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Forensic Architect Construction Law Expert Witness

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Architect Construction Law

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PhD, Engineering Mechanics, Virginia Polytechnic State University

MS, Architectural Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic State University

BS, Architectural Engineering, University of Illinois

BS, Civil Engineering, Case Western Reserve


1945-1946 Civil Engineer, U.S. Navy Bureau of Yards & Docks

1948-1953 Architect Private Company

1953 to present Architect, private practice, completed commissions include 21 churches, 9 apartment projects, 8 motels, 7 restaurants, 3 commercial centers, 12 houses, etc.

Certified General Contractor, State of Florida

Developer, 5 Apartment Projects

1953 to 1990 Faculty, University of Florida, First Director of the Nation’s First Collegiate School of Construction


Fellow, American Institute of Constructors

Recipient A.I.C. Klinger Award for Achievement in Education
University of Florida Distinguished Faculty Award

Member, Sigma Lambda Chi Honorary Construction Fraternity


National President, American Council on Construction Education

National Secretary, American Institute of Constructors

Trustee, American Council on Construction Education

Board of Directors, American Institute of Constructors

Chairman, Research & Graduate Study, Associated Schools of Construction

Chairman, Goals & Objectives Committee, Assoc. School Of Construction

Chairman, Governor’s Committee on Architectural Accessibility

Chairman, Construction Education Consortium, State of Florida

Secretary & Founder, Construction Council of Florida

Member, Modular Committee, Natl. Bureau of Standards

Member, President’s Committee on Employment of Handicapped

Construction Arbitrator, American Arbitration Association

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