Forensic Ballistics Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Firearms, Forensic Ballistician, Microscopy, Toolmarks, Crime Scenes, Shooting Investigations, Ballistics, Trajectory, Police Use Of Lethal Force, Gunshot Distance Determination, Normal Improvised Test Firings, Firearms Cartridge Cases, Gunshot Wounds, Trajectory, Impression Marks, Fractures, Prison Made Improvised Firearms, Tools Burglarious Instruments, Moneybag Seals, Parking Meter Seals, Gunshot Distance Determination Tests, Pattern Tests, Court Ordered Destruction Orders, Special Weapons Testing Training With MA STOP Team, Airborne Firing, Prison Made Firearms, Altered Modified Firearms, Rifles, Handguns, Shotguns, Single Shot, Semi Automatic, Full Automatic, Military Armaments, Firearms Forensic Ballistician Fatal, Non Fatal Shootings, Voluntary Involuntary Shootings, Accidental Shootings, Firearms Neglect, Firearms Malicious Destruction, Drive By Shootings, Police Officer Involved Shootings, Firearms Forensic Ballistician Suicide, Firearms Forensic Ballistician Homicide, Armorer, Firearms Manufacturing Process, SWAT,

Expert Witness No.1927



Expert Witness 1927 is a Retired Commanding Officer of Mass. State Police Ballistics Section; and supervised two labs and seven forensic ballisticians with 1200-1700 cases annually from 350 cities/towns, all U.S. Military services, State/Federal agencies except FBI.

Has worked literally thousands of cases and testified hundreds of times at all levels of the courts in numerous states for the prosecution, defense, and plaintiff.  These include depositions, hearings before the Massachusetts legislature, military and departmental courts-martial, and provided consultation to Mass. Congressman and a well known scholar; students of forensic science, private individuals, families and Innocence Projects.

Cases include organized crime, police officer involved, bank and armored car robberies, homicides, suicides including suicide-by-cop, defective design, hunting and negligent shooting incidents, home invasions, drive-by shootings, property damage, and others.

Expert 1927 was a member of the Massachusetts State Police Firearms Review Board for officer shootings.

In the last several years Expert 1927 has performed work on several notable cases such as shootings in South Dakota, Nigerian Parabe Oil Platform and villages of Opia and Kenyan, military shootings in Afghanistan and Iraq, shootings on Indian Reservations, police involved shootings in AZ, CA, FL, IN, KY, NY, NH, NV, OK, and the Virgin Islands.

In 2006 Expert 1927 testified in a Utah case in a Petition for Post Conviction Relief, which resulted in a new trial.  Defendant had been convicted by scientifically impossible facts and inaccurate testimony of the police.

Gunshot wound training with Dr. George Katsas and other pathologists; presented lectures at numerous medical symposiums, and general presentations at local universities, legal seminars, police academies, and civic organizations.

Command positions have included Shift Commander of 6 Barracks and GHQ Operations, Commanding Officer of 65-officer State Police Barracks, and as a Staff Inspector in the Office of the Superintendent.

US Army military service in firearms, ordnance, ammunition and ballistics; conducted ballistics testing at APG and served in Europe researching the design and development of Eastern Bloc weapons and ammunition.

Member of the American Academy of Forensic Services (AAFS), Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners (AFTE), International Association for Identification (IAI), American Society of Criminology (ASC).

Formal and Informal Education

1993 – Total Quality Management Program – MSP Academy, New Braintree, MA.
1991 – Contemporary Liability Issues for Modern Police Agencies, Springfield, MA.
1991 – Master of Science in Advanced Management, Lesley College, Cambridge, MA.
1982 – Master of Business Administration, 1 year of study, Salem State College, Salem, MA.
1981 – MIT Leadership Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.
1981 – Forensic Examination of Violent Death, Babson College, Wellesley, MA.
1981 – Master of Arts in Criminal Justice, Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA.
1980 – B.S. Cum Laude, Law Enforcement, Northeastern University, Boston, MA.
1979 – Criminal Justice Graduate Study, American International College, Springfield, MA.
1967 – 1969 – Accounting & Finance, Bentley College, Waltham, MA.

Expert Testimony or Consultations

Qualified and/or testified as expert witness in the dynamics of shooting incidents, shooting reconstruction, firearms, ballistics, gunshot wounds, safety, hunting protocols, use of force, crime scenes, and firearms identification approximately 265+ times.  Testified before Mass. Legislature, military courts martial, and provided advice to various legislators.  Consulted on various cases in approximately 25 states, the Downstate Illinois Innocence Project, Afghanistan, Canada, Nigeria, Iraq.  Not all cases resulted in retainment.


Shootings including hunting, fatal/non-fatal, malicious destruction, trajectory, reconstruction, powder pattern tests and gunshot distance determination, malfunctions, defective design, toolmarks (cartridge cases, projectiles, tools, etc), involuntary and accidental shooting incidents, shooting dynamics, safety and hunting protocol, firearms identification, police shootings, use of force as it relates to generally accepted policy and procedure, and crime scenes.

