Forensic Firearms Expert Witness

Provides Opinion & Testimony In:

Firearms, Microscopic Analysis, Shooting, Courtroom, Toolmark, Auto Crime School, Specialized Protective Security Training, Kidnapping, Serial Numbers


Forensic firearms consultant, expert witness, microscopic analysis of shooting related evidence and incidents, providing professional assistance in case evaluation, courtroom preparation and trial presentation in both criminal prosecution and civil litigation. Forensic Scientist IV, Iraq/Afghanistan with the Joint Expeditionary Forensic Facility program.

Forensic Firearms Consultation, 2006 – present.
Conducting independent examinations and analysis for an assortment of firearms and toolmark related cases using recognized analytical techniques.


IDEAL INNOVATIONS – (Herat Afghanistan 2014-2015)
Forensic Mentor for the Afghanistan Minister of the Interior, Herat Afghanistan

Plan, direct, coordinate and mentor the work of the Afghan Scientists. Assist the MOI in mentoring the forensic scientists in implementing techniques and methods of forensic analysis. Mentor the development, modification and establishment of laboratory processes and procedures related to the casework in the Firearms discipline; develop and recommend laboratory policies, and advise Afghan MOI, Forensic Criminal Technique Department in evidence collection, logging, processing, and storage of evidence. Plan, organize, and mentor the casework of forensic scientists engaged in scientific analyses of evidence, gathered in support of national security and criminal investigations. Review data and analytical reports to ensure that forensic laboratory procedures have been followed.

BAE SYSTEMS – (Iraq & Afghanistan 2009 – 2013)
Forensic Specialist/Site Supervisor, Joint Expeditionary Forensic Facilities

Provided supervision, operational firearms section oversight and analytical assistance to OCONUS forensic firearms facilities. Conducted forensic firearm investigations to provide real time intelligence to the military for the targeting of insurgents. Responsibilities included microscopic comparison of ballistic evidence, operability and distance determinations, reconstructing shooting incidents, chemically restoring serial numbers and retrieval of tool mark patterns on IED components for comparison. Conducted regular forensic orientation briefings with United States and foreign military forces, regional judges, attorneys and local police departments. Provided expert testimony at a number of criminal trials.

Supervised the personnel of a fully staffed firearms forensic facility in a war zone.
Participated in numerous strategy meetings for scientific program development.
Trained and provided both basic and advanced instruction of firearm and toolmark analysis to Iraqi/Afghan police officers and Iraqi/Afghan Army personnel.
Utilized my extensive and diverse investigative background to analyze examination results as a component of the overall investigation by suggesting possible future courses of criminal action.
Successfully adapted to adverse working conditions, limited laboratory equipment and completed high priority case assignments within a multi-international, mission-oriented military labor environment.
Completed over 700 shooting cases and examined more than 6,000 pieces of microscopic evidence relating to criminal cases and unique battlefield recovered materials.

New York City Police Department, Forensic Investigations Division – (2000 – 2006)
Detective Investigator, Firearms examiner, Microscopist

While assigned as a Detective to this unit, my duties included firearms operability assessment and testing, microscopic examination of ballistic evidence, classification of recovered bullet evidence, evaluation and reconstruction of shooting related incidents, coordination with the Integrated Ballistics Identification System (NIBIN) and chemical restoration of obliterated serial numbers.

Completed in excess of 1000 firearm cases and microscopically examined more than 20,000 pieces of shooting related evidence in criminal cases. Provided expert testimony in one hundred twenty five (125) criminal trials in the following jurisdictions; United States Federal Court, New York State Supreme, New York City Criminal and Family Courts throughout the City of New York area.

Participated and assisted in the investigation of numerous cases with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.), Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (B.A.T.F.), United States Drug Enforcement Agency (D.E.A.), New York State Police and a number of police departments and special investigative units in the northeast region.

Media and training accomplishments:

Trained and/or lectured to Police Officers and Investigators from an assortment of law enforcement agencies attending homicide and criminal investigative training courses.
Appeared as a forensic firearms examiner on a television news broadcast, presented by the New York One News Network.
Provided Firearms technical information for the writing staff in the preparation of the C.S.I. New York television series.

Presentations and Lectures:

Orientation of newly assigned Attorney’s for the Bronx, Brooklyn, New York, Staten Island and Queens District Attorneys Offices
Orientation for New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
NYPD Criminal Investigation Course, guest lecturer
NYPD Internal Affairs, guest lecturer
Orientation of New York State Court assigned Interpreters and Reporters
NYPD Evidence Collection Teams, guest lecturer
NYPD Academy recruit, Entry Level Training, guest lecturer
Orientation of NYPD Laboratory Criminalists
NYC Corporation Counsel Attorney’s, guest lecturer
NYPD Detective Bureau Training, guest lecturer
Members of the Seoul Korea Police Department
Foreign Dignitaries visiting the NYPD Laboratory
U.S. Military Officers and Enlisted personnel in Iraq/Afghanistan
Iraqi/Afghanistan Officials, Dignitaries, Judges and prosecutors

Specialized Training and Coursework:

Auto Crime School 1989
Specialized Protective Security Training 1996
Kidnapping Course 1997
Criminal Investigation Course 1998
Homicide Investigators Course 1999
Firearms Identification and Operability Training (eighteen months) 2001
Smith & Wesson Revolver Armorers Course 2001
Integrated Ballistic Identification System Training, F.T.I. 2002
Advanced Firearms Identification Course 2002
Forensic Microscopy and Analysis of Ballistic Evidence Training 2002
O.S.H.A. Training Seminar 2002
O.F. Mossberg Armorers Course 2002
Beretta Armorers Course 2002
Colt’s Manufacturer Armorers Course 2002
Anti-Terrorism Investigation Course 2002
Glock Armorers Course 2003
Serial Number Restoration Course 2003
Smith & Wesson Pistol Armorers Course 2003
Kahr Armorers Course 2004
Analysis of Gunpowder & Primer Residues in Distance Determinations 2004
Basic Shooting Incident Reconstruction course 2004

Professional Affiliations:

Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners (Regular Member), AFTE
National Rifle Association, NRA
International Counter-Terrorism Officers Association
NYPD Honor Legion




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