Forensic Electronic Mail Internet Computer Networking Expert Witness

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Electronic Mail, The Internet, Computer Networking, Contracted IT Services, LAN, WAN, Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, Firewall, Router, Electronic Document Authentication, Computer Security, Internet Security, Hacking, Cracking, Computers, Software, E Mail, Server, HIPAA, PCI Compliance, Security Audits, Cell Phones, Text Messages, Tablet, Electronic Data, Patent, Cloud, Online, ISP, Internet Service Provider, Web, Web Design, Hosting, HTML, Lotus, Exchange, Outlook, Microsoft, Apple, OSX, Linux, Unix, Computer Forensics, DSL, T1, Frame Relay, Workstation


Forensic Electronic Mail Internet Computer Networking Expert Witness provides litigation support through technology consulting, electronic evidence discovery and expert testimony. His areas of expertise include electronic mail, the Internet, computer networking, contracted IT services as well the business of providing such services.

Work History

A PRIVATE COMPANY, LLC, CEO, 1996 – present

Internet Service Provider – Internet access via dial-up and high speed connections (e.g. T1, Frame Relay, DSL, Cable). Wide area and local networking. E-Mail, Web Design and Hosting.

IT Services – Installation and support for servers, workstations and network attached devices. Design and installation of local and wide area networks and all support equipment.  Installation and configuration of operating system along with local and networked applications. System administration of e-mail systems, all Microsoft operating systems, Mac OSX, and many varieties of Unix.

Clients include law firms, medical clinics, property managers, accountants, manufacturing, and religious organizations.

Wader LLC, Member/Manager, 1998 – 2006
Develop and fund ocean related inventions.
Primary work in energy generation.

Information Services Consultant, 1991 – 1996

Dynachem, 1989 – 1991
Develop and market solder mask products for the printed circuit industry.

IBM, 1979 – 1989
Laboratory Management – Invent and enhance manufacturing processes for emerging technologies. Process Engineering – Install and support manufacturing processes.
Quality Engineering – Evaluate and control manufacturing methods.


University of Minnesota, 1974 – 1979
Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry


Forensic Electronic Mail Internet Computer Networking Expert Witness founded and serves as CEO of A PRIVATE COMPANY, an Internet Service Provider that helps clients integrate the Internet into their business. He also is an independent computer forensics expert who provides electronic evidence discovery and testimony.

Forensic Electronic Mail Internet Computer Networking Expert Witness is an excellent witness who combines technical knowledge with an ability to communicate in non-technical terms. His maturity brings gravity and credibility to his testimony while his enthusiasm conveys an energy that holds a jury’s attention. His teaching experience provides him with the ability to express complex information in an understandable way not only by painting pictures with his words, but also with diagrams, photographs and computer imagery.

While he is an expert in gathering forensic data from computers and the Internet, Expert 2054 also is adept at gathering useful information from people. His motto is: data without context is noise. His approachable personality and ability to communicate at a peer level with engineers and technicians enables him to glean information that otherwise might not be discovered.

Expert has worked with computers for 30 years, starting as an engineer with IBM. He has devoted his career to computers and technology. Edward holds 11 patents and has invented several other devices, including a portable power source for computer peripherals and the world’s first portable carpet fiber identification system.

An accomplished public speaker, Expert 2054 has spoken at over 100 business meetings and luncheons. He also has taught internet and e-commerce classes at private and state colleges.

Expert earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from the University of Minnesota. He lives in Laguna Hills, California with 5 microprocessors and more data and phone lines than any other house in the state.