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Forensic Accountant Bankruptcy Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Accounting, Finance, Lost Profits, Auditing, Financial Modeling, Mortgage Banking, Banking, Forecasting, Negligence, Business Interruption, Forensic Accounting, Performa Projections, Certified Public Accountant CPA, Fraud Detection, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Healthcare Insurance, Property Management, Community Associations, Insurance, Real Estate Development, Community Development, Intangible Assets, Real Estate, Partnership LLC, Community Property, Intellectual Property, Reserves, Compensation Plans, Investigative Accounting, Residential Real Estate, Damage Calculations, Investments, Savings Loans, Divorce, Lending, Trade Secret Misappropriation, Divorce Estate Auditor, Litigation Support, Trademarks, Due Diligence, Loans, Wrongful Termination, Economic Damages, Loss Reserves, Family Law, Loss of Earnings,Forensic Accountant for Civil Litigation, Family Law Bankruptcy

Expert No. 3722

Summary of Background:
C.P.A., M.B.A. Freelance expert forensic and investigative accounting business, civil case exposure includes fraud, breach of contract, negligence, intellectual property infringement, wrongful termination or death, and personal injury / accident, within sectors such as government agency, defense, manufacturing and distribution, healthcare, banking, insurance, and real estate. Have served as designated expert, including providing testimony as expert at Deposition and by written Report and/or Declaration. Have qualified to serve as expert in various courts.

Present Experience:
Owner of Private Company; a freelance expert forensic accounting business serving attorneys, other expert firms, individuals and insurance clients.

Expert Case Experience:
Analysis of corporate/individual records, Deposition testimony and other evidence, assessment of economic damages, lost profits and lost earnings, preparation of expert reports and/or rebuttals versus opposing experts.

Partnership Disputes:
For Plaintiff (broker/partner), versus developer/co-partner, estimated Damages (unfair dealings and lost profits on partnership LLC interests in commercial land acquisition/development deals)

For Plaintiff (minority partner/co-owner of commercial office building) versus majority partner/owner and property manager, reviewed financial and other records to assess management and propriety of financial reporting and to assist attorney in discovery

For Defendant (investor/partner) versus investor/co-partner, estimated damages and cash equalization amounts in connection with dissolution of partnership (unfair dealings and lost profits on deeds and excess proceeds acquired via county tax sales and adverse possessions)

For surviving spouse (of deceased partner), conducted due diligence of restaurant partnership operations to assist attorney in negotiating partnership profit sharing agreement

Breach of Contract and Fiduciary Duty, Negligence:
For Expert for Defendant (property management company) versus Home Owners Association (HOA), estimated Damages (breach of accounting duties and conversion of records)

For Plaintiffs (Hispanic Church & Pastor) versus commercial landlord, estimated Damages and Lost Earnings (loss of congregation due to uncorrected water damage and mold)

For Plaintiff (Buyer/Borrower) versus Appraisal company, estimated loan and other related Damages resulting from Appraiser errors, residential purchase

For Expert for Defendant (public utility) vs. Mobile Home Park Operator, assistance in review of Plaintiff’s expert’s analysis of lost rental income (fire damage case)

Fraud, Misappropriation, Misrepresentation:
For elderly Plaintiff (founder, charitable foundation) versus former CFO, estimated Damages (misappropriation of personal and foundation assets and elder abuse)

For major Insurer (national casualty underwriter) versus Claimant, limited Claims Payout (unsupported claim re: lost income on rental property in connection with water damage claim)

Valuation / Bankruptcy:
For Defendant (majority shareholder & CEO of bankrupt former sub-prime lender) vs. minority shareholder, valuation analysis to rebut opposing expert’s valuation report (dispute re: value of business operations sold prior to bankruptcy) 

For Plaintiff (appellant seeking to overturn discharge of debtor ruling) vs. debtor, review of debtor records and preparation of written Expert Declaration for Court (federal bankruptcy case)

Accident, Product-Defect, Personal Injury:
For Plaintiff (former CEO/owner of a jewelry retail business and real estate investment and management corporation) vs. commercial landlord, calculated lost earnings and lost business profits resulting from mold related injuries suffered by business owners (uncorrected water damage and mold)

For Expert for Defendant (helicopter company), investigative research re: private conglomerate and principal owners (aviation accidental death of CEO)

For Hispanic Plaintiff (Owner-Operator Trucker, victim of long haul trucking accident), lost profits analysis and assistance at Mediation with insurer (personal injury)

For Hispanic Plaintiff (victim of military vehicle accident), assistance in management of client, medical records and disability claims, and translating between attorney and client (personal injury)

For Plaintiff (actress/impersonator) versus national beverage manufacturer, estimated Lost Earnings (damage to vocal chords and career, product defect injury)

Intellectual Property:
For Expert for Defendant (prominent foreign beverage manufacturer and its U.S. distributor) versus international competitor, assistance in rebuttal of opposing expert report, including reasonable royalty rebuttal (trade dress infringement case)

For Expert for Plaintiff (government defense/military equipment provider) versus former sub-contractor, assistance in estimating Damages (theft of trade secrets)

For Expert for Co-Plaintiffs (10 independent service operators) versus national energy systems manufacturer, assistance in estimating Damages and preparation of expert report (anti-competitive lock-out software)

For Expert for Plaintiff (healthcare clinics provider) versus hospital competitor, assistance in preparation of expert report (illegal tying and loss of insurance network provider contract)

Wrongful Termination, Wrongful Death:
For Expert for Defendant (government housing agency) versus terminated employee/attorney, analysis of Deposition testimony / other evidence to limit Damages/Lost Earnings (whistle-blower/fraud related case)

For Plaintiff – Preliminary determination of Damages suffered by estate due to prescription drug-related wrongful death, including lost earnings of deceased and surviving spouse, and other damages

Other Attorney Assistance:
Due diligence of target legal/technology subsidiary of insolvent pubic parent company, for attorney’s successful business acquisition of same subsidiary

Assessment of damages relating to timely transfer of residential property to an attorney/buyer (Specific Performance action)

Forensic review of closed case file and billings for attorney in response to Bar Review, criminal case

Maintenance of general ledger (QuickBooks Pro 2010 software) and related preparation and analysis of financial statements for attorney-owned grocery store business in Los Angeles (ongoing)

Family Law Experience:
General assistance including cash available for support; determination of income including analysis of income from Trust spending, stock option and executive compensation plans; tracing of cash relating to community and separate assets and debts; analysis of real estate interests; Declarations and discovery

Finance Experience:  Financial reporting, SEC, forecasting and modeling, acquisitions and due diligence, public stock offerings, audit (public/IRS/regulatory), GAAP, internal controls, investments management, credit, debt restructure, country risk assessment, strategic planning

Real Estate Experience: 
Management of rental property and large-scale renovation, review of Board (BOD) management of Homeowners Associations(HOA’s), casework for disputes re: LLC partnership interests, leases, and lost rental income on damaged property

Corporate Employment History:
VP/CFO, Pacific Heritage Bank, Manager of Corporate Planning, Gibraltar Corp, Consultant – Financial Institutions Group of Peat Marwick, International Banking Officer, First Interstate Bank, Consultant, Bank Earnings International

CPA - California
MBA, UC Berkeley, Finance/International Economics 1985
BS, UC Berkeley, Accounting/ Finance 1981
Life-Only, Accident & Health, Resident Insurance, California

Second Languages:
Conversational in Spanish


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