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2010, Certificate in Forensic Toxicology, University of Florida, Gainsville, Florida

1983, Completed courses in Toxicology, University of California

1982, Completed one year of graduate courses in Chemistry. Teaching assistant for two semesters. University of San Francisco

1976, B.A. Chemistry, Indiana University


2001, Forensic Alcohol Supervisor, State of California, Dept. of Health Services

2000, Forensic Alcohol Analyst, State of California, Dept. of Health Services

1981, California Toxicologist Scientist License

Board Certifications

2007 American Bard of Forensic Toxicology (certified as a Forensic Toxicology Specialist)

2002, National Registry of Certified Chemists (certified as a Toxicological Chemist)

Testimony Experience

Qualified as an expert witness in regard to forensic blood alcohol analysis and interpretation. Also have testified on drugs of abuse and prescription drugs in blood and urine. Have testified over 100 times in Municipal and Superior Courts in Los Angeles, Orange County, Alameda, San Diego, San Bernardino, and Ventura Counties in California, and in Clark County Nevada. Testified also in DMV hearings for DUI cases.

Specialized Training

2012    May CAT Semi Quarterly Meeting and All Things Cannibis Workshop
2011    May CAT Semi Quarterly Meeting and the Future of Drug Abuse/Designer Drugs Workshop
2011    November CAT Semi Quarterly Meeting and Forensic Alcohol Workshop
2010    May CAT Semi-Quarterly Meeting and Sleep and DUI Workshop
2010    November CAT Quarterly Meeting Under the Influence of Drug(s),Says Who?
2009    The Zzzz Drugs-From Analysis to Interpretation, RTI, online course
2009    Fundamentals of LC/MS/MS-RTI online courses
2008    National Traffic Highway Safety Administration(NHSTA)/IACP Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Practitioner Course, Walden Platt&Associates, Dallas, Texas
2008    National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA)/International Chiefs of Police (IACP) Drug Evaluation and Classification program (DECP) Course Overview, Walden Platt&Associates, Austin Texas
2008    California Association of Toxicologists, Workshop: Field Sobriety Testing, Prescription Drugs, and DUI, Los Angeles, California
2008    Society of Forensic Toxicologists Workshop on Critical Flicker Fusion Confusion, Phoenix, Arizona
2008    Society of Forensic Toxicologists Workshop on Phamacogenomics For Dummies, Phoenix, Arizona
2007    The International Association of Toxicologists (TIAFT), Symposium VI: Legal Blood Concentration Limits for Driving Under the Influence of Non-Alcohol Drugs.
2007    Society of Forensic Toxicologists on Beyond Herbals: The Toxicology of Plants, Raleigh, North Carolina
2007    Society of Forensic Toxicologists on Toxicological Analysis of Drug-Facilitated Crimes for Dummies and Smarties, Too, Raleigh, North Carolina
2007    Training on Alco Sensor IV/RBT with printer, Intoximeters, Spokane Washington, (Received B.A.T. Breath Alcohol Technician Certificate)
2006    Society of Forensic Toxicologists Workshop on Standardized Field Sobriety Tests-Principles and Practice.
2006    Robert Borkenstein Course on the Effects of Drugs on Human Performance and Behavior, Bloomington Campus, Bloomington, In
2005    Society of Forensic Toxicologists Workshop on Case Studies in DUID (Numbers, Signs, Symptoms and Beyond) two day workshop, Nashville, Tennessee
2004    Robert F. Borkenstein Course on Alcohol and Highway Safety: Testing, Research and     Litigation, Indiana University, Bloomington Campus, Bloomington, IN
2004   FBI Laboratory Symposium on Forensic Toxicology in Washington, D.C. (SOFT conference)
2003    Hosted California Association of Toxicologists Quarterly Meeting in November on                         Drugs and Driving
2001    Society of Forensic Toxicologists Workshop Urine testing and Human Performance, New Orleans, Louisiana
2001    Society of Forensic Toxicologists Workshop, Voodoo, Does This Practice use Toxins?
2001    Society of Forensic Toxicologists Workshop on The Impact of Daubert Joiner,Kumho on Testifying as a Forensic Toxicologist, New Orleans, Louisiana
2000    Forensic Alcohol Supervisor Course, California Criminalistics Institute. Five-day course including a drinking study covering areas of forensic alcohol involving Title 17 laws,      pharmacokinetics, absorption, distribution, and tolerance. Hands-on experience using breath alcohol instruments.
2000 Forensic Toxicology Extension Course, California State University Fullerton. Two-day     course covering questions a forensic toxicologist can answer, demonstrations of drug     kits for testing saliva and sweat, and an overview of forensic toxicology. Hands-on     experience in calculations of alcohol and drugs in blood, and performing case reviews     for forensic alcohols and drugs of abuse.

