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Forensic Fire Investigation Fire Department Operations Management Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Fire Services Administration Public Protection Evaluation, department polices practices, Planning, Fire Services Administration, Codes, Ordinances, Standards, Analysis, Development, Life Safety, Risk Analysis, Evaluation, Training Instruction, Fire Arson Investigation, Legislation, Regulation, Statutes, Fire Department Liability, Fire Department Operations, Fire Department Management, Fire Department Negligence, Fire Department Gross Negligence, Fire Department Impropriety, Christmas tree, acetylene tanks, Roofing Material Fires

Expert Witness No.285


Fire expert witness is court qualified having testified over 125 times in deposition or trial.  Expert No. 285 has 40 years of experience in fire service administration, including strategic fire planning and evaluating public fire services. Additionally he’s qualified to testify in the administration of building and fire codes as well as laws, regulations, ordinances and standards, to evaluate fire and life safety. The training of fire professionals is another area of his expertise.  Expert No. 285 also was the chair of California’s Special Arson Task Force and has extensive experience in the investigation of fire origin, cause and spread.  Additionally his expertise includes fire department operations and management.  He is a leading expert in window safety and serves on the National Safety Councils Window Safety Task Force.  He is a leading expert in fire safety roofing and wildland fire safety.  He serves as Executive Director of the National Code Services Association.


Fire Protection Consultant.  Davis, CA   (1993 - Present).     President of a fire protection consulting firm with both private sector and government clients.  The Company’s services include fire and life safety evaluations; fire and building code development for State and model codes; fire product and code analysis; fire cause investigation and evaluation; fire department management reviews; emergency management planning and training; as well as forensic fire expert witness services.

·    Executive Director, National Code Services Association (2001 - Present)
·    Code Coordinator, Western Fire Chiefs Association (2001 - Present)
·    Commissioner/Vice Chair (2002 - Present), Training Officer (1999 - 2002), West Plainfield Fire 
     Protection District, Davis, CA
·    Fire and Life Safety Consultant, International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials 
     (2010 - Present)

1985-1992     California State Fire Marshal, Sacramento, CA.   
Senior Fire Official for the State of California with responsibilities for fire code enforcement, regulations promulgation, legislation, public education, state fire academy/training/certification, fire investigation and major fire coordination.

1979-1985     Fire Chief/Emergency Services Director for the City of Campbell, CA. (Santa Clara County.) 
Responsible for fire management/suppression, code enforcement, fire investigation, emergency medical services and disaster preparedness/response for the City.

1977-1979     Fire Marshal/Emergency Services Coordinator - City of San Bernardino, CA.
Responsible for fire suppression, code enforcement, disaster preparedness, and fire investigation management.

1962-1977     Fire Fighter to Chief
Increasingly responsible positions in fire management/suppression, code enforcement, fire investigation and emergency medical services.


August 1984        Master of Public Administration (MPA) - Golden Gate University
                         (Fire Protection Emphasis)

June 1978           Bachelor of Arts (BA) - University of Redlands
                        (Management)  (Fire Protection Emphasis)

June 1966           Associate of Arts (AA) - Mt. San Antonio College (Fire Science)

June 1963           Certificate in Fire Science - Mt. San Antonio College


·    Recipient, Robert W. Gain Award, for outstanding contribution to fire and life safety, Western         
     Fire Chiefs Association

·    Lifetime California Community College Teaching Credential in Fire Science

·    State of California Private Investigator and Qualified Manager/Owner

·    Qualified Fire Expert Witness


2009 - Present   
International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials - Evaluation Service - Principal Fire and Life Safety Consultant

2004 - Present   
National Safety Council - Member of Window Safety Task Force; Former Member, Fire Task Group.

2003 - Present   
International Code Council - Member

2002 - Present   
Forensic Expert Witness Association - Member and Former President, Sacramento / Sierra Chapter.

2000 - Present   
National Code Services Association - Active Life Charter Voting Member; Executive Director; Member: Code Interpretation/Development and Training;: Annual Conference and Protocols Committees.