Police Shootings, Use of Force, Policy and Procedure, Training:
Police use of deadly and/or excessive force including SWAT Team incidents, wrongful deaths or injuries resulting from negligent and/or inadequate Policy & Procedure and Training.

Gunshot Wounds:
Trained extensively with Dr. George Katsas, attended numerous presentations by Drs. Vincent DiMaio, Martin Fackler, and George Katsas. Made presentations at medical symposiums in MA and NH.

Specialized Firearms Training

Armorer courses and/or actual familiarization with manufacturing, design, function at factories for:

Beretta, Browning, Colt, Dan Wesson, Glock, Ithaca, Marlin, Mossberg, Remington, Sig-Sauer, Saco/Maremont, Savage Arms, Sturm-Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Thompson Center Arms, Winchester.

Gunsmith training 1980-1985, Butch Brochu, Beverly, MA.

U.S. Army 

US Army Ordnance School, Ft. Dix, NJ 1964
US Army Small Arms Repair School, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, 1964
Aberdeen Proving Ground: ammunition, chamber and pressure testing.
2 1/2 years with 40th Ordnance Co. researching development of Eastern Bloc weapons.
Company armorer .50 Cal MG, .45 ACP, M14 Rifle, and M1A Rifles
Crew chief of .50 caliber M2 Browning HB Machine Gun.

Ballistics & Weapons Training/Experience 1973 -present

Massachusetts State Police Ballistics Section
US Army Natick Research Lab
US Army Watertown Arsenal
Ft. Devens Weapons Center
Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners
MSP Academy
Camp Curtis Guild
Bureau ATF
MA Criminal Justice Training Council

Personal Experience

Conducted ballistics testing, reloading, chamber pressure trace tests and firearms modifications, and built or modified several firearms. Competed in professional tournaments.

Lectures and Presentations

Harvard University, Massachusetts State Police Academy
Northeastern University, Municipal Police Academy
Boston University, MDC Police Academy
District Attorney Seminars/Conferences, Metro Boston Emergency Medical System


Available upon request.

MA State Police 1973 -1998

1973 – 1979 Field Operations: Criminal/Traffic Investigations, Logan Airport Delta crash, Boston Busing enforcement, State Prisons, Senior Trooper on 6-Officer Selective Enforcement “55 Team”; Presidential security, Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant, sporting events, crisis response, major traffic incidents, local police assistance, Executive Security, criminal investigations, crime scenes, and special assignments.

1979 – 1992 Ballistics Section: Commanding Officer of two labs, trained 5 additional firearms experts. Conducted forensic investigations statewide and out-of-state. Combined labs averaged 1500-2000 cases annually for fatal, non-fatal, accidental, defective design, malfunctions, voluntary/involuntary, toolmarks, gunshot distance determination, trajectory, crime scenes, shooting reconstruction, firearms safety, ballistics, police procedures. Conducted agency transitional firearms testing 1987-88. Member of Firearms Review Board.
1992: Shift Commander: General Headquarters Operations Section. Statewide troop operations, 911 system, special investigations.

1992 – 1995 Shift Commander: Troop “H”. Supervised 4 barracks covering metropolitan Boston Special advisor on the Consolidation of Police Forces. Training Coordinator for new Officers.

1995: Shift Commander: Troop “A”.  Supervised 6 barracks responsible for northeast quadrant of the state. Training Coordinator for new Officers.

1995 – 1997: Commanding Officer-Revere Barracks: Municipal oriented policing operation with 65 officers; covering cities of Lynn, Nahant, Chelsea, E. Boston, Winthrop, Revere.  Worked with local police on gang activities. Specialized units included motorcycles, off-road and beach patrol. Primary jurisdiction on state and MDC beaches, parks, road and waterways.

1997: Shift Commander: Troop “A”.  Supervised 6 barracks responsible for northeast quadrant of the state. Training Coordinator for new Officers.

1997-1998: Staff Inspector: Conducted investigations involving ethics, misconduct, use of force, shooting investigations, audits of drugs, cash, evidence, contraband, and special investigations. Reported directly to Superintendent/Colonel of State Police.

Jet engine fabrication assembly and inspection, Apprentice Program for Mechanical Engineering, General Electric Co., Lynn, MA.

Accountant & estimator as apprentice in Mechanical Engineering (on-site) for Raisler-Lappin Corp., A Joint Venture, at the NEMNB 37-story office building, Boston, MA.

Senior accountant and auditor, O.C. Moyer & Co, CPA’s, Boston, MA.

Senior auditor and accountant at B&L Management, a capital venture, investment, and manager of land development and nursing homes, Somerville, MA.


American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS)
International Association for Identification (IAI)
Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners (AFTE)
American Society of Criminology (ASC)
NRA – Life Member
Sigma Epsilon Rho Honor Society