #019428, CSFM

Certified Firefighter II #006952, CSFM

Certified Fire Instructor I #092216, CSFM

Licensed Private Investigator #20635, DCA / BSIS (6/18)



Fire Science A.S. Degree

Fire Investigation 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 160 hours, California State Fire Marshal

Advanced Origin & Cause, 80 hours, ATF National Academy

Arson Crime Scene Investigation, 40 hours, FBI National Academy

Fire / Arson Investigation, 80 hours, National Fire Academy

CFI Trainer; 87 programs, 297 hours, International Association of Arson Investigators

Fire & Explosion Investigation, 24 hours, John DeHaan, Department of Justice

Investigation of Electrical & Appliance Related Fires, 20 hours, IAAI / AHAM

Fire Investigation, John DeHaan, 16 hours, California Association of Criminalists

Prevention & Investigation of Commercial Kitchen Fires, 16 hours, Phil Ackland & Associates

Vehicle Fire Investigation, 40 hours, Lee Cole & Associates

Electrical Fire Investigation, 24 hours, Public Agency Training Council

Fire Pattern Certification, 24 hours, Public Agency Training Council

Fire Origin & Cause; NFPA 921, 24 hours, Public Agency Training Council

Interview & Interrogation Techniques, 40 hours, Behavior Analysis Training Institute

SDPD Academy / Peace Officer status / PC 832



Fire Behavior & Combustion, Fire Investigation 1B, San Diego Community College

Fire Investigation, Internet-based, Santa Fe City College

First Responder Fire Investigation, Firehouse World Exposition & Conference

Arson Laws, Firehouse World Exposition & Conference

Origin & Cause for Company Officers, Firehouse World Exposition & Conference

Evidence Collection, Firehouse World Exposition & Conference

Basic Fire Investigation, ATF Regional Training

NFPA 921 Issues, FBI National Academy

Vehicle Fraud Fires, California District Attorney’s Association

Vehicle Fraud Fires, Southern California Chapter IASIU

Marine Fire Investigation Case Study, International Association of Marine Investigators

Fire Investigation, San Diego Fire Academy & San Diego Fire Cadet Academy

Fire Investigation / Evidence Preservation, San Diego Fire-Rescue In-Service Training

Physical Evidence, San Diego Regional Law Enforcement Academy

Arson Laws, San Diego Regional Law Enforcement Academy

Fire Investigations, SDPD / MAST Menu Training

Fire Investigation, IABPF Southwest Regional Spring Conference

Fire Investigation; Evidence, Spoliation & Subrogation, Auto Club of Southern California

Fire Loss Mitigation, State Farm Insurance

Fire Investigation, AON Risk Management, Department of Insurance

Public Records / Fire Department Reports, Live Burn Training, CCAI

Basic Fire Investigation, CCAI Imperial County Roundtable

Fire Investigator Professional Development, CCAI San Diego Roundtable

Chain of Custody, San Diego Lifeguards

Evidence Collection, Chula Vista Fire Department



Potential Fire Causes

CCAI’s California Fire-Arson Investigator (4/06)


First Responder Fire Investigations

Firehouse Magazine (2/06)


Investigation of Boat Fires

CCAI’s California Fire-Arson Investigator (1/05)


Digital Investigations

CCAI’s California Fire-Arson Investigator (10/04)


Firesetting Motives

CCAI’s California Fire-Arson Investigator (1/04)


Fire Behavior Myths & Misconceptions

ExpertLaw.Com (09/03)


Investigative Uses for Alarm Systems

CCAI’s California Fire-Arson Investigator (06-03)

Submitted EFI’s Insights


Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) 101

IAAI’s Fire & Arson Investigator (07/03)

CCAI’s California Fire-Arson Investigator (03/03)


Practical Uses of Failure Analysis and Analytical Tools,

CCAI’s California Fire-Arson Investigator (12/02)

ExpertLaw.Com (09/03)