2000 - 2008       
American College of Forensic Examiners, Inc. - Member

2008 - 2009      
Jackson Rancheria Fire Safety Committee - Member

State Assemblies For Emergency Response (SAFE) - Member

2000 - 2002       
California Electrician Certification Advisory Committee - Member. Specialty Panel – Member

2000 - 2002      
California State Department of Housing and Community Development Mobilehome Park Fire Protection Task Force - Member.  (Northern and Southern Task Forces)

2000 - 2008      
International Association of Arson Investigators - Member.

1989 - Present  
National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) - Founding President and Member Emeritus.

1998 - 2002     
California Building Standards Commission - Member, 2000 Code Partnership; Member, Technical Task Group.

1981 - 1985
California Building Standards Commission - Commissioner

1994 - 2001     
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) - Past Member, Sub-committee F15.38 - Window Fall Prevention.

1994 - 2000
International Fire Code Institute (IFCI) - Charter Member

1991 - 1992     
Federal Emergency Management Agency’s “Operation Urban Wildfire” Task Force - Member.

1990 - 1992     
National Fire Fighters Joint Apprenticeship Training Program - Management sponsor.

1989 - 1992     
CAL OSHA Advisory Committee on Personal Protective Clothing And Equipment for Firefighters —
Committee Member.

1989 - 1993     
California Seismic Safety Commission - Commissioner; Chairman of the Emergency Planning and Response Committee and member of Earthquake Task Force.

1989 - 1992     
Panel for Fire Research of the National Research Council - Member of panel of National Institute of Standards and Training (NIST) Center for Fire Research.

1986 - 1992   
California Chemical Emergency Planning and Response Commission - Member and served on the Hazardous Materials Training Funding Committee.

1985 - 1992   
California Fire Fighters Joint Apprenticeship Committee - Management sponsor and member of the Board of Directors.

1985 - 1992   
California Historical Building Safety Board - Advisory Member.

1985 - 2002   
California Rural Fire Association - Member.

1985 - 1992   
California State Board of Fire Services -Chairman.

1985 - 1997   
Congressional Fire Services Institute - Senate and Charter Member.  Chair of the Western Steering Committee for the Annual Dinner.  Served as a member of the Institute’s Urban Search and Rescue Task Force.

1985 - 1992  
Governor’s Special Arson Task Force - Chairman.

1979 - Present   
Western Fire Chiefs Association – Life Member.  Code Coordinator. Representative to California State Building Standards Commission.

1972 - Present   
California Fire Chiefs Association - Life Member; Former Member of Board of Directors.  Former liaison chief to the Northern California Fire Prevention Officers Section.  Member of both the Northern California and Southern California Fire Prevention Officers Sections.  Life member of the Southern California Fire Training Officers Section.

1972 - Present   
National Fire Protection Association - Former Member: Educational Messages Advisory Committee; Member: International Fire Marshals Association, Education, Building Fire Safety Systems, Wildland Fire Management and Fire Service Sections; Strategic Planning Committee for Public Education & Public Education Advisory Committee Former Member: Advisory Council; Former Chair: Presidential Advisory Committee, Center for High Risk Outreach; Former Chair: Home Security and Fire Safety Taskforce; Past Chair: Nominating Committee.

1985 - 2003   
International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) - Member.  East Bay and Sacramento Valley Member (1999 - 2003)

1985 - 1992    
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. - Corporate and Fire Council Member.

1979 - Present   
International Association of Fire Chiefs – Life Member.  Former Vice Chair of the Operation Life Safety Board of Trustees.

1962 - Present   
California State Firefighters’ Association - Life Member.

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·    University of California, Davis

·    University of Missouri

·    San Jose City College

·    Victor Valley College

·    San Bernardino Valley College

·    California Fire Service Training & Education Program

·    California State Office of Emergency Services

·    International City Managers Association

·    New York State Fire Academy

·    California State Fire Academy System

·    Fire/police academies and fire departments

·    Numerous professional fire safety associations (instructor/lecturer)

·    Emergency Services Insurance Program

·    National Propane Gas Association


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