•    Calculation of Drug or Alcohol dose in the body
•    Alcohol Effects On Driving
•    Drug-facilitated sexual assault
•    Employee Urine Drug Screening and Federal Regulations
•    Clinical Toxicology
•    Drugs and Driving
•    Forensic Toxicology
•    Case Reviews
•    Arsenic
•    Toxicology laboratory testing and interpretation
•    Zolpidem(Ambien) and Driving
•    Hair collection procedures and interpretation of results

Professional Experience

July 2007 – Present    NMS Laboratories Consultant, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

June 2005 – Present   Forensic and Clinical Consultant

December 1999 - March 2000, Pacific Toxicology Laboratories, Certifying Scientist
Certified positive and negative drug screen results in a SAMSHA laboratory.

March 2000-May 2005, Supervisor of Forensic Toxicology (a division of Pacific Toxicology Laboratories) Forensic Toxicology Associates, Woodland Hills, CA

Supervised and performed forensic toxicological analyses: forensic blood alcohols, under Title 17 regulations, and narcotics analyses (qualitative and quantitative).  Performed urine screening for drugs by immunoassay using the HITACHI 717 and confirmation by GC and MS.  Performed screening of drugs in the blood.  Maintained GC, GC and MS instruments. Assisted in supervision of laboratory assistants.  Analyzed pills, powders, unknown liquids, and many other items for traces of drugs. Assisted lawyers in preparing for cases. Testified in court for alcohols and narcotics. Performed reweighs of drugs at crime laboratories and Forensic Toxicology Associates.

March 1995 – Present, Toxicology Supervisor, Clinical Toxicology Dept., Quest Diagnostics, Inc., Van Nuys, CA
Supervise the night shift.  Responsible for production, employees, and other administrative duties.
Perform analysis of drugs and metabolites in biological fluids utilizing GC and MS, GC, and immunoassay including ElA.

December 1991 - December 2001, Toxicologist, Kaiser Permanente Regional Lab, California
Performed analysis of drugs and metabolites in biological fluids, utilizing GC, GC and MS, HPLC, spectrophotometry, and immunoassay. Used turbochrom software for GC and HPLC. Maintained and troubleshot analytical instrumentation used. Worked as a team member with other sections and functioned as the nighttime Safety Officer.

October 1994 - March 1995, Consultant, ANSYS Inc., California
Involved with training and technical support for clients. Maintained client business and research and development in thin layer chromatography and solid phase extraction

September 1990 - September 1994, Supervisor of Clinical and Forensic Toxicology, Damon Reference Laboratory, California
Responsible for maintenance of all laboratory equipment within the department and supervision of 30 employees in the forensic and clinical toxicology laboratory. Served on the Quality Assurance Committee. Wrote Standard Operation Procedures (more than 50). Prepared all assay validations for all new procedures. Acquired many computer skills related to new instrumentation software. Worked closely with the technical manager of chemistry and toxicology and was involved with in-service training of employees. Performed research and setup procedures in GC and MS, GC, HPLC, and immunoassay. Prepared monthly reports on quality control and assurance, resolved problems, prepared departmental budgets, and provided information for contract associations. Testified in court as required. Analyzed solid dose narcotics.

September 1985 - September 1990, Supervisor of Clinical and Forensic Toxicology, MetWest and BPL Toxicology Laboratories, California
Responsible for supervision of 20 employees in the forensic and clinical laboratory.  Performed research and setup procedures in GC, GC and MS, HPLC, RIA, and immunoassay. Wrote all Standard Operating Procedures and prepared all assay validations. Responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting all HPLC’s, GC and MS, GC, spectrophotometers, and immunoassay equipment. Demonstrated strong problem solving abilities. Acquired laboratory automation experience. Maintained all required documentation for compliance with regulation for State and Federal codes. Acted as Safety Officer and implemented all training and instructions for safe disposal of waste. Resolved technical problems and prepared departmental budgets. Performed forensic analyses on unknown samples, powders, blood and urine alcohols, and some tissues. Testified in court as required. Analyzed solid dose narcotics.

March 1981 - March 1985, Toxicologist, Smith Kline-Bio Science, California
Performed clinical analyses on emergency drug screens and therapeutic drug monitoring in biological fluids, utilizing GC, HPLC, immunoassay, RIA, and TLC.

March 1978 - March 1981, Forensic Toxicologist, County Coroners Laboratory, Associates in Lab Medicine, Arizona
Responsibilities included analysis of biological fluids and tissues for drugs using GC, TLC, UV-VIS, and RIA. Received one year of company training. Held forensic alcohol license and testified in court.

Professional Memberships

2006, The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists

2000 – Present, Society of Forensic Toxicologists

1981 – Present, California Association of Toxicologists