Foreclosure Bankruptcy Loan Service Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Foreclosure Bankruptcy, Deficiency Judgments, Short Pays, Loan Service, Fair Housing, Trust Fund Handling, Real Estate Sales, Licensed Broker, Tax Issues, Mortgage Lending deed of trust, reconveyance, Real Estate Sales, claims against directors claims against officers, Financial institutions, inadequate disclosures, subprime market, Securities backed by subprime mortgages, shareholder suits, inadequate disclosure, exposure subprime credit issues, Short Sale, Loan Origination, Loan Servicing, Mortgage Loan, Tax preparer, IRS issues, Real Estate Forensic, Workouts, Forebearance Agreements, Note Modifications, Payment Plans, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, Tax Issues, Mortgage Banking, Investor Reporting MI PMI, Real Estate Wholesale Lending, real estate Retail Lending, Borrower, Trustor, Trustee, Beneficiary, Lender, Real Estate Investor, Banks, Loss Mitigation, Home Retention, Asset Management, REO, Notice of Default, Notice of Trustees Sale, TSGs, Cloud on Title, Default, Reinstatement, Rescission, Conveyance, Reconveyance, Grant Deed, Warranty Deed, Real Estate Disclosure, seller Disclosure, Licensed Broker, CPA, Mortgage Insurer, Subprime Loans, Unlawful Detainer Action, Liquidating Plans, Temporary Indulgence, Escrow, Steering, Redlining, DRE Department of Real Estate

Expert Witness No.292


Summary of Qualifications

Qualified by more than twenty-five years experience, knowledge and responsibility in the real estate industry, including foreclosure, bankruptcy, tax consequences, loan service, mortgage banking and servicing and real estate sales.

Areas of Expertise

California Non-Judicial Foreclosure Process

Loan Servicing – Short-Pay/Sales, Forbearance Agreements, Note Modifications,           

Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure, Assumptions and Payoffs, Workouts

Loan Origination/Mortgage Banking/Mortgage Insurers/Investors

Bankruptcy – Chapters 7 and 13

Tax Issues

Real Estate Deficiency Issues

Real Estate Sales and Loan Origination Due Diligence

Real Estate Broker Standard of Care Issues 

Professional Experience

1997 to Present
Real Estate Broker and Owner of a Real Estate Company.  Provides professional real estate services, including residential and commercial sales, mortgage loan origination and real estate tax issues.  Acts as consultant and advisor to real estate professionals, including attorneys, title and escrow professionals, trade associations as well as homeowners facing foreclosure action.   Is also retained, speaks and educates real estate professionals throughout California.

1993 to 1997
Speaker/Educator/Consultant – Owner of Progressive Solutions Institute – Orange, CA
Provided extensive training to real estate professionals in the areas of foreclosure, bankruptcy, short-pay, deficiency judgements, tax issues, real estate law issues, pre-foreclosure sale programs, avoiding real estate scams, creative seller financing, fair housing, trust fund handling, lender negotiations, sales and marketing.
Created procedures manuals on each subject matter.
Provided approved department of Real estate approved continuing education credit to real estate licenses

1988 to 1993
Realtor/Real Estate Foreclosure Specialist-The Prudential California Realty, Orange, CA
Founder and director of The Prudential Foreclosure Divison
Provided extensive training to Prudential Real Estate Agents
REO and Foreclosure Specialist/Counselor
Top Income Sales Producer

1982 to 1988
Loan Service And Foreclosure Manager-Metropolitan Services Corp. Santa Monica, CA
Responsible for managing and supervising the foreclosure and collection departments, trustee and reconveyance departments and client loan servicing
Experiences in financial counseling and mortgage loan servicing techniques temporary indulgence, liquidating plans, non-judicial foreclosure process, assignment of rents, unlawful detainer action and bankruptcy.

1980 to 1982
Trustee Sale Offices/Foreclosure Manager-National Trust Deed Service-Century City, CA
Qualified trustee sale officer
Responsible for managing, instituting and specializing in all matters relevant to California non-judicial foreclosure process (civil code section 2924)