Passenger Compartment Vehicle Fires; Incendiary or Undetermined?,

IAAI’s Hawaii Chapter Newsletter (03/08)

CCAI’s California Fire-Arson Investigator (10/02)

ExpertLaw.Com (09/03)


Fourth Amendment Rights of Fire Victims,

CCAI’s California Fire-Arson Investigator (01/02)

ExpertLaw.Com (09/03)

SDCDA’s LEQ (Winter 2003)


Testing the Fire Cause Hypothesis,

IAAI’s Hawaii Chapter Newsletter (06/08)

CCAI’s California Fire-Arson Investigator (11-01),

EFI’s Insights (Fall 2002)


Respiratory Protection for Fire Investigators,

IAAI’s Fire & Arson Investigator (10/01)


“Red Flags” Indicators of Vehicle Fraud Fires,

SDIAA’s The Adjuster (11/03)

ExpertLaw.Com (09/03)

CCAI’s California Fire-Arson Investigator (05/01),

WeTip Quarterly Magazine (06/01)

EFI’s Insights, edited (Summer 2001)


Arson Registrants; Y2K changes to PC 457,

CCAI’s California Fire-Arson Investigator (01/00),

SDCDA’s LEQ (Spring/Summer 2000)


Evidence Collection, Preservation & Disposal,

IAAI’s Fire & Arson Investigator (07/99)


California Arson Registration Program,

CCAI’s California Fire-Arson Investigator (04/99)


First Responder Newspaper;

Arson Investigation Column

First Responder Fire Investigations (4-03)

Investigative Uses for Alarm Systems (5-03)

California Arson Registrants (6-03)

Fire Behavior Myths & Misconceptions (9-03) Passenger Compartment Vehicle Fires (11-03) Firesetting Motives (1-04)

Fourth Amendment Rights of Fire Victims (6-04) Analysis of Fire Cause (7-04)

NFPA 921 (8-04)

Digital Investigations (9/10-04)

Courtroom Testimony (11/12-04)

Multiple Fire Causes (1-05)

Investigative Resources (2-05)

Expert Qualification (3-05)

Evidence Collection (4-05)

Forensic Fire Investigation (6-05)

Ford Cruise Control Fires (7-05)

Electrical Fire Causes (8-05)

Investigation of Boat Fires (9/10-05)

Potential Fire Causes (11-05)

Digital Photography (1-06)

Metropolitan Grass Fire Investigation (3-06)

Spontaneous Combustion (4-06)

Private Investigators (5-06)

Public Insurance Adjusters (6-06)

Scientific Method for Fire Investigations (8-06).



Fire Investigator Principles and Practice to NFPA 921 & 1033, 3rd Edition & 4th Edition

Author / Contributor:

Chapter 9 Legal Considerations (3rd Edition), Chapter 10 Legal Considerations (4th Edition).


Chapter 8  Fire-Related Human Behavior (3rd Edition)

Chapter 10  Safety (3rd Edition)

Chapter 16  Fire Cause Determination (3rd Edition)

Ignition Handbook, First Edition, Vytenis Babrauskas

Reference 1693 “Testing the Fire Cause Hypothesis”

Ashes of Aries, (Fiction novel), St. Martin’s Press, (09/01)

Fire behavior expert consultant acknowledgement

Store; A documentary film / Boxes; Short Film.  StarVehicle Productions LLC

Fire investigation case studies.



Criminal proceedings, Superior/Municipal Court, Board of Prison Terms (32)

Public and Private Sector deposition / trial testimony (46)



International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI)

2011 Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Service

2017 Certificate of Appreciation for 20 years of continuous membership

National Fire Academy Alumni Association (NFAAA)

California Conference of Arson Investigators (CCAI)

Ex Officio Board Member / San Diego County Roundtable Coordinator 2000-2004

Awards Committee Chair 2001-2005

Marketing Committee Chair & Legislation Committee member 2001-2003